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  1. Thanks, It sure is one hell of a ride. It runs perfect now.
  2. It would be great to see you out there again. Someone is coming to look at the car today from Cali. May be gone soon.
  3. Hey Dave. Hows it going? I have no idea how the pics got so goofy. They look Great on my PC.
  4. Thanks Justin. The rear section tin work you did is on point.
  5. I bought this car about a year ago. I have gone through everything and replaced or upgraded what was needed. Most notably, I had Dave Phillips at DW Performance work his magic on it He removed the Mephi and harness and replaced it with an AEM Infinity and harness. This ECU allows you to make adjustment, Log data from runs. And see everything in real time. It also adjusts fueling as needed. It has a lot of safety features built in to help protect the motor. We also added an AEM digital dash. This allows you to monitor the running condition as you drive. Dave’s tuning is top notch and he got it running perfect. It is an incredible machine and dunes amazing. Wheelies with no problem but will not pull up on you unless you make it. There is no shortage of power and the Albins transmission puts the power to the ground great. I run this on pump gas. It is quite thirsty and the 750 HP to the ground moves it along quite nicely. This is turn key and ready to go. I am willing to look at trades plus cash. If you do want to do any trading, please try to value your trade correctly. 702 343 0924 Tatum Black Widow Mid-Engine Pre – Runner. CBM Factory GM LS7 440 with Whipple 4.5 Blower with all the best internals Money can buy. 1200Hp at crank 892 HP on the dyno on Race fuel. 750HP to the wheels on pump fuel. Customer Headers Albins Sequential 5 speed. AGB-SS5 Chrome Arms, tie rods and radiator lines. 4140 boxed plate bulk head and rear arms 300m Tatum Billet Ram Rack 4130 tire rods with FK bearings and chromoly heims 2” hallow 4 piston front brakes 11” rotors 934 midboards hubs freshly serviced 6 piston Brakes on rear Custom Sway bar Custom 124” wheel base Pre-runner front arms. King triple bypass shocks all 4 corners King coil overs all 4 corners Custom Seats Custom Radius Windshield Full Aluminum floor and sub floors Baja Designs Cured LED bar. Arco HID’s in front bumper Tribal Whips Whipzilla HD Whip light. Holds a 3x5 flag Interior panels Custom 28 gallon fuel tank CBR rad with spal fans. Car runs 200 on summer runs in 112 degree heat. 180 in winter. OMF rings with 38” Dominators and 12.50 front STU’s. Car is detailed and ready for the sand. This is a list of what has been done within the last year. Most of it the past few months. AEM Gauge Display AEM ECU and Harness Electronic push start with key card to activate. GPS Speedometer 1000 CC Fuel injectors Weldon db2025-a fuel pump Accel coil packs and wires Rebuilt power steering rack done by Tatum 2 New CV’s with grease zerks Both Axles (300M) have been replaced and have one trip on them. Silver 50 cal harnesses AC Delco Map sensor 12615136 40132 CPS SENSO All shocks just serviced AEM infinity ECU AEM Dash New rugged radio set up. 60 Watt radio and 660 Plus intercom center piece, rear cover and dash Hydro dipped. K060828 serpentine belt Rear frame/ transmission cover and trunk
  6. I am going to sell them. A friend might want them so I am trying to see where he is at on it first. I am sure they work well in some applications. Just not most.
  7. We went out and ran it this weekend. I went through both hubs, had the trans gone through and put on 930's and axles. Car was great. It handles just awesome. This is the first small engine car I have owned that has been naturally aspirated and that Honda does well. I am very pleased with this car now.
  8. Sorry. My shop vends at Dumont so we were very busy with that for the Thanks Giving trip. Anyway, I talked to my trans guy today and he said the trans needed a freshening up badly but was not the cause of the shaking. I am back to the axles again. I wanted to replace them with CV's eventually so I am going to go that rout and see if it does the trick. If nothing else I will have fresh trans and some new axles and CV's. I will post back up once I get the trans back and I can measure for the axles.
  9. I have checked an re check everything. I have come to the conclusion it is the trans axle. I even put new wheel bearings and stub axles in. Time to pull the engine and trans. All the noise when it is up on the stands is coming from the trans.
  10. When I ran it with the wheels on i had the trailer tires on there. I took the tires off completely and it did not do it when revved up. I did notice that when I was running it without the tires the the drivers side would stop and start while the passenger side looked to be turning smoothly. I am back to thinking one of the u joints is binding up a bit. I am going to take the axles to a drive line place tomorrow and have them looked at. I would love to buy some new u joints and have it be the problem. I will also look closer at the bearing in the hub but I am pretty sure they are good.
  11. I got it up in the air today and it was shaking like crazy when revved up with the tires on it. Took the tires off and it was fine. Now I just need to figure out what that means. Any suggestions?
  12. Yes. I thought of putting it back there to see what was up. I did that years ago when i was having fuel issues in one of my rails. I pointed it at the fuel pressure gauge and showed me what I needed to know
  13. Got them all cleaned up and greased. The splines all looked good so it went back together and on the car. I can see now how it could have been a spline off. It was hard to understand before getting them apart. I have to do a few other things before testing it out but I will let you all know what happens with it.

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