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  1. I would never "stain" concrete with anything but proper acid stain. Not that it helps your predicament, but water based stain is crap and doesn't look nearly as good as acid which is impregnated and is impossible to remove or"come off".
  2. I was in a hurry taking off the other day, and was hoping someone could help me dial in my suspension. Video included.
  3. I'm sure your detail shop explained ceramic coatings to you, but you need to use their soap when you wash it otherwise you're applying a film that ends up creating a surface that isn't as slick as the ceramic coat. . I had my car coated a couple years ago. Paint correction and lifetime Ceramic Pro was almost $1500. For the first year or so I only needed to rinse off and then blow dry most of the time to get it looking perfect. BTW, getting your wheels ceramic coated is worth its weight in gold. Brake dust literally hoses off.
  4. I bought a pair of Sony headphones (cant remember model). They sounded great, but almost as important to me was the fact that they fold up in a nice, compact way. I do a few surf trips around the world each year and only bring a large backpack and camera bag so space is at a premium. Just something else to consider as most over the ear headphones don't fold up very well.
  5. When are you going? I see lots of flights under $400 out of LAX.
  6. One of the top 3 street legal cars ever built by man.
  7. What do you mean by "odd" readings? If you have a dead cylinder, a decent gun immediately shows a massive temp difference when aimed at the base of the header.
  8. Get yourself a heat gun, point a each header one at a time and see if one is cooler that the rest.
  9. For all you music lovers out there I HIGHLY recommend you look through the library of Youtube "concerts" on the NPR Tiny Desk. There's hundreds of artists/ bands of all genres. Some well known, some not, but I guarantee you will discover and enjoy some artists that you never thought or heard about. Basically they cram the artist or band into a small area in the office and they get 3 songs. No more, no less, and its mostly acoustic.
  10. I don't. I used to play the Battlefield games a few years back, and I would like to start up again but my current computer/ graphics card won't cut it.
  11. Hey JD. You ever get a PC that would make for decent online gaming?
  12. No talk of Oregon for some of you looking to leave CA? I went to Bend for the first time last year and was amazed how much I liked it. Within a 20 mile or so radius, you can hunt, fish, river raft, ski, mountain bike, become a profession beer drinker (breweries everywhere) , and smoke pot if that's your thing. That attitudes of the people was refreshing. Everyone seemed relaxed, nice, and just seemed stoked to be where they were. Personally, I'll probably never leave CA cause I'd lose my shit if I didn't surf, but if I did, Oregon would be high on my list.
  13. That sounds insane! I was given a MRI a couple days after my x ray ., and had one a couple of weeks ago for my shoulder and neck from a surfing injury. Xrays don't show that much, and to think you had actual spine surgery without a MRI seems crazy! You sure your your Dr.s name wasn't Dr. Bombay?
  14. This Is such a tough subject to get responses that have any bearing on your situation. I messed my lower back up about 12 years ago unloading a couple pallets of tile. Couple herniated discs, extreme pain in right foot, leg etc. Sometimes it would go numb. Wife made me go to emergency room a few days after I did it when I screamed trying and failing to get my pants on. After MRI and visit with specialist, I was told I needed surgery right away or risk damaging my nerves including losing feeling permanently in my foot. Long story short, my dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer the same week and needed to have surgery immediately to save his life (which was successful). He was building a few homes in Murrieta at the time and I basically had to sack up and drive from Long beach to finish his houses while he recovered. My Dr, prescribed Naproxin which is a strong anti inflammatory and within a couple of weeks I started feeling better. After a few months, I decided to try to get in really good shape and get my core strong. I got a personal trainer, and after another few months was in the best shape of my life. Actually started doing Jui jitsu for the next 6 years. I still get cramps in my leg on occasion but I think god that I didn't rush into surgery. My feeling is that every year there are advancements in those surgeries and the longer you can wait the better. The obvious thing for EVERYBODY out there is that being overweight is the worst thing for your back and you core strength is key.
  15. So I spend a lot of time on Youtube watching just about everything, street performers, car blogs, unknown musicians etc. Every now and then I come across artists that blow me away. This little Japanese girl is top of the list. Videos of her at 8, 9, and 10 years old absolutely killing covers. She doesn't even speak English but has awesome taste in music. What do you guys think?
  16. Someone forgot to tell these guys that you need a rear engine car for the whoops.
  17. Couple things. Anyone that doesn't believe that a "flat" engine versus a "V" isn't inherently a vastly superior handling machine simply doesn't know what they are talking about. Seems silly there would even be a debate among car guys but I digress. That said, for most duners there's a lot more to our weekends than being the absolute quickest in the turns. Most of us are either not good enough, or wouldn't be able to hold our lunch if we were pulling the Gs John is pulling on his runs. The majority of people want a car that is fast, has a plush ride (weight), be able to wheelie, get 600 + hp on pump gas, and be relatively cheap to maintain. The LS will always dominate that market. 2 different options for 2 different types of vehicles. As to a couple of TJs comments. Yes, Porsche has figured out how to make the rear engine platform work better than 90% of anything else, but they intentionally have handicapped themselves by not putting the same engine in cars like the GT4 which is mid engine because they would lose massive sales on their flagship platform (the 911) because the GT4 is a better handling car. Ever wonder why they only made the 914 -6 one year? Smaller, lighter, mid engine car with the same hp as a rear engine 911? No contest.
  18. I never said I agree or disagree with the rule, I'm simply stating what it says and it couldn't be any clearer. There is no reference to groups or families that will be camping together. It's immaterial. Every vehicle that gets driven into the area is considered the primary vehicle to those occupants. No different than going to a State beach or park and having a BBQ with a bunch of friends or family members. Every vehicle will need to pay to get in whether there are 17 people in a van or 1 in a Camry. Camping at State beaches is no different either. When you "buy" your site, you get your trailer and tow rig for the price, and any vehicles that want to come in and park for the day or stay overnight must pay. Can you give examples of any paid parking areas that only charge for one vehicle and let 16 others in for free as long as they are meeting someone?
  19. You're making stuff up again. I'm starting to think that you're just trolling us because there is nothing ambiguous about the stated rule, and I know that your not an idiot. There is no mention ANYWHERE about a tow vehicle, one that carries toys, party favors, grandma, dj equipment, or any other bs you can think of. Any and all vehicles that transport anyone to the recreation site is considered a primary vehicle. The notion that one tow rig with a permit ,allows free access to the dunes for an unlimited amount of friends/ relatives cars is an argument beneath you.
  20. pri·ma·ry /ˈprīˌmerē,ˈprīm(ə)rē/ adjective 1. of chief importance; principal. "the government's primary aim is to see significant reductions in unemployment" earliest in time or order. "the primary stage of their political education"

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