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  1. Looks awesome, did you pull up the old floor or did you put the new linolium over the top?
  2. Helped a buddy this weekend put some rear brake pads on his Rhino (2006-07) and now we have very little braking to rear wheels. We have bled the brakes several times and notice that the front calipers have a more noticable fluid pressure than the rear. Just wondering if anyone has run into this before? We did remove the caliper in the rear to replace the pads so the system was opened for about 15 min. I'm wondering if we still have air locked in the system and there is a specific way to bleed these brakes. Any help would be great. Thanks in advance
  3. Just spoke to Justin on your question, he said Toyota four runner, he thinks 1996 or so, he also said you could call United Glass in Thousand Palms and they could tell you exactly what it came out of, hope this helps, good luck
  4. Tell him to run water wetter and distilled water, top off overflow bottle with green coolant for lubrication and rust prevention
  5. Dave-o

    Onan 4000

    Yes the main 30 amp on generator
  6. Dave-o

    Onan 4000

    I bought a new breaker yesterday after reading a few more post and guess what? That fixed the problem, both the a/c and air compressor fire right up without tripping the breaker. I want to thank everybody for the suggestions and ideas. Its cool that we got it fix with a 30 dollar part instead of giving the generator dude a bunch of scratch. So thanks again
  7. Hey Eric you may want to check your springs on the left side of the car, the could be a little weak
  8. Dave-o

    Onan 4000

    Thanks for the tips guys, i will try them when i get out of work, I'll keep ya posted
  9. Dave-o

    Onan 4000

    Tried everyones ideas and still flips breaker. Checked all wiring and no loose wires or bad connections. Thanks for everyones ideas, please keep them coming if anyone thinks of more. If not i will take it in later in the week.
  10. Dave-o

    Onan 4000

    Amp rating is 15 amps and nothing else is turned on. Thanks
  11. Dave-o

    Onan 4000

    My onan 4000 starts and runs fine until I turn on a/c. It will power everything else, microwave, tv, dvd player and even my 1000 watt floods. With everything off when i turn on a/c or air compressor it will flip the 30 amp breaker on generator. With trailer plugged into house a/c and compressor work fine. Does anyone know if there is a component that kicks up generator voltage during heavy load application or can some one possible lead me in the right direction? Just trying to save a few bucks and not have to take it in. Thanks for the help.
  12. My skid plate does the same thing, I think your right it happens when cresting dunes. Your idea with doubling up the plates is good. Let us know if it works.
  13. Good luck guys, kick some butt
  14. I'm feeling the same way, wish I was there now. Be there next weekend. Car is ready, just a few things left to do on the toyhauler. Can't wait!
  15. Maybe you should just have some solid rubber rear paddles made

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