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  1. About time some ones bring that un-American flag bull to the media. I'm tired of working for illegals.
  2. Dont want to hijack this thread but does anyone know of any in northern ca. I want to have a high comp piston intalled on the predator. thanks
  3. Its kinda like buying a ford or dodge over a chevy. Chevy are everywhere you go. Old car motors you will find parts for a chevy 302 before you find parts for a ford 302. or your run mill 318/360 dodge motors. Buying a honda yz450f over buying a ttr 230 you will find the most populars parts over the least. Its what you like really. My two cents
  4. correct me if Im wrong but I think the 450 and up are the same motors with different bore sizes. I think, never owned a ktm but would love to through my leg over a torque monster 525.
  5. I works great for me somtimes I want to put the 14th back on just to get more top end but some of the hills at dumont make it all worth it.
  6. I have an 06 tld and a Clamp on filter full or slip on is a really nice add the Bike has monster mid end I have the big gun cdi and full system and k&n clamp on jetted to 175 I can stay with or beat any of the bolt on bikes That was at the weight of 260 this year My frist trip to Glamis will be in march and Im 208 now so I think it will be a new bike for me. Also not to many people with predators now how to use the power and the way to shift on the bike. The 500 motor has a lot of tourqe. If you can learn to shift before the the you hit the top rpms quick shifting it the key to get that monster flying try and see, Ya the bike makes you work for the power but it is there just learn the curve of that 500 motor and you will be set.
  7. being in the heating and air indust try looking in a http://www.mrslim.com/ for short called a mini split u can have one out side unit and have it split off into 3 inside units with remotes and fan speeds pretty nice little pricey and save you some ground room. just my 2 cents. http://www.mrslim.com/Products/Category.as...ctCategoryID=24
  8. i was 14 when my dad got me a 1998 yzf400, and thats was when I was a pure trail rider, that was one nasty bike but fun as hell when your that young and staying with the big boys
  9. if clinton gets elected you better put the toys away we wont have no land to use um greenes will close everything obama gets are borders will be wide open and closed land

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