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  1. Trying to find someone willing to do a labor only job is what seems to be the hard part. I've got one guy down to $800 + push rods.
  2. Try cleaning the IAC valve. Bottom of the Tbody.
  3. I don't recall if the ECT and the fan switch are the same thread, but if they are, you could swap locations. The fan switch would then be on the hot side.
  4. Guys running the stock ECU could just install something like this. On at 185, off at 165, drill and tap for pipe thread on the hot side, and hook up relay ground wire. Done.
  5. Keep your chip up... For the few minutes at a time it did run right, you should've been able to notice the power gains. You got a sweet new (and tolerable) exhaust out of it so far.
  6. Under dash A/C parts. Just need a dryer and make hoses. Evap unit has multi speed fan and adjustable temp control. 4 vents, 2 on the face, 1 each side. Basically new. Used for a few minutes as test parts for an R&D machine. $200.
  7. I just use the one from Harbor freight. The model I have is no longer in production, but this one should work.
  8. I just put skinless breasts in the oven. I have enough shit to do when I'm there, don't need to make a project out of dinner.
  9. https://www.ebay.com/itm/2005-2008-HONDA-ODYSSEY-PILOT-3-5L-V-6-ENGINE-VALVE-COVER-COVERS-PAIR-SET-OEM/293240291619?hash=item44467bc123:g:-VEAAOSwwCJdH5Uq

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