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  1. 72challenger

    First Time Investor

    Thank you everyone for your advice and thoughts and wisdom.We made are house buying are first priority and to take care of any debts that we have at this time. Thanks again
  2. 72challenger

    First Time Investor

    Hi everyone. If anyone out there is Glamis land would be so kind to help out a younger first time investor. I am 31yr old with a family of four my wife and I work and have two boys 6&7yrs old, I really want something better for my wife and kids or I guess something that will help us out in the long and short run with buying are first home and and being able to invest and with some return back reinvest into the market. My questions are should I pay a broker or start a etrade,scott trade ect style online account. Index funds, mutual funds or just buying stocks that look promising?????? I would really like to eventually invest into homes to be able to turn over or rent out one day. If anyone has a moment and would like to PM or respond to this post I greatly appreciate your time and help.
  3. 72challenger

    Kyle Busch - What A Wussy

  4. 72challenger

    Ac Help

    Hard start kits are for starting the compressor. As for freezing I doubt your getting flood back witch would slug the comp and kill it. Check your insulation on the your line set going to the condenser. Make sure there is no air flow blockage around the condenser coil. Flood back Is a common issue In supermarket refrigeration not to much in residential systems. Your call on what to do but without looking at it its hard to tell. I can find a contractor for you I have stores in southern ca that can recommend a good contractor.
  5. 72challenger

    Ac Help

    For temp fix you could get a hard start cap, 10 to 15 bucks. I'm in the wholesale side of hvacr industry but in northern ca .
  6. 72challenger

    Mobile Uploads

    Carnegie SVRA Hill climbs
  7. 72challenger

    Mobile Uploads

  8. 72challenger

    Best Post Ever!

  9. 72challenger

    Possibly The Best Caption On A Picture Ever

    thats awesome
  10. 72challenger

    Must Have Gifts For The Wife

    shirts related, new pink gear. pink googles. earings with quads on them. new purse. done
  11. 72challenger

    Quad Mechanic Needed

    Dont want to hijack this thread but does anyone know of any in northern ca. I want to have a high comp piston intalled on the predator. thanks
  12. 72challenger

    Yamaha State Gp Vid

    that looks like fun.
  13. 72challenger

    Dumont ?

    all I can say it fun. 1st gear. 2second gear. third gear. 4thgear. back to third. back to second. then the top of the hill.
  14. 72challenger

    Polaris Preditor For Sale

    bump for it being clean

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