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  1. Not a fan of chain restaurants in general, but buffetstyle chains? No thanks.
  2. Well, the fact that he is asking this question on GD.com tells me he doesn't have a ton of experience in the field. Since I'm a builder myself, and have been licensed for almost 40 years, I felt like I would also give him some advise. You are right, there are good contractors out there and the layperson that has a hell of alot of time to have plans drawn up, pull permits, find a dozen or so "good" contractors, oversee, schedule, get inspections, pick materials, etc. could possibly have a good experience. But, a successful guy like DWB could make a hell of alot more focussing on his real job than the 20-30k he might be able to save doing 6 months of work on a 200k job.
  3. 1. And now he has about 10 subs and contracts to worry about instead of one. . 2. None of those subs know each other which usually results in a scheduling, finger pointing shitshow. 3. Most subs worth their salt are already working for Generals that keep them busy year in and year out, and they will definitely give those other GCs priority when it comes to their time. 4. Every one of those subs knows that your project (which is a super tight, low profit job,) will probably never work for you again and will therefore put your project low on their priority. 5. The OP most likely doesn't know how to build a house and yet you somehow think he can manage it....
  4. Over $20 a pound for Choice? No thanks.
  5. Valid points, but I can't imagine any recreational duner is riding long and hard enough for heat to be an issue on Kings.
  6. Couldn't be a more appropriate time. Its hard to imagine a dumber move, especially from an experienced offroader, than not wearing a seatbelt. RIP to the guy and his wife, but stuff like this is what causes the rights of others to get stripped.
  7. I haven't read the whole thread yet, but does anyone else find it ironic that the OP is complaining that he couldn't get service without the proper protection, and the very first post following is someone else complaining that venders he was dealing with were not protective enough with their behavior? The old phrase "your damned if you do and damned if you don't" doesn't begin to describe the absurdity of the world we live in right now.
  8. Context is everything brother.
  9. I say you should start a boycott against all of the BLACK Nascar drivers that are constantly using the nword in public. I think its high time that we all band together and force Chevy, Ford, Toyota, and Dodge to stop ignoring the constant nwords thrown around by the BLACK spotters and BLACK drivers and hold them to the same standards as us white folk......
  10. Freedom of speech? You're kidding right? Please tell me you understand the difference between an employer (Colin Kaepernick comes to mind) demanding that their employees behave with a certain level of decorum and professionalism so as not to damage their brand, and the government restricting what we can say? Can you say or do whatever you want at work, or if you have your own business, can your employees jeopardize your livelihood by insulting your customers ? Of course not, this is a ridiculous discussion. I kind of liked that guy, buy what a effin idiot! I mean who just blurts that out in any forum, much less a public one. I'm sure he'll be back, but he's going to pay a heavy price.
  11. I agree with pretty much everything you said, and I'm not trying to battle you either. My point is that as you just said, all politicians and the MSM will try to exploit things like this to their political advantage. It does not mean however that there was a "conspiracy" before the fact.
  12. I would agree with you, but literally the WHOLE world is shut down right now. To suggest that the liberal US media (which I wholeheartedly agree is complete and utter BS), has the ability to shut down THE WHOLE WORLD is foolish at best. Yes all politicians, liberal and conservative, will focus on exploiting this crisis for political gain. But the underlining insinuation that "the deep state" has anything to do with the origination of this crisis is foolish at best, and that's my point. I would never give the jerkoffs on the left the respect needed for being smart enough to come up with such a dastardly scheme. Call me crazy, and having my head in the sand, but as conniving, ignorant, and generally speaking, evil as I think they are, I just don't think that any one of them is smart enough to concoct such a masterful plan as some around here believe, much less keep it secret.
  13. Who else? "That said, IF you don't believe there is such a thing as the "DEEP state", explain Bill, & KILLARY, Obomination, & SOROS, Pelosi, Feinwine, and all their surrounding corruption, and yet they are all like Teflon, nothing sticks to them.. If you can provide any other explaination, I'd like to hear it. " IDK. Ask Schmidty. Theres probably twice as many people that either have or had it that have not been tested. If they wanted to scare everyone they would be pushing testing a lot more instead waiting till people were close to death before testing and admitting .
  14. My next question would of been who is "they", but you already answered . So what you're saying is that all of this panic is thanks to the "deep state" . Pelosi, Clinton, Obama, I'm guessing Comey and Mccabe should be added with a slice of Cuomo and Schumer. Meanwhile, the Executive, Judicial, Senate and the current DOJ are currently run by Conservatives..... You ever find it strange that in this era of instant leaks and social media, that there is never, and I mean never, a staffer, subordinate, or maybe that one in a million honest politician that actually cares about America and Americans, and drops the dime on one of these hidden backdoor meetings where these insidious plans are concocted?
  15. Theres probably twice as many people that either have or had it that have not been tested. If they wanted to scare everyone they would be pushing testing a lot more instead waiting till people were close to death before testing and admitting .
  16. The accurate quote was from Rahm Emanuel, was "never allow a crisis to go to waste". I hope you're not suggesting that calling out those that think that damn near everything is a conspiracy is somehow "un American? I actually find the conspiracy theorists as the biggest danger and the ones that play into the "thirst of power" as you say. They are the easiest to manipulate, and therefore are a far bigger danger that those that think more logically instead of in a constant, emotional search for any source of info that supports their conspiracies.
  17. Its real simple. There are no elective procedures being performed in hospitals right now. No boob jobs, nose jobs, knee surgeries that are not "emergency", Lasic, etc. The result is obviously relatively empty hospitals.
  18. Thats clean. Always thought the Empis were the best look. Is that color just tan, or is there some green in it? Whats pushing it?
  19. No way! Most single carb setups (not stock) Single 44s, Dellorto 45 etc, almost always had a flat spot that was damn near impossible to get rid of. As long as your duals were in good shape, they were pretty easy to get synced and ran way better than a single.

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