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  1. Thats clean. Always thought the Empis were the best look. Is that color just tan, or is there some green in it? Whats pushing it?
  2. No way! Most single carb setups (not stock) Single 44s, Dellorto 45 etc, almost always had a flat spot that was damn near impossible to get rid of. As long as your duals were in good shape, they were pretty easy to get synced and ran way better than a single.
  3. No. I live right by there, but I don't have a Glamis sticker on it. (My trailer has a GD,com sticker though)!
  4. Imagine the luck of everyone in this wedding party being sick all at the same time? All jokes aside, your insinuation that because you happen to be Asian somehow makes you an authority on one of the most diverse ethnicities around the world (48 countries and countless religions) makes about as much sense as me claiming to speak for all white people. Point is, you're right, it is mostly a courtesy to others in addition to a general respect to law and order that we don't have.
  5. You mean the Asian countries where almost everybody wears masks, even when there is no pandemic?
  6. With all of these conspiracy theories going around, I was wondering if any of you heard about the crazy one where our Government is actually trying to use social distancing so that there isn't an initial, massive spike in cases that overwhelms the hospitals? I know it sounds crazy, but they say that given a little extra time, we can manufacture more equipment that will help save lives as well as developing a possible vaccination that will prevent many from getting it in the first place. Now bear with me cause I know it sounds nuts, but this particular conspiracy says that there actually isn't an ulterior motive behind our government officials (you know, the branch of our government that is basically divided 50% on all issues and virtually never agrees on anything, yet some would like us to believe that they all agreed to figured out a plan to kill hundreds of thousands of fellow Americans so that they could ( insert conspiracy of the day here )
  7. My father in law also goes into surgery for cancer on Wednesday. I wouldn't worry about him getting the virus there. My wife is a nurse and shes been telling me about all of the precautions they are taking. For instance, you won't be able to visit him at all(at least at Memorial and hopefully your dads). You drop him off and say goodbye. New deliveries (where my wife works) can have 1 and one only visitor the whole time they are there. Theres no "my mom will be here and then she leaves and husband comes". Nope. You get one visitor so choose wisely..
  8. I must not of been clear either because I totally agree.
  9. We are pretty opposite. I assume that the laws were enacted to protect us from the stupid people. The 90% of us being somewhat responsible are at the mercy of aholes that go to church like normal on Sunday, go to spring break in FL. , have parties, etc. I feel like this is one time were the government has actually made an effort to let people make smart decisions and too many just don't have that ability so the rest of us get effed. Blame the idiots this time for your "freedoms" being taken, not the government.

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