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  1. I'm getting ready to buy 2018 RZR Turbo S, and wanted to see what everyone is paying OTD Please comment if you have any input. Thank you.
  2. Try calling Bones at OMF Wheels, they can cut and adjust your existing wheels or make new any offset / width. I had a similar issue, my car was a tight squeeze into my stacker. I went new 17x10.5 and STU 35.5’s
  3. give you a grand 1k for all. 858-945-6167 call paul


  4. Thank you RacecaR for the great deal and fast shipping to AZ!
  5. My Pace Shadow GT stacker door is 98.5” wide, and the lift was installed flush inside the walls.
  6. Great work! Very cool you doing all the work on it.
  7. The air snubber pintle hitch would be really nice, but I'm sure it requires some fab work. I've used these https://bulletproofhitches.com/product/2-5-small/ and they are heavy duty. I'm curious about this one: http://shockerhitch.com/Receiver_Hitch.php The Gen Y hitch looks good https://genyhitch.com/store/91 Get a StowAway Hitch Tightener, it helps keep it tight and quiet. I use them on all my trucks. Let me know what you get. CP
  8. Going to look great! Having a nice big trunk will so nice.

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