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  1. What is the ballpark tax benefit in this case, and how does it work?
  2. I'd skip your questions since none of this is really about clean energy anyway. No sane person honestly believe the 12 year (or whatever number of years it'll change to in 12 years) BS anyway. This is and has always been a device to get more of your hard earned money and more of my hard earned money, plain and simple.
  3. RayClay


    Great job and congratulations!!!! Dedication goes both ways for sure and it looks like this was a match! As an aside, I have done business with Superior in the past and wonder if I've ever crossed paths with this fine gent.
  4. I did cut a hole in my skid plate under the drain bolt. There is a frame cross member right there that still keeps it a PITA regardless. Better than "the funnel" though... Post oil change pressure wash of the underside is just part of the job.
  5. First rule of Fight Club....
  6. You have inspired me sir. Let the dog chit into the recycling bin commence. I'm even going to encourage my neighbors to join this protest.
  7. I think it is a combination of the the sheer volume of SxSs' along with the lack of experience by many SxS drivers. A good way to gauge this is by who is or is not using basic hand signals out on the trails. More and more riders do not use them and a lot actually just wave at me when I am holding up fingers trying to let them know how many more riders behind me. That's a little scary. I used to love to ride my dirt bikes at places like Gorman, Dove Springs, Spangler, etc., but the number of SxS's has grown at least tenfold over the past 4 or 5 years. It's just plain dangerous anymore out there. Now I pretty much stick to Rowher Flats for dirt bike riding since the trails at that place are not really SxS (or even quad) friendly, at least for the time being.
  8. One time just wouldn't be adequate. But yeah, I'd still take it.
  9. I wasn't going to ask, but I was pretty sure he reincarnated as LOTD.
  10. I have a co-worker who just got screwed out of her deal to buy the house she has been renting for over a decade. This is in North Hollywood, CA. The owner decided to sell it to her for about 150K under what the appraised value ended up being, meaning they agreed upon the price before going through any of the process. Even then the owner was fine with it until... When drawing up the deal, the realtor he hired convinced him that he had to charge full value or it would screw up the local real estate market and him and other realtors like him would end up selling other houses in the area for less due to this one being a comparable at a way lower price (and obviously earning a smaller commission in the process). And the realtor just happened to have a cash buyer handy. Now instead of buying the home she has lived in for the past 12 years, she has to move. She cannot afford to rent in the area now and is moving to Tennessee next week.
  11. Those 9,000 leases are not what they are reporting them be. They are not all viable and all are mired in mountains of red-tape making it damn near impossible to drill the precious few that are viable.

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