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  1. I do think AFE is covering their ass on jetting and I think the 185 is plenty and I think it could go even lower. I have heard of guys just running the stock jet but I definately dont think that is safe.
  2. 2007 660 Rhino with just a dynatec cdi, alba clutch sheave, and AFE intake. What should the jetting be? I know a 205 main jet is way too big. I live in murrieta ca. and prety much run in glamis. I threw a 185 main in it and it seemed to run good but just looking for opinions. Should I adjust anything else besides the main, air screw, etc? Thanks in advance
  3. No one knows? Anybody have a # for it?
  4. Whos car was the red buckshot that was for sale outside? Does anyone know if it sold? It seemed like a good deal but I know nothing about it! I was trying to get some info on it? Anyone know anything? Pics of it are on page 2 post 46 on the sand show pics thread. Thanks
  5. Did that red buckshot sell that was outside?

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