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  1. I have installed ripp, made it a little faster but, IMO that it may not really be worth the cost. also those engines are not that strong internally. a re-gear offers more bang for the buck, also my personal opinion. I am sure others will chime in soon, good luck with whatever you do.
  2. seems like some of the older cars did not have vin tags kinda like some older trailers, I have a few right now myself. I don't really worry about it because of the low cost. I would be interested to find out if that was because dmv issued pinks without these buggys and trailers ever going to the chp for a tag.
  3. reminds me of my 2nd quicksand, does it really have 934s, mine only had 930s. someone spent more than 25k building this car for sure. remember that like anything else it is only a good deal if you can resell it tomorrow for what you paid today for it!
  4. I had 2 many years ago, both did well for me. resale price is not as good as your bigger builders which is why it probably looks like a good deal.
  5. I still basically only watch 7 channels fox sports, nbc sports, mav-tv, espn, cbs sports, channel 4 and 11 don't forget to watch travis on the history channel today tho!
  6. you know who this is, one of my favs. when I was young! back when we only had 7 channels to choose from. stay cool and hydrated everyone!
  7. I went there 2 years ago, nice lady at the beach entrance wanted to see a current green sticker, never looked at any reg. paperwork tho. I got the impression that if I did not have a current sticker then I could not take the vehicle in.
  8. got it, btw Omar at quicksand told me that a megasand was as strong as a 2d, altho that was a long time ago now that I think about it, crap I am getting old. again, congrats!
  9. good advice right there, have fun and learn what it takes to drive and maintain a long travel sand car. I also have been there, congrats! btw I had a megasand in my 1st quicksand behind a 3.0 v6 Nissan for years with no issues. don't know how they would do with a v8 tho.
  10. thanks, that's what I was looking for.
  11. I was having trouble with my rv power step, took the controller apart and found it to be full of sand(go figure). I thought about just wiring a switch and get rid of the controller. I don't care about automatic operation. I just want to extend and retract the step when I get to where I'm going. anybody done this and are they happy with the results? thanks in advance.
  12. sorry to hear about that, I just installed a curt style slider yesterday in a new 6.4 ram 2500, states in the instructions that even in the rear position that it is up to the end user to verify clearance.
  13. bump for a good deal, congrats on the new jeep! that top will fit older jks also and retails for more than twice what these folks are asking for it
  14. I did that one also, lot of fun! bigger, faster and more expensive.
  15. thanks to all that replied, I certainly don't work for them but would like to see them do well so they stay in business and those that know can keep driving!
  16. they do, looks like Wednesday july 11th is the next avail.
  17. I just looked at the weather for this weekend, gonna be real nice which is good because it gets kinda hot in those racecars!
  18. just the basic 99.00 for 20 laps plus 89.00 for ins. I plan my sunday class on the weekends that they have sat. nite races that way I can stay in the RV area, watch some good racing and drink a few beers (but not too much) sleep well and drive on sunday I am doing the 10:30 class if anyone wants to come out and school me I think they still have space. gotta support your local short track ya know! FYI, the school is called LA racing.
  19. congrats on the new gig, just picked up a new filter for one of my jeeps
  20. just wondering if any GD members have done the race car driving school, I have done it 4 times and I am hooked! lot of bang for the buck IMO. glad to see they were able to stay in business instead of tearin the place down to build a shopping mall LOL .
  21. x3, lota bang for the buck with a xj. 96 and up because of obd2 also just like any other jeep it is only as bad ass as your wallet size, so good luck still way less than a side by side and street legal!
  22. ram 1500/grand Cherokee have electric, however the unit is pretty big 2500s still hydro so there you go
  23. X2 start with sway bar links, have someone rock the jeep from side to side while you lay under it. grab stuff and sometimes you can feel the loose part.
  24. sorry to hear the bs you are going thru. thanks to you for posting, I am now on a quest to locate my cert. of live birth!

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