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  1. Hey guys, I have a friend wanting to get a turbo added to his Honda 3.5. Who do you guys recommend in AZ to do it? Thank you for your help, Cory
  2. I see the CBM valve covers, is the new motor from them? Nice car, are you coming to the sand show this weekend? Thx, Cory
  3. I still have the stock exhaust, stock throttle body, and the original white spoiler for sure. I’ll have to double check on the air box and springs. Thank you, Cory
  4. For Sale 2017 ZL1 2900 miles A10 - automatic transmission Fully loaded with exception of sun roof Performance Data Recorder Eibach 1” lowering springs AFE full stainless exhaust with NPP RotoFab intake Tony Mamo ported throttle body Carbon fiber rear spoiler Full front and fender expel ppf GM smoked tail lights and 3rd brake light Ceramic tint Black wrap on roof to match hood. Never in the rain or out over night, always garaged. Never used launch control or beat on. Never smoked or had food in it, smells like new car. Never tuned, factory warranty in good standing. Lots of BMR stuff included but not installed. Clear title in hand, and ready for new owner! SOLD Thank you for looking! Cory
  5. AZ will want you to pay sales tax.
  6. Great truck your going to “love it long time”! I have a 2017 and it’s been great for 66k miles. Don’t install a level kit and put 37” tires if you want better than 14mpg. That’s what I did, I love the look but hate filling the 60 gallon TransferFlow tank every week. Also look into a Pedal Commander, it plugs into the throttle pedal. It doesn’t add power, just changes the pedal input curve. It won’t void the warranty but makes it feel like you added 75hp.
  7. I'm getting ready to buy 2018 RZR Turbo S, and wanted to see what everyone is paying OTD Please comment if you have any input. Thank you.
  8. Try calling Bones at OMF Wheels, they can cut and adjust your existing wheels or make new any offset / width. I had a similar issue, my car was a tight squeeze into my stacker. I went new 17x10.5 and STU 35.5’s
  9. Sold pending payment. If anything changes I will report back.
  10. Sorry guys for not replying sooner, I’ve been out of cell service area. I want to sell them all together. I will go through posts here and pm’s in the order I received them tonight or tomorrow morning. thank you
  11. give you a grand 1k for all. 858-945-6167 call paul


  12. For Sale: STU Sand Blaster 36-17 #2 cut paddles - one tire has a few very small chips from a few paddles. See picture STU Razor Master 12.5-17 fronts No plugs $900.00 for the set Tires are in Arizona Thank you
  13. coryz71

    GPS tracker

    I’ve searched, but I can’t find the GPS tracker thread that was on here. Im looking to switch GPS tracker companies for my equipment, who do you guys use? I’d also like to put it on my toys. Thank you, Cory

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