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  1. Mine seems to run great with the 4 hole Volvo units.
  2. Will this support light CAD work like Autodesk/AutoCAD?
  3. Doesn't the AEM series 2 have a MAP built into the ECU? The stock MAP isn't capable of reading positive pressure accurately. It would be crazy to have to use a Missing link with this ECU... Although, there are OE like replacements that DO read up to 4 BAR. 2 screw 1 scerw
  4. Might need to have it retuned. That part of the map is probably not set up well.
  5. Thanks for the offer Jeff, but out of the budget.
  6. Liking what I'm reading... Keep them coming.
  7. The shop I work at is looking to get a small plasma table. Something like a 4'x3'. We don't have the space, or budget (trying to stay around $2500), for a full size one. We do already have the Plasma cutter. One that we've been looking into is the Languir Systems CrossFire Pro. Anyone have experience with this unit, or is non-Pro little brother? Any other units that we should look at?
  8. You'll thank yourself for doing it prior to realizing you need it. Blower motors are hungry bitches. Just sayin'..

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