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  1. I thought this is why cars had glove boxes?
  2. Absolutely Undeniable. +1
  3. Imagine when China crashes our financial system and debit and credit cards quit working? Or some rogue middle easterner finally gets a suitcase nuke to a city. Far fetched? Ok......... Remember 4 months ago when people don’t know the difference between male and female? How about when California voted and Judicial activist judges overturned the will of the people. GM went bankrupt and the DOJ ignored the law? A President was illegally surveilled and a document 100% fabricated was used as evidence for an attempted soft coup? Some of you here are incredibly naive especially being so closely tied to a big city needing to be constantly restocked. You know places that can’t keep toilet paper on hand. Wait till it’s everything....how many days will it take to start eating each other? Or how many hours?
  4. Standard travel buggy here also drooling over a Hustler. Talked to Grant I believe and he faxed me the sheet. I started saving every extra nickel I could get.
  5. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8387453/LA-mayor-cuts-150m-cops-gives-communities-color.html should be real helpful for recruiting new officers..........
  6. My concern would be running out and not being able to find any. I’ve seen many people buy a hand gun, take a concealed carry class and buy one box of ammo. How many times over the last 12 years has there been an ammo shortage where the common stuff was unavailable for months? If you are shooting once a month it’s pretty eye opening to add up how much you burn through. Some people buy a case of 9MM and after going out to shoot a couple of times don’t realize they shoot most of their ammo up. I mentioned .22 LR because it’s cheap. Not everyone can afford to spend much on firearms or ammo. I’ll guarantee when 99.9999% of people hear a thump real close by them a bang they won’t know and don’t care what caliber it is. Why is context so hard to understand, it’s not some people however like to try to be a contrarian. Hence ^^^^^^^ My comment about putting a round at an approaching band of looters to turn them around works to save the fight for another day or maybe never as they go to seek out some easier pickings. That is exactly what happened in Argentina. Back before Ferfal become commercialized he wrote about it many times. I’d rather never ever take a another persons life and would try most any reasonable thing first. Confusing the situation between “self defense” and deterrence is probably disingenuous and for most probably no need to response but I could be wrong.
  7. Happy Birthday @Buggydave !! You’re getting to old to be getting bruised up! Have a great day enjoying the reflection of 52 years.
  8. You get a gold star on the chart beside the chalk board for this and extra recess time.
  9. Ruger Mark pistols love CCI mini mags, at least mine do. I shoot a lot of Federal 711B In my bolt guns and revolvers and have found it is 98% as realizable and accurate as the match grade that costs 3-4x as much. Certainly .22 LR isn’t the best self defense round but it is invaluable as a deterrent and nuisance round. Plus it’s cheap and for most people they can afford to keep thousands on hand. When Argentina collapsed many neighborhoods banded together and would shoot at would be looters who would then turn to find some easier target. They would sometimes shoot 10-15 rounds a day like that.
  10. Anyone tries to take anything dear to me, the shit has hit the fan for them. I’m an ideologue not a pragmatist.
  11. Unfortunately a place very dear to my heart is in Kansas City, Mo close to the Plaza where some hoodrat antifa types have been trying to get some riots started. I am on “call” if anything at all gets close. My kids are all raised..........
  12. Lots of great information in this thread. Thanks for taking the time to post what you have BTW. This is the first SxS that has interested me.

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