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  1. could not agree more maby they would stop running and my thoughts to the famly of the agent. let them all limp. This seems like a simple solution. Hell it would probally stop all smuggling. I wish I could pull the trigger without fearing consequences, but it is impossible. Most people don't understand that Border Patrols Agents are limited by policy on what they can do to stop these criminals. If we happen to cross that line, our own government would not back us up. Stopping illegal immigration and trafficking is simple, as most of you already know the answer. I could go on forever as I do need to vent, but I am not. I pray for Agent A....... family and everyone else who was involved. Here is a fellow coworkers wife's letter summing it up best: Early morning on January 19, 2008, a 28 year old Border Patrol Agent was murdered. The incident happened in the Imperial Sand Dunes off I-8, a Hummer and a Black Ford F-150 pickup truck were being pursued by law enforcement officers when they turned into the dunes and fled toward Mexico. The agent was laying down spike strips when the Hummer intentionally swerved off the road and struck him. Killing him at the scene. Today, a woman got the news that her husband was dead, a mother and father got that news and a child will never know its father. This so angers me because the US Border Patrol is always on the hot seat and accused of failing to guard our border. My husband is one of those men, who puts on a bullet proof vest everyday and goes to work. A job that now has agents scared to even pull out their weapons for fear they will be sued or persecuted. There are two agents in prison for shooting a drug dealer and not filing paper work. We must exonerate the two agents in Texas, how can we imprison agents for not filing paperwork and how did we allow the trial to become some kind of witch hunt after those agents? Give me a break, when did our system get so messed up that people are allowed rights when they are breaking the law. The jury in that case, had the right to know that the prosecutor's star witness was a drug dealer. However, that might be called slander and then we would have to give his 50 relatives amnesty, a new house, and a couple million dollars. For what? If you are in this country illegally, you are breaking our laws and should not be given any rights. Not the right to sue, not the right to have federal or state funding, not the right to obtain a driver's license, because you have not been given the right to be here. They have no respect for our laws and it is time we get a backbone and put a stop to this. We, the United States of America, put people on the moon and we can't get proper structures to secure our border. There should not be any places along our border, northern or southern, that enables cars to drive through. We just enable smugglers, whether they are people or drug smugglers, to cross our border and put people at risk. In this case, a young Federal Agent lost his life. Now what can we do about this? I think we should start by freeing our fellow agents, hunt down the smuggler that killed our agent, and take away all rights to illegal immigrants. Furthermore, had the situation happened in reverse and the agent killed the smuggler. That would have been news all over the place, people demanding action. That is how messed up our system is and people are so ignorant that they follow along. We should all be together demanding action for the murder of one of our Federal Agents. I say again, the Hummer intentionally swerved off the road and ran over him.
  2. You can have mine for $24,000. The one in my AVATAR. 2006 Sandworks ready to go.
  3. Yuma BP has three long travel cars built by ORBS. None of them are worth a bam. Quality parts but no go. 3000+ lbs, Mendeola S4, stock N/A 2.5 subaru, pogo sticking through the whoops They are working on a new one with a different builder for this season.
  4. snype

    2.3 Ford

    Thanks for the info. I guess I will see how the head looks once I remove it. I was told when I bought the car last year that the motor including the head (ported) was all rebuilt to handle lots of boost. This is my first year owning a 2.3 Ford and still learning about these engines. Now that I see others on GD run this engine, how about some more insight on your combinations. Such as HP, turbos, boost, RPMS, computers, etc. I was told that my 2.3 puts out 350 HP( I would not bet on it) on 20 pounds boost at 6000 rpms: T3/T4 turbo intercooled, stock Ford computer(6000 rpm rev-limiter).
  5. snype

    2.3 Ford

    I have a 2.3 turbo Ford running 20 pounds of boost and just blew a head gasket. I want to take the head in and have it looked at/repaired. Anyone out there know of a good place to take it. I live in Yuma, Arizona. Thanks in advance.
  6. For a gas tank, go with Mike Mazzone at Mazzone Sand Cars. 619 561-3838
  7. snype

    Short Video

    It works. I am a computer wiz!
  8. snype

    Short Video

    It might work this time!
  9. We are camping north of the tower off Olgilby.
  10. Nice Bill. We are saving you a spot for presidents weekend.
  11. A turbo and some boost does wonders.
  12. 5 and learning how to climb
  13. Mike, at MAZZONE Sand Cars, makes a great light weight long travel two seater. I believe he can have a roller finished in less than a month. Give him a call 619 561 3838.

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