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  1. sandforme

    2001 F250 7.3 question....

    Awesome thanks for the info guys...I know my windshield weather striping is bad and probably leaking. I will look into the module...it seams like its difficult to get to but hopefully I can fit under there LOL I will let you guys know what I find....it does not help that it is suppose to rain this weekend and part of next week.
  2. sandforme

    2001 F250 7.3 question....

    I still need to try it...been getting home to late to mess with it. Yeah my relay buzzes and when the key is off all accessories still work...the fan the radio its really weird. I still think it might be the general electric module that got wet but not sure. I will start with the door latch mech first for sure.
  3. sandforme

    2001 F250 7.3 question....

    I will give that a shot and see what happens. Thanks man
  4. Out at Glamis this past weekend I started my truck to head home and noticed the Interior Lamp Relay buzzing and it would not stop. I picked up a new one at Napa but that did not fix the issue. Anyone know what it might be. I did a little research and they say its either the General Electric Module got wet or that the Door Latch Switch is bad? Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
  5. sandforme

    Lets see those SCU's

    Good meeting you this past weekend.....
  6. sandforme

    What Is Your Dream Buggy? Post Pics & Build Details!

    I also own my dream car...........Alumicraft with LS3 425, 4.0 Whipple and S4.....enough said
  7. Hey Jeff

    Is there someone you can recommend for rebuilding shocks in San Diego area or possibly in Orange County. I live in north SD but work in Lake forest.

    Thanks man


    1. L.R.S.


      I haven't used anyone in the San Diego area.  I use Adam Householder in Anaheim, 714-240-2116.  He's a friend and also racers Class 1, 6100 Spec and Trophy Trucks.  He also has a Funco G52 and goes to Glamis a lot so he knows how to set up shocks for the dunes.  He will be in Glamis this weekend if you happen to be there and can go see him.


  8. sandforme

    Glamis Dunes Storage

    Gustavo....it was $900 for a 70' spot last year as I recall.
  9. sandforme

    Glamis Dunes Storage

    I'm in brother...
  10. Hey Terry...Also I believe the trick is to have your bank account registered with paypal then all the tricks above will work and there will be no fees. Good luck
  11. sandforme

    iPod Touch 8gb gen 4

    I'm interested in the black one....PM sent
  12. sandforme

    Whats Your Favorite Picture Of Your Rail?

    No Filter...BTW
  13. sandforme

    2004 Suzuki LTZ400

    SOLD to a GDnr Thanks
  14. sandforme

    Enclosed Trailer Flooring

    Depending on length....I have a 20' and I had it rhino lined. Came out awesome.
  15. sandforme

    2004 Suzuki LTZ400

    Yes it does...

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