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  1. surf and dune

    The debate over abortion

    What came first? The chicken or the egg? Religion is something that humans made up to help make sense and create rules to live by. Take Christianity out of the discussion for a minute. Native Americans had their own form of religion as did Pacific islanders for example. Both different, but clearly the product of mans ability to recognize good and evil and the need to create laws and morality to live by. Before Christian's came and forced their religion on them, they were organized societies that knew the difference between good and bad, right and wrong . Stop pretending that without the bible man couldn't figure things out. History is full of proof that refutes that notion.
  2. surf and dune

    The debate over abortion

    So it's your way or the highway? Got it..
  3. surf and dune

    The debate over abortion

    There are plenty of examples throughout history and even modern times of people that somehow figured out that things like murder, rape, stealing etc were bad (immoral) things and not conducive to a productive society even though they never read or heard of the bible. The idea that right and wrong is exclusively based on religion is silly at best, doesn't give man the credit we deserve.
  4. surf and dune

    The debate over abortion

    Close minded? Just trying to use some logic instead of emotion. What's your "woke" solution anyway?
  5. surf and dune

    The debate over abortion

    First off babies that are viable needs lots of medical assistance to survive so your analogy is flawed, but that said, I think anyone should be able to refuse medical assistance if they wish.
  6. surf and dune

    The debate over abortion

    Which is why I say the only logical choice should be when the fetus becomes viable outside the womb. Any other unit of measure on either side is based on pure emotion, ones religious beliefs, and or the simple idea that your beliefs trump others beliefs. Also known as stfu.
  7. surf and dune

    The debate over abortion

    I'll add. Those on the far right of this issue, and the States that are currently passing no exception , anti abortion legislation, are going to get socialist, leftist elected. Those people are going to eff our country.
  8. surf and dune

    The debate over abortion

    Honestly I didn't read through everyone's comments so I'm not sure what yours is. IMO, some things should be left to the states, and some shouldn't. Should slavery be allowed if enough people want it? The 2nd amendment ignored? etc.
  9. surf and dune

    The debate over abortion

    I'm obviously not serious , I just feel like people that want abortions made illegal with no exceptions, and those that want abortions legal with no exceptions are basically telling the other side to STFU. Neither extreme respects the other sides opinion. Which side are you on?
  10. surf and dune

    The debate over abortion

    Mine is the opposite of "all or nothing", its the reasonable solution. Banning abortions entirely, or allowing abortions with no restrictions is "all or nothing". The viability argument is by far the only logical balance between the 2 arguments.
  11. surf and dune

    my experience with mosebilt and john mosely

    John claims that he paid the OP shortly after he started this thread. If true, shouldn't he have updated his thread? If not lets hear about it. Not saying if he did get paid everything's rosy, but it would be pretty unfair not to mention it.
  12. surf and dune

    The debate over abortion

    The answer is that abortions should be legal until the baby is considered viable outside the womb. (24-25 weeks) Anyone that thinks abortion should be illegal for any reason needs to stfu unless they have adopted at least 10 unwanted, drug addicted babies of all races. Back to your regularly scheduled program.
  13. surf and dune

    Powder coat question

    Hmmm. I wouldn't of expected that question from the person that wants a rusty clear powder coated frame. BTW that car looks sick. Sick - This is one of many slang words that mean the opposite of its original meaning. If something is "sick" it actually means it's cool or awesome. Example: Jennifer lives in a sick part of the city. It is full of restaurants and clubs. Presh - It is short for "precious."
  14. surf and dune

    Powder coat question

    I've powder coated some things (steel mailboxes and other things on modern homes that I've built) clear with the intent that they will rust under the powder and they came out sick. I'd check with some powdercoaters and not guys that would never want anything but a polished, shiny look.
  15. surf and dune

    Sandcar in the desert

    I used to run my last 2 cars in the sand and the desert. IMO as long as you don't hit any bushes, or follow too closely to other vehicles, theres very little difference in the wear on paint and powdercoat. Any vegetation absolutely destroys paint and powder but is pretty easily avoidable. What you can't do is haul the mail and think that you are not going to break something if your car is not built to handle it. Bottom line is that you can absolutely take your sand car in the desert and not destroy it (any more than you can in the sand) if you drive smartly.

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