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  1. sorry to hear the bs you are going thru. thanks to you for posting, I am now on a quest to locate my cert. of live birth!
  2. must be a mechanical problem, I rode with him once and he just cruises lol
  3. those trucks tow like 9500 lbs, also depends on the rear axle ratio. use the shift buttons on the steering wheel to hold in the desired gear. I towed with a 2017 3.6 1500 this way, thing had plenty of power. same with a eco-boost f150, towed a 21hauler to hammers up cajon pass, also plenty of power new trucks are so nice!
  4. short answer is yes, flat 2axle open with 1 jeep and 1 or 2 atvs a little past hitch rating, yes lots of 87 octane looking for picts now , 31ft 2005 e450
  5. x2, he is da man, even fixed the broken one! heck he even delivered them.
  6. for me it's Egin first, if no spots avail then Idaho dunes is nice and usually always avail. long dirt road not that bad but be careful not to get lost coming back, they really need a bigger flag
  7. got one here in costa mesa/irs car with front end damage
  8. Huntington, although it might have sold yesterday so I would call them first. not to worry tho. there will be plenty more to come at all dealerships, this is 1 of the cars that is keeping fiat fat!
  9. nope, this one has 2 miles on it
  10. our dealership finally got one, 33in tires stock a few sneek picts for those who havent seen yet they finally fixed the stupid lic. plate bracket
  11. can I leave to go to glamis occasionally?
  12. went there in august for the eclipse, it was in the low 90s loved it so much that I will make it a yearly deal, gonna go for early july this year
  13. thanks for the link, just what I need for my rv
  14. X2, we have a 14 grand w/3.6, 60k miles no drivetrain problems
  15. I was told it is not a high jumper by an expert but a close copy, well built dual purpose 2 seat car. cali pink says 1972 spcns 1835 dual webers, elect ig. close ratio swing trans, adjustable pedals, has dirt and sand tires. I was not really looking to sell it but cash always talks, would consider letting it go for 4k
  16. I see a business opportunity here, ghost camp babysitters!
  17. I have a nice high jumper copy 2 seat, I will post picts tonite with details
  18. they have an electrical connector that is for the indicator light on the dash
  19. x2, dealer connect indicates air for all tjs, electric for jk
  20. my fav. same batt. for the 3/8 ratchet also as far as 1/2 impact I went with dewalt, happy with it so far.

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