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  1. I just got reservations at Idaho dunes, we are headed out there for the eclipse. first available was wed. because of the eclipse crowd. they were slightly cheaper than sand hills also, fyi. picked them because they were closer to the big dunes like said in other posts talked to blm guy today, he said they are expecting 500,000
  2. thanks, I will give it a shot
  3. I liked the old GD better, guess I am just getting old and do not like to see change. was going to post up some jeep parts for sale, now I don't even know where to start. I just hope that this format is good for someone.
  4. true, they are a cult obsession, good advise here, most jeep guys would be happy to give you a ride if you are truly interested in buying one!
  5. if you had a sand jeep like this one and its JMO, a skilled driver should be able to keep up with most duning groups
  6. thanks for the replies guys, the jeep still has leaf springs and if the guy in the mid-travel car wants to get away from me he would be able to! what I did was changed the shackle points to the top of the frame front and rear. this lowered the jeep so that it doesn't feel tippy when side hilling. also longer shackles gave it a slightly better ride, but the best part was it was cheap. keep in mind that a jeep like mine can be done for 8-12k, or you can go all larry minor type for a lot more, but that's the top of the food chain.
  7. Got any details on your "Jeep"? There's a couple of different styles, and wondering if it's relatively easy to improve suspension on these. cool thing is you can get in cheaper than a sxs but like anything else it all comes down to money as to how fast u go. the short wheelbase is an issue also, but the suspention can be made to work. I still love mine after 30 years of use. specs, 79 cj7 w/cj5 glass body, still has amc 401, art carr 400 3k stall conv. dana 60 w/589s weight is 2740, best time sand drags on the bottle was 0-81 mph in 4.5 sec been to china wall bunch of times, I run with a guy named perk and this guy can go half way down china, hit his steering brake and do a 180 turn and go back up. scared the crap out of me, but I had to see what it felt like!
  8. Got any details on your "Jeep"? There's a couple of different styles, and wondering if it's relatively easy to improve suspension on these. I will post up some picts tonite, boss wants me to work right now!
  9. all the time, cant wait to get back out
  10. I don't know but there sure is a lot of motorhomes and toy haulers in the neighborhood. no, but it snows there! our kids snowboarded down pine view when we lived there. used the rhino like a chair lift. great place, congrats, get a golf cart. oak glen for breakfast also
  11. so to answer your original question, IMO you should not buy a buggy with an automatic trans or any weird engine, funky frame nobody has heard of
  12. I know... I'm trying here... I just don't like that everyone says swap the motor out cause VW... yada yada... Well if he's at 15K, and I need another 3K to swap motors? This is no longer in my budget. Heck 15K is a stretch... that car OB has looks clean. we all ran VW motors for decades, myself included. if its built and tuned correctly it should be reliable. also easy swap to subi. when the time comes.
  13. Lets face facts you are going to rely on the kindness of friends, family and this board to repair and maintain a Sand Car. Sure once in a while that is going to be free but after a period of time it will start to cost you money. A RZR is a lot simpler. Break something you shop from a catalog no questions about what the part came off of no special fabricating to have done. It's a 2000 & something RZR four seat. The part number is right there boom. Keep it simple and enjoy..... I pay now for maint. mind you I'm sure the RZR is cheaper... LMAO I do Oil, Filter & Air Filter... that's simple... but anything past that I pay for the help now. Thursday bump for a girl that can change her own oil and wants to buy a sand car. I don't know you but I think that's cool!
  14. thanks, must be nice to get paid to go there and have everything all set up for you.
  15. I heard the chp uses their own special rivits to attach a vin tag
  16. X2, get a sxs with a dump bed, put a hay bale in the back also they make electric dirt bikes
  17. x2, just got mav which has the 1st motos, 250 races are good stadium super trucks lucas oil series xfinity series (when KB doesn't race), same with trucks Canada mx on mav-tv rally cross drag race coverage is better than ever, jmo
  18. X2, great trailer for the price, good resale when I sold it also
  19. easy Jeep trail, nice ride, great view if weather is good.
  20. out of all the 35s I balance the toyos and nittos balance the best usually requiring less than 2oz. per tire, other brands need up to 9oz. I personally would go with the toyo A/T
  21. how can it be considered raw sewage when we put the blue stuff in our holding tanks? doesn't that start the poo breakdown process?
  22. we sell a lot of them, the powertrain is bulletproof. as far as problems go its usually some strange electrical issue, like radio or climate control. quality is better than ever, they are a blast to drive and the air susp. is cool.
  23. lived at Newport dunes (winter rates) for awhile after my divorce, kinda liked it. good luck Robert, that park looks nice also.
  24. We always do this... I don't think we have ever missed a year. x2, no excuse for me, I live here:)

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