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  1. Cool! Not to surprised to see no posts on here. Tough situation my friend. Everyone that read your original post about your daughter pictured seeing their own son or daughter like that, which as you know is a scary thought. Sometime people just don’t know what to say. Rest assures every single member of the board wishes your daughter and your family the best! Keep us updated and we will keep her and your family in our thoughts and prayers.
  2. Romans9

    The day collusion died

    Good one!
  3. Romans9

    So glad this genius is our Govenor

    Gasoline was $2.50 last night at the station here in Missouri.
  4. This is written by a friend of mine Eddy Justice; Red Flag Laws are a Giant Red Flag By Eddy Justice I am an unabashed believer in our Constitutional rights. When the Founding Fathers enshrined gun ownership as a right of American citizens in the Constitution, they knew what they were doing. They were so adamant on the right to bear arms that they declared that this right “shall not be infringed”. Let me be clear: firearm ownership is a right afforded to every American, and that right should not be obstructed without due process. I believe it is important to recognize that a law-abiding individual has a right to own a gun free from government surveillance and interference. I understand why folks would want to make sure firearms do not fall into the hands of dangerous individuals, we all want to protect our communities and families--but we cannot do it at the cost of our freedom. Gun ownership is as important as right as the right to a fair trial, freedom of speech, and freedom of faith. Gun rights cannot and should not be forfeited without clear, strict, and narrow set of rules that respect due process and are enforced clearly and consistently. At present, there is talk floating around the Missouri capitol to implement Red Flag laws right here in Missouri. Red Flag laws do not meet the definition of fair due process of depriving someone of a firearm, it’s government run amok. Currently, a lot of coast-states have Red Flag laws. These laws allow the state government to forcefully seize a person’s firearm if they receive a complaint from someone stating that person poses behavior that implies they could be dangerous. It is a law designed for friends and family members to signal to the government that someone they know should not own a firearm because they could pose a threat, then in comes the sheriff or the police to suspend that person’s constitutional right to own a firearm, taking away their gun, and holding it until the person is no longer viewed as a threat by the government. And That’s it. No due process, no trial, no conviction. Just a tip off to the government that so-and-so should not have a gun, and then it is taken. That is not how rights work, that is not how liberty works. Our rights can only be forfeited if we committed a crime and are found guilty by a jury of our peers, not because Neighbor A does not want Neighbor B to own a gun. Red Flag laws should be a giant red flag to everyone in our state that radical liberals are trying to make it easier for the government to take away our firearms. It gives government too much power, it curtails our rights and ignores the Constitution. It creates a subjective measure of who should and should not own a gun and then strips away a person’s rights for a “future crime” they might commit. Any Missourian with even cursory knowledge of the Constitution can tell you that an American can not be punished, imprisoned, or forfeit their freedom until they commit a crime. We cannot allow these radicals to dictate who can and cannot own a firearm. I for one will join with responsible firearm owners and freedom-loving Missourians to stand our ground against Red Flag laws or any such law that would deprive Missourians of their liberty without due process. Eddy Justice is a state senate candidate for Senate District 25 comprised of Butler, Carter, Dunklin, Mississippi, New Madrid, Pemiscot, Shannon, and Stoddard Counties.
  5. Romans9

    Best Jack to lift sandrail in the Dunes

    Build your own: https://www.surpluscenter.com/Linear-Actuators/?page_no=1&page_length=9999
  6. Romans9

    Dune Wife Wants a Boob Job

    Well this thread finally took off.......or expanded.......it’s been added to......augmented so to speak...
  7. Romans9

    Bought my First Sand Car

    Nice, good move, congratulations and welcome to the board. You may need some thick skin now and then but give everyone the benefit of the doubt and ask anything you need or want to know! Oh and that “extra money” you had is now called the dune fund.
  8. Romans9

    Dune Wife Wants a Boob Job

    Sorry Monkey I’m no help at all, however 137 views and not one smartass comment?...............GD.com is slipping😃
  9. Romans9

