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  1. so is this called haggling?
  2. I dont think its so much scammers, just lowballers?
  3. has anybody had any luck selling something on the internet when the prospective buyer asks you what is the lowest price you will take for the item right now without even seeing it. anyone? jeeperdino
  4. pt, i would like to thank u for starting one the most entertaining threads i have ever seen on gd.com. been watching u race for 20 years, also entertaining, any haters out there are just jealous, JMO. BTW, is this thread broken any records? sincerely, jeeperdino
  5. i ran the vin. # you are good, sounds like moss is the place to go. good luck jeeperdino
  6. i just looked up code 420, exaust leak or bad cat. shoot me the last 8 of the vin. and miles, i can ck for warr. jeeperdino
  7. cats should be 8/80. could have more than one problem also. how is the batt? original ones barely last 3 yrs. and can cause trouble when getting ready to fail. jeeperdino
  8. prayers to all involved. we have been watching cnn all day, sad that this is what mainstream america sees. the next person to be interviewed is going to be rich minga, retired racer. maybe he can educate the masses that this was just an accident.
  9. i like the moto sideshow inside the steel ball
  10. i got one off the internet for less, just google it. mailed it to me dry. took some acid out of an old car batt. with a turkey baster, charged it up, good to go.
  11. i would try the two amp setting and watch the needle on the charger, if it goes up, its working. try it for 30. min. like u said, then wait another 30 min and ck it with a voltmeter. also touch the batt. while charging to ck for exessive heat. good luck.
  12. x2 only been there once. i remember thinking that i needed another gear on my quad. knew i wanted to bring a buggy there that would do 100 or so. and choke cherry is huge.
  13. im sure its been talked about before but here it goes. which is better and why?
  14. so you have a garage full of stuff also?
  15. no they dont, that is a ford deal. my money is on the batt. if its more than 3 yrs. old. alternators almost never fail on jeeps.
  16. dont check your alt on any newer vehicle this way. has the battery been tested properly so we can rule it out?
  17. been sittin on 2 complete jeep 401 engines for several years, might be willing to sell one. heck i just realized i have a bunch of jeep parts maybe its because ive been a jeep tech for over 24 years,
  18. CBM hooked me up, rec. contact them, good people.
  19. what he said, dont dolly rear wheels ever, weight will be all wrong and u will fishtail, i found out the hard way.
  20. had one jump start my jeep a few years back, he said dont tell anyone.
  21. where is the ramp for the toys?
  22. anybody know an easy way to tell a 3500 lb axle from a5k axle? thanks in advance.
  23. movie gumball rally comes to mind

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