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  1. 42 minutes ago, socaldmax said:

    There's a good possibility. All of the media was sure she was going to win and pretty much the entire nation was resigned to her winning the election. She was positive she'd won. I think she was over confident and slacked off, never taking Trump or his supporters seriously.

    I think if one went county by county and looked at how close the margins were, I'm guessing a lot of the districts that Trump won in could have gone to her if she'd tried a little harder. 

    Who knows. I never, ever would have voted for her, but there must have been some reason for all of the pundits and media to root for her. They all thought she had it in the bag and I'm still trying to figure out how so many "experts" could have been so wrong. 

    The “experts” were wrong because they assumed with all of the known Democrat cheating tactics there was no way for anyone to over come such a huge deficit going into the election.

    So much time has been spent by the ruling class elites stroking each other off in their ivory towers they can’t even see out their window through the fog and haven’t any idea what middle America is thinking. The elites are too many generations removed from normal average Americans to understand them. They seem to believe the lies that the entertainment community spews out.


    I hope the ruling class keeps the pace at which they are attacking our liberties. OAC, the new muzzietard, Beto Cornholeleo, etc don’t understand the game. They have bought into the lefttard ideas that the elites designed to create smoke and mirrors as cover for all of the stealing they are doing. Their  “agenda” was never meant to be implemented but what they have accidentally created with all their rhetoric is true believers ignorant enough to actually believe red blooded American average working Joe will accept it. 


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  2. This one was right at 90 feet long. 4 car stacker held my Predator, JP Designs car, Warrior Buggy and Yukon XL (Suburban).

    Pulled it to Glamis twice through 6 states. 1400 miles one way. 

    I built the trailer for four cars and the coach had sleeping for 13 people with 300 gallons fresh water and 160 gray and 160 black tanks.

    My new coach will sleep 6 but the trailer will still be a four car and over all the whole rig will be a little closer to legal, but I never had any problems from any LEO’s with my old one. Traveling so far I was prepared to gladly pay the fine if it happened I even had a hitch in the Yukon (2500) that could have pulled the trailer if I had to.



  3. Looks great and it appears that your back seat access isn’t impeded.


    It’s great to see you using your car while doing a “little” here and a “little” there!


    6 hours ago, Chingon619 said:

    Sick AF! Plus 10 pts on the "don't eff with me" fender sighting. 


    Funny! I guess we know where that car ended up at.

  4. Hahaha....... 


    Great car no waiting shake  down done ready to run........awesome for someone who wants a great car with no wait!


    BTW OB would have decorated his garage with a new car a little longer but would have be just as good of a value.

    Someone gets a great car or you keep a great car and the sand rail market is stimulated. Win  WIn WIn.

  5. 1 minute ago, Grease Monkey said:

    Same situation has crossed my mind.

    We all want their heads on a platter but best thing you can do is fortify to keep shitbags out. Lots more at stake for you in slipping liberty territory.

    Always gonna be scum bottom feeder honorless filthy trash looking to steal whatever they can. Fortify fortify fortify.

  6. 35 minutes ago, Grease Monkey said:

    Waiting for PD. Someone got into our gated secured lot. Cased every door every truck every tool box. 

    Nothing stolen but took all the chains and locks to leave it accessible.




    Thankfully they didn’t get inside brother, a guy never remembers everything they had until they need it.

    I slept in my shop on a cot with a short barrel 12 gauge and my 1911 for 7 nights after we found signs of someone trying to jimmy  a door open. Told the sheriff department what I was going to do and they couldn’t have been more supportive.

  7. 2 hours ago, B0NES said:

    ECCO led strobe lights. They offer in headlight strobes or external mounting strobes. They aren’t the cheapest but they are excellent quality. I installed them on the super 10 trucks because we do freeway work periodically and need to be seen. They have several patterns and you can set them to one pattern when installing them or hook up another switch to change patterns. 

    +1 for ECCO  


    Also Peterson and Grote are very good quality.




    I have Grote on my service truck and they are 15 years old and not one LED is out. 

    Do not buy no name EBay or Amazon lights. 

  8. 1 hour ago, donparscale said:

    Your pops does great work, the right way. DON~~~

    For sure!

    Love the old school look. I do not like vintage trucks with oversized wheels (18+) I just don’t think they look proportional at all and make the truck look like a clown mobile.

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  9. 3 hours ago, ladsm said:

    The dual fuel optioned one is $1070 + $18 for the extended warranty.   I also work at Amazon so getting things returned with no questions asked is easy if I dont like it.

    I like the idea of running on Propane so I dont have to deal with the gas going bad.  I always have 3 or 4 propane bottles around for the BBQ and Patio Heaters.

    Keep in mind running on  propane takes around 30-40 percent more fuel than gasoline, of course the grade of gasoline varies which also makes a difference.

    To replace 5 gallons of gasoline ypu would need between 6-7 gallons of propane.

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