    Trailer Issues

    Have you considered the tire ply both outer casing and sidewall? Even tires with the same rating can be different due to the fact that manufacturers use a rating system designed to give an equivalent to the old bias-ply rather than actual ply layers, in other words a ten ply tire does not actually have ten plies. Not all manufacturers are consistent. As has already been mentioned the ball joints in the front end may have felt ok before but the cantilever effect from the trailer hitch load can act to displace the weight that was on the front end helping to keep them “seated” under a worn condition. A lifted truck would also exaggerate any problems. I don’t blame you one bit for not moving the trailer like that again. That “on the edge” feeling while towing is a terrible experience.
  10. Great analysis. 49 minutes long, takes a minute to get going but worth every second. Lots of matter of fact details that when listened to leaves little room for interpretation.
  11. Romans9

    Off road coloring book!

    That is great! I got Cartoons delivered to my house. Be worth framing most of those.
  12. Romans9

    Get Your A.O.C. Cap...........

    Actually she needs to stay. She has already done more for Republicans than Todd Akin did for Democrats.
  13. Romans9

    Get Your A.O.C. Cap...........

  14. Romans9

    New build in progress, The Handful

    Well my experience tells me otherwise, real world experience not advice from someone trying to sell something. Most thermostats at full open are restricted as compared to the size of the opening without a thermostat installed. I have sat through many Caterpillar, Cummins, Komatsu, Hino, etc. classes that confirm coolant flow has to be restricted to achieve proper thermal exchange to prevent hot pockets from forming around cylinder walls and in cylinder heads.
  15. Romans9

    New build in progress, The Handful

    What you are addressing is if the t-stat is removed it needs a "restricter" plate installed to slow down the flow and allow time for heat transfer. That's why the plug is installed to act as a restricter. The hole however will need to be larger than 1/4 inch probably 1/2 inch or bigger.
  16. Romans9

    Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris

    Maybe it was.Could have been divine intervention for a poor altar boy.........
  17. Romans9

    Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris

    No doubt it was a tender box, but it was a tender box that has stood for 9 centuries.
  18. Romans9

    .38 Police Special

    My grandfather on my dad’s side was a Wyandotte County (Kansas City, Kansas) Sheriffs deputy in the mid to late 50’s. I have had his service revolver since my dad died in 1996. I used to carry the pistol with me in the woods when I was10-11 years old and practice my “quick draw” skills when I would quit “hunting”. The box from the pistol was used for many years by my grandfather to store his handcuffs, a Zippo lighter, watch fob, and various other personal items. I was going through some stuff and found the owners manual and the registration card. I put them all together and thought it was cool that it all survived this 64 years and 3 people later. The gun is in really great condition. Not sure which one of my boys will get this. Probably the one that shares his name with my dad and my grandfather. I have his Batton, slap jack, handcuffs and leather belt. I’m going to put them all in a display case and hang it in my gun room. Lead filled......
  19. Romans9

    .38 Police Special

    I have a 686 that I have made some pretty long shots with. It has a great factory trigger.
  20. Romans9

    New aluminum body by KATG Motorsports

    Blasphemy!!! He could use pink and its still badass........and not a SXS..
  21. Romans9

    Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris

    Except no one was working at the time. An average of 3 churches per day have reported attacks for the last couple of weeks in France. The mudslimes tried to destroy the cathedral a few years ago. We can’t get the truth through the media about tradgies here and the French surrender monkeys will never let a un-PC explaination get out.
  22. Romans9

    $30,000 for a built in BBQ island

    My mom did her own and they turned out great. Patients and good materials.
  23. Romans9

    Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris

    Well the mudslimes are celebrating just like they did on 9/11/2001 in Jersey. Looks like a good place for this:
  24. Romans9

    It's Saturday 4/13/19 what are you doing this weekend?

    I have done similar things a couple of times. Organizing and selling off my very close friend and mentors 50 years worth of tools and equipment was strange but was a blessing to his wife and sons. Both of his sons are Lt. Colonels in the Marine Corps and had no idea how to deal with it. I call his wife whenever his memory crosses my mind. She appreciates it. She likes to talk about him. Your help means more to her than you can know.
  25. Romans9

    RIP Schwinn

    Dang, so sad for his family. RIP Dune Brutha........

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