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  1. Chinese plywood is typically far inferior to US made plywood. The veneer is super thin, and the glue used is prone to fail. I have seen a few custom kitchens, one with a beautiful Cherry wood, fail after about 10 years. The venner started to separate and "bubble" . No way to fix except to apply a new panel over the failing ones. Again, the veneer is also usually so thin that there is nothing there to fix if a panel gets a ding or scratch. Bottom line is that what looks like a quality product now is more than likely not going to be the case down the road. I mean use just about any comparison of a US versus Chinese made product. 9 out of 10 times the US product is better.
  2. "Good quality from China". That's pretty funny....
  3. Pretty sure I read it right. Multiple questions, but wrapped up asking what has the Govt done to improve things. That specific question hasn't been covered that well.
  4. That wasn't the question, unless you think that the Government created the higher pay and great weather.
  5. Some of the smog/ fuel efficiency laws enacted in the late 60s, early 70s. Yes cars were total POS for a long time but the air is WAY cleaner than it used to be, and manufacturers would never would've done a thing about the problem without being forced. I can't even drive behind one old classic car without feeling like shit breathing in the exhaust.
  6. That's if you assume that he will be there every day. Lets not pretend that there haven't been countless complaints of ghost campers that take up a space a couple weeks before a holiday. Just seems a bit hypocritical to complain about people breaking the rules when your intention is to also break rules.
  7. Were you planning on leaving T-day, or was your plan to stay longer than the 14 days allowed and then complain about others breaking the rules?
  8. By "flaw" I was just saying that I think that they do provide health coverage for some of the staff. Not arguing whether its justified. Someone mentioned earlier that its possible the owner is actually a Conservative and wants his customers to know how much his mandated cost for his employees coverage is. Who knows?
  9. He was our waiter when my buddy took us out 14 months ago so I guess its possible hes full time . I do think that at the very least he tips the busboys, possible other staff as well. I worked as a busboy and dishwasher at different restaurants back in the day, and I always got something from the servers. My wife was a waitress when we first started going out and she would tip the kitchen as well.
  10. The waiter when asked, explained that it helps offset their health insurance that the restaurant provides their employees. You really think he would explain that if he wasn't getting insurance? Not defending the charge, but your suggestion seems flawed.
  11. I tipped our waiter $80.00, tipped the valet $4.00, and our bar tab before dinner was about $65.00, so I probably kicked down another $11.00 or so. Like I said multiple times, the food was perfect, the waiter was awesome, the drinks were very good, unique, and strong. I tip accordingly. BTW alot of restaurants pool the tips.
  12. I never order wine for myself, but don't restaurants typically double , or somewhat close to that, the retail price? For the hell of it, I googled the going price online and it seemed to be about $70.00. Doesn't that sound about right?
  13. Well lets just say he wasn't the most masculine guy I've ever met, so I'm pretty sure I know how he stands politically. That said, service was top notch which is what was important to me at the time. And since nobody asked, I tipped a bit over $80.
  14. Negative. Point is, I'd make an issue in most cases, but it just would of left a bad vibe after having such a great evening. Wasn't worth the negativity in this case to me.

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