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  1. Thanks for the info guys....I figured it was sand flees but my wife wanted me to ask LOL
  2. Hey anyone know what in the sand at glamis that bites? I have no problems and no one in our camp has issues except my wife gets bitten all to hell. It only happens when it is on the warmer side. Any repellents that may work? Thanks
  3. Sold last night for more than trade in....
  4. Trading it in for $8450 in next day or so....anyone?
  5. Car is in very good condition, purchased as a Toyota certified lease return from Toyota Escondido. Gold exterior and tan interior, extremely reliable with good gas mileage. Brand new battery 96k miles Only sell as to wife wanted a new car. $9300 obo
  6. All good info guys...I drive a Dodge stratus and get 28 mpg currently has 200k and still runs like a top. I definitely want something that gets the best mileage as possible. I also want something newer if possible.
  7. Looking to get a newer commuter car....drive around 125 miles a day. I do have charging stations at work. Was thinking straight hybrid but then started thinking plugin hybrid? One thing is most don't get more than 20-25 miles on full electric. Thanks for the input...
  8. Finally got around to checking the brakes again....Looks like something going on at controller. I unplugged and messed around with the wiring and plug and got it to work but seams like a short or something but its at the connector/controller.
  9. Damn so if its an automatic you cant flat tow....
  10. Anyone know if I can flat tow a 2006 dodge stratus?
  11. Buzzing all the time......brakes being applied or not. Only time they stop is when I unplug trailer from the truck. I will try unplugging the prodigy and see if it resets but seams like a controller problem... When I dragged the trailer home with motorhome (it has a prodigy) it read voltage and seemed to work properly. Only thing is I did not notice buzzing but being a diesel pusher its loud back there.
  12. I hauled my enclosed this past weekend and noticed my Prodigy controller showed a ( nc ). I checked a couple times and was plugged all the way in. Anyhow the breaks were working on the trailer but the controller did not show voltage like normal...it still showed nc. When I go home I could hear the trailer brakes buzzing? When I would unplug from truck buzzing would go away. Seams strange it was only buzzing from passenger side? Any suggestions on what this could be?

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