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  1. I would never "stain" concrete with anything but proper acid stain. Not that it helps your predicament, but water based stain is crap and doesn't look nearly as good as acid which is impregnated and is impossible to remove or"come off".
  2. I was in a hurry taking off the other day, and was hoping someone could help me dial in my suspension. Video included.
  3. I'm sure your detail shop explained ceramic coatings to you, but you need to use their soap when you wash it otherwise you're applying a film that ends up creating a surface that isn't as slick as the ceramic coat. . I had my car coated a couple years ago. Paint correction and lifetime Ceramic Pro was almost $1500. For the first year or so I only needed to rinse off and then blow dry most of the time to get it looking perfect. BTW, getting your wheels ceramic coated is worth its weight in gold. Brake dust literally hoses off.
  4. I bought a pair of Sony headphones (cant remember model). They sounded great, but almost as important to me was the fact that they fold up in a nice, compact way. I do a few surf trips around the world each year and only bring a large backpack and camera bag so space is at a premium. Just something else to consider as most over the ear headphones don't fold up very well.
  5. When are you going? I see lots of flights under $400 out of LAX.
  6. One of the top 3 street legal cars ever built by man.
  7. What do you mean by "odd" readings? If you have a dead cylinder, a decent gun immediately shows a massive temp difference when aimed at the base of the header.
  8. Get yourself a heat gun, point a each header one at a time and see if one is cooler that the rest.
  9. For all you music lovers out there I HIGHLY recommend you look through the library of Youtube "concerts" on the NPR Tiny Desk. There's hundreds of artists/ bands of all genres. Some well known, some not, but I guarantee you will discover and enjoy some artists that you never thought or heard about. Basically they cram the artist or band into a small area in the office and they get 3 songs. No more, no less, and its mostly acoustic.
  10. I don't. I used to play the Battlefield games a few years back, and I would like to start up again but my current computer/ graphics card won't cut it.

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