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  1. Romans9

    Kodiak Seat Upgrade?

    A litttle more expensive but worth it. http://www.bostromseating.com/ Absolutely no comparison between the junk the RV makers put in and vocational truck seats. I put two in my last coach that came with the swivels.
  2. On the bright side 80% go totally broke within 2 years of retirement. You can take a boy outa da hood but you rarely can take da hood outa da boy.
  3. Romans9

    Eclipse This

    Unfortunately I can't get a picture worth posting.
  4. Romans9

    Eclipse This

    About 3/4 eclipse right now. Temparture has dropped 10 degrees in the last 30 minutes.
  5. Romans9

    Eclipse This

    My wife went to our friends house which is directy in the center of the path. She said traffic was heavy. At the shop we are just below the total eclipse line.
  6. Romans9

    Checking in on my new motor

    Looks like a typical Ford....
  7. Romans9

    Wild evening.

    Thank you for the information. I have a friend that sells medical supplies, I'm going to see if he can get them if not then I will head to the local fire department inquire will h them.
  8. Romans9

    Wild evening.

    Last week on the way into town ( what we call going someplace with more then 500 population) I found this laying in the road; I dug through it and found a sales receipt book and called the company. It belonged to a couple of young guys in town selling meat door to door. There was probably a couple hundred slips with credit card information and some cash. I drove it to the guys about 10 miles away. That seemed like a strange day but this was no comparison.
  9. Romans9

    Wild evening.

    Tonight I was working at a customers farm on his Cat equipment and I had my wife stop by and pick me up. She had been to the airport (250 mile round trip) to pick up my son from an Alaskan vacation. I was going to ride to his house with them since my job was on the way to there. After we dropped him off we went up the road about a half mile and we passed an intersection with a car sitting at the stop sign. As we passed by there was a woman standing beside the car with a panicked look trying to flag us down. We turned around and went back to her. As we pulled beside her I could see a man at the wheel of the car slumped over. I jumped out and the woman was hysterical. It was her husband and he appeared to be completely motionless. I opened the drivers door and checked and found he was not breathing. I checked for a pulse at his neck and he didn't have one. The woman was on the phone with 911 and I told her I needed her to compose herself and relay to me what they were saying. This guy was about 5'8" and 280 according to the information she gave the dispatcher while they talked to her. They told us to get him out and lay him flat. I have had CPR training several times and knew I needed to check his air passage for blockage. I stuck my finger in his throat and I was hoping he would puke something up or wake up and want fight back some way, but I was pretty sure he was dead. I was contemplating how to get him out of the car without dropping his head against the pavement when thankfully an emergency vehicle pulled up. I'm still not sure but I think it was a volunteer fireman. He ran right over and grabbed the guy by his arm and proceeded to pull him out. I grabbed the other side as his body slid out and lowered him to the pavement. At that point we started CPR and took turns until the rest of the emergency workers showed up. I stepped back and let the more trained people do their work and I tried to give the wife a little comfort by holding her as she cried. The fire department crew showed up with a defibrillator. I have never seen one like it. When they opened it up it started playing audible instructions. By now several more people had stopped and someone that knew the woman was among them. I asked the woman if she had any children nearby and she said no they all lived in other states. I had informed my wife as soon as we stopped to clear the road so she had pulled down the street a little ways. By now there were emergency workers and a few friends there so I backed away for a few minutes and made sure the wife had several people around her helping and I left. They brought in a life flight chopper but I don't think he ever was revived. I will look into buying and training on one of those defibrillators. That was a righteous device that would be good to have amongst a group of people gathered together.. His name was Gary.
  10. Romans9

    Christmas Is Coming

    Yeah it means your getting some Colt .45, fried chicken and watermelon in April.
  11. Romans9

    Weird things you see at work or anywhere else

    Redneck kids dream.....
  12. Romans9

    Weird things you see at work or anywhere else

    Found this guy in my shop this morning.
  13. Romans9

    Promote kids safety/ it's their future

    Keep your children at home in the basement, it's the only way to ensure their safety. Protect them from anything that could possibly harm them. Keep any sharp or pointed objects away from them at all times. Avoid transporting them in any dangerous manner such as in your unsecured arms or by letting them hang on your back with their arms around your neck. Watching people willfully and happily give away liberty.........
  14. Nice Brian! Good to see you must be busy.

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