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  1. I have a nice high jumper copy 2 seat, I will post picts tonite with details
  2. they have an electrical connector that is for the indicator light on the dash
  3. x2, dealer connect indicates air for all tjs, electric for jk
  4. my fav. same batt. for the 3/8 ratchet also as far as 1/2 impact I went with dewalt, happy with it so far.
  5. x2, otherwise my 05 has been a good rig, get service records if possible. for water I added a 40 gallon tank to the trailer with a transfer pump, works well.
  6. google maps says off road race track, south of slab city, north of mammoth wash. off flowing wells road, anybody heard of this place? thanks in advance
  7. x2, or pick up a beater 1 ton truck and leave it hooked up at kyles. set up drop off at pad 5 thurs or fri. then your spot is reserved (aka ghost camp) also put some luv 2 camp stickers on that puppy so the popo leaves you alone
  8. x2, all about fun rv in Ramona, close to u, nice folks
  9. speaking of boats, I saw this bad boy on warner in H B couple days ago, if someone knows boats I would love to know more about it, thanks in advance (not than I can afford it but its nice to dream)
  10. my hero for sure, world would be a better place if more rich peeps lived like he did
  11. I remember that car. bad ass for sure. I also seem to remember a bronco with the same name
  12. x2 heck palms springs and Vegas are packed in summer so all Glamis needs is a large pool
  13. what he said, stuck mohos and 4x4s towing toyhaulers everywhere. o and the dunes are not that good also. I know, I had the trip from hell there last summer. fyi. camping on the beach was cool!
  14. Sat. bump for you JD. best wishes to you and your better half.
  15. someone needs to buy this sidecar so I can get my trailer from JD. or better yet you can borrow my new trailer to take your new to you sidecar home, just bring the trailer to costa mesa when you are done, heck I will even throw in 2 cases of mopar def fluid, haha
  16. X2, now I have to have the talk with my children again. my daughter loved that band
  17. X2, only for a/c tho. Honda 2000 for lights and music/tv for us
  18. my 2004 e450 chassis RV has 50k on the clock the radiator looks fine if it were yours would you be concerned? lots of these rigs on the road so anybody have any stories or input? thanks in advance, dino
  19. I think he meant the whole area around Rexburg also. my cousin lives there and he thinks it is going to be crazy busy. he has neighbors who are renting rv spots on their property for the event. comments from others in the know would be welcome as that number scared me also so he could have been wrong, or I maybe misunderstood him, I have done that before, ha ha
  20. I just got reservations at Idaho dunes, we are headed out there for the eclipse. first available was wed. because of the eclipse crowd. they were slightly cheaper than sand hills also, fyi. picked them because they were closer to the big dunes like said in other posts talked to blm guy today, he said they are expecting 500,000
  21. thanks, I will give it a shot
  22. I liked the old GD better, guess I am just getting old and do not like to see change. was going to post up some jeep parts for sale, now I don't even know where to start. I just hope that this format is good for someone.
  23. true, they are a cult obsession, good advise here, most jeep guys would be happy to give you a ride if you are truly interested in buying one!

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