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  1. Kraut_n_Rice

    Old school round up

    Used to have a J&J. Fun, fast little ride.
  2. Kraut_n_Rice

    Battery Charger recommendation

    Keep in mind gents... Most new chargers have to "sense" a voltage to start charging. If your battery is below a certain level of charge, it won't turn on. You will have to parallel it with something that will reference a high enough voltage to get it to kick on.... You might need to run jumpers to a "good" battery to give it enough V-ref to turn on.. Analog rules the....
  3. Kraut_n_Rice

    Chenoweth SV-16 repairs and upgrades

    Then just hole saw out a plug from 1/4" plate,
  4. Kraut_n_Rice

    Chenoweth SV-16 repairs and upgrades

    Why not just do what you originally posted? It's going to cost you $50 to do something that should cost you $0.15.
  5. Kraut_n_Rice

    14' Aluminum Boat Restoration

    No ski pole or roll bar? WTF?!
  6. Kraut_n_Rice

    New Zealand banning "assault style guns"

    Fudds will feel the pain when all semi autos are banned. Yeah, your precious "stopping power" 1911, and that prize Benelli you hunt duck with, gone too pops..
  7. Kraut_n_Rice

    New Zealand banning "assault style guns"

    The NRA isn't the answer. It's a bunch of old Fudds that are only worried about their bolt actions and shot guns. They all but called for the ban on bump stocks. Didn't do a thing to protect the ATF ruling on machine guns. This was another huge hit to the second amendment, and the NRA didn't do shit about it.
  8. Kraut_n_Rice

    LED work lights service truck

    The ECCO ones are reasonably prices, and decent quality. https://www.eccoesg.com/us/en/products
  9. Kraut_n_Rice

    LED work lights service truck

    If you're on a budget (don't want to buy Hella/Ridged/etc..) we use the ECCO brand at our shop. They make everything from a small LED spot, to large amber beacon/bars.
  10. Kraut_n_Rice

    Jeep Pics

    Thanks you. I really could've probably just registered it at my dad's house in Wickenburg too. But, I got started down the exempt rabbit hole, and just kept on going.. LOL
  11. Kraut_n_Rice

    Jeep Pics

    After the battle with the fuel system, failing emissions kinda took the wind out of my sails with this Jeep. So, it sat. I knew there was a "historic vehicle" type of work around in AZ for it being 30+ years old, but I just couldn't find the detail online. In an unrelated deal, I ended up buying another truck from a guy. As we were sitting at the bank waiting for their paperwork we got to chatting about cars. He is a Mustang nut. My Jeep came up, along with the emissions BS. He told me all I needed was "collector car" insurance. That declaration makes it emissions exempt in Arizona. One call to Hagerty, and sure enough. Done deal. The Hagerty policy is cheaper than the liability I had on it before, and it has a stated full replacement value "full coverage" . WTF?! Wish I would've know about this years ago. Back on the road last weekend Hagerty will also insure my "new to me" Trailblazer SS because it's limited edition. Because truck pics..
  12. Kraut_n_Rice

    Shocks Leaking Badly with Minimal Use After Rebuild?

    I've honestly only put maybe 100 miles on it since, but they seem to be fine.
  13. Kraut_n_Rice

    Shocks Leaking Badly with Minimal Use After Rebuild?

    I have a similar story...

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