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  1. Kraut_n_Rice

    Honda 3.5

  2. Kraut_n_Rice

    Boating season

    Post pics of it..
  3. Kraut_n_Rice

    Honda 3.5

    Not as easy to run the older OS on your setup.
  4. Kraut_n_Rice

    Honda 3.5

  5. Kraut_n_Rice

    Honda 3.5

    The 32A2 is the engine to start with. Keep block , heads, and intake. 35A3/4 crank Then aftermarket stuff..
  6. Kraut_n_Rice

    Looking for j35 a4 Honda motor

    120k is too much for most. That was what I was getting at. Looking for something under 80k. Car part has 2 under 100k in PHX. The price suggests it is stripped. That doesn't do the average engine swap guy any good.
  7. Kraut_n_Rice

    Looking for j35 a4 Honda motor

    When I was still wrenching, I tore one down for head gaskets with 125k. The cylinder walls still had the factory cross hatching. They had overheated it so bad the pistons melted to the walls in a couple holes, so I just replace it. I'd use a 150k engine all day.
  8. Kraut_n_Rice

    Found stolen buggy

    Stuff like this can be reposted 1000 times. Someone is missing their buggy.
  9. Kraut_n_Rice

    Looking for j35 a4 Honda motor

    You're going to struggle to find one that doesn't have 200k, or if it is lower they want $1500 for it. They are thin in the southwest...
  10. Kraut_n_Rice

    Honda 3.5

    Luckily, they are getting cheaper.
  11. Kraut_n_Rice

    07 Chevy auto climate Blower issue.

    New blower, same sh!t.
  12. Kraut_n_Rice

    Looking for j35 a4 Honda motor

    I've found a few on ebay back east. They don't get bought up like they do out here. Need a little cleaning, but cheap. Don't be afraid of something with 100k on it. Use the dismantler's code as your search criteria. 300-80035D Many have free shipping.
  13. Kraut_n_Rice

    Paddle clearance

    Silver Cake Mafia?
  14. Kraut_n_Rice

    Honda 3.5

    I found them just with a little google-fu....
  15. Kraut_n_Rice

    2011 Ford Super Duty 6.7L MPG

    No, it's the rocket engine in the muffler that kills it. My '04 DMAX is around 1200ftlb. 20+mpg. (got like 23 before the ULSD BS..) Got "teens" towing my GN toyhauler to G and back. Zero emissions equipment on it from the factory.

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