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  1. I have my fingers crossed that the rush on area 51 actually happens. With live news coverage as an A10 comes in for BBBRRRRRRRRR crowd control!
  2. https://chucksspeedcenter.com/
  3. I guess since you brought Honda into the mix, you paid more for a turbo than a Honda engine costs. You're comparing a very budget engine to your $30k+ engine. Your subi would need to be 575lbs lighter by that logic. If stock HP engine dollars are equal between Honda , LS1, and subi, the subi loses every time. That low CoG is also expensive HP...
  4. Is the fuel pump control valve just a solenoid that allows fuel to the injection pump? As Steve said, wiring to this would probably be where I'd focus my attention.
  5. Growing up in a small town, you really only needed to drive 10 miles a day to do anything. My DMAX currrently has 160k(?) on it , but only got 2k miles put on it from one Pres. day trip to the next one a couple seasons ago. It was my only car at the time. I now have 3 other cars to cruise around in. I don't drive my stuff much. TONS of Southwest points though...
  6. After tofu guy barked off I would've just tossed the phone in the air and walked away.
  7. Thanks...puts hat on backwards and totally screws up your band adjustment.. LOL
  8. The bronze, or oil-lite, bearings usually come in pretty common sizes, and wall thicknesses. Mcmaster is loaded with them. It might ultimately be easier to get a new bushing and bearing to fit your needs.
  9. Is it just the one? In a lathe, as long as it's tight you shouldn't get gall marks, but you might get some slight marks from the jaws.
  10. Mostly just drove through... Every time we go through my GF has to stop at Amitabha. It was the reeaaally long way to get to another destination.
  11. Start with fresh gas. None of those codes are out of the norm.

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