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  1. I'll fully admit it's mine. She can't even turn it on. LOL She wanted to gift the girls in her office personalized coffee cups a week or so ago.. So, I designed up a little logo and cut out all their names. She had to do the weeding though...that part sucks.
  2. This guy has a Cricut. It's sweet.
  3. Bummer Steve.. My last Rotti did the same. Just went and laid down in the grass. Edit...Unless you have other pups at home, the humane society will HAPPILY take beds, toys, blankets, but not food or medicine. I'm sure you can find someone very grateful for those things right now as well.
  4. I usually go for Monster/vodka first, then get into the New Belgium Imperial Rangers. 9%abv, and they are 2 19oz cans for $5 at QT. Somebody went into the one nearest me yesterday and bought all they had. Didn't start my Sunday off well. LOL
  5. The bowl at 4:45...pause and toss a batch...hit play..
  6. Gecko and Osborn are areas that people typically cram in like sardines. Not "spread out"..."social distance", "groups less than 10"..bobble head..bobble head...bobble head... The washes are a different story. If they want to play like they are limiting access, that's how you do it without claiming to shut it down... Is Glamis open? Yes.
  7. Sending one out nearly a mile is easy peasy... Hitting something at that is a totally different show. Nice.
  8. F' that shit ride... I would need to be leading or 100 yards back.
  9. Minimalist color design is most special. Dune Ninja.
  10. Had to make a quick trip to OKC earlier this week. Now I'm quarantined to work from home until the 6th. Guess I'll have time to swap the fuel tank on my Jeep and try to figure out the weirdness with the electrical in the dash...
  11. You gonna tell a Mexican chick what to do? Let alone fashion advice... I'm not. Lol
  12. We built a gate this weekend too. My GF wanted a gate to isolate our dogs in different parts of the house. We had a simple baby gate, but it wasn't fairing to well against 120lb+ Rotties. I told we could just make one. Well, she would make it...I would teach. She did 99% of it. Cut the wood, stained it, cut the metal, welded it, ground it, painted it, and hung it. She was pretty proud (I was too...LOL)

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