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  1. fabr

    God members

    I have a basic question,why is this topic being entertained here? Should this not be addressed in private? I've read most everything BH/EdAnger has posted. Honestly ,I have seen his plea for understanding and watched some pretty viscious attacks (some deserved)as well from several. Many times I have wondered where he was coming from but still tried to understand.To those that truly care,I applaud you. To those that were just ass hats,honestly,get a life. TO those with honest disagreement with him, try to be understanding. That's all.
  2. You may be right and your rack has the correct spread but,I think you will find you will have bump steer but I may be wrong. .Won't be the first time I looked at a pic and saw what wasn't there. LOL! Anyway,there is only one way to know if you are correct and that is to tack things in place,remove the springs to make cycling the suspension through full travel easy and verify what you have. Before you do though,make sure you lock the steering shaft to prevent any movement,set your toe at ride height,verify your caster and camber is set. Failing to do these things will likely skew your findings,possibly dramatically. Remember ,ALL of these geometries interact . Change one and all change. Good luck,let us know how it turns out.fabr
  3. I agree it matters but it seems like there are/were a lot of builders that either don't care or just don't know.
  4. fabr

    New format

    It is just quite hard for someone to find the features. A simple example is the rep points simple red and green arrows. Hell,I gave a few positive rep points to a couple peeps I don't even like before I figured out it wasn't the page up button. LOL!!!! How about a little pop up label or something? LOL!!! There are several things like this example that just make the site a bit of a mystery to navigate well.To you guys that have been working on this it is likely pretty simple to you. It is to me now also for that matter but it was in all honesty,well,a pretty big searching for/learning experience curve. As I said ,it does has it's good points and for that matter improvements for the better.
  5. fabr

    New format

    ^^^^^^^^^!!!!!!!!!! This new format has it's good points but it is too damn hard to figure out. I'd HATE to be a newbie trying to figure out all the semi hidden features. It's like walking around a dark room trying to find the light switch.
  6. Not positive I understand your question but I'll take a shot at it. First,scrub and ackerman are 2 separate things. To simplify this I'll post these 2 links https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scrub_radius https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ackermann_steering_geometry To try and answer your question,I will say that many people /builders do not consider/design in ackerman for sand cars. Their opinion is that ,in the sand,it is not needed. Some,myself included,do not agree with that. With that said,in the sand,ackerman or scrub radius is much less important than bump steer/toe change. Many sand cars front suspension geometry is atrocious,absolute garbage,yet their owners don't notice it. Real drivers om line is will notice it though,immediately. Bottom line though is that a well designed suspension will always outperform a crappy one.
  7. Oh looky,it has already been on it's side. Now ,you need never worry about it happening ever again.
  8. That is ,in general,true when designing ackerman into the mix.
  9. You obviously misunderstood what was being said. Repeatedly ,it was said to draw a line between the upper and lower a arm pivots and the inner tie rod mounting point should be on that line . This is not 100% when you add in ackerman/rake/anti-dive etc but it is in the ballpark. All your pics show that. Edit:Some of the radical camber/caster curves used for special application vehicle can and will dictate varying from the general principle being discussed now. Bottom line is that front suspension geometry is the most complicated area to design.
  10. No I use ackerman and that only adds to the confusion and the reason I use the simple suspension analyzer to allow me to see the changes that different geometry makes.
  11. bingo but that is not the whole story,the arcs I described will need to be appropriately placed as well or there is still bump steer. Just changing caster/camber settings will skew things,sometimes dramatically.
  12. fabr

    Snake in a Cage

    Yup,I don't kill snakes unless poisonous and then only if around the house or shop.

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