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  1. Here ya go. All of the wiring is under the seat with the intercom.
  2. My intercom is under the passenger seat, out of sight and easy for me to reach down and adjust the two knobs while driving. My radio is mounted on the passenger side of the shifter tunnel behind the front seat. Again, easy to reach back and adjust volume. Have to loosen my belts if I want to change channels and see what I'm changing too, not really an issue for me. Wanted to minimize my poor wiring skills and this seemed to do the trick.
  3. Much like the insurance company, who only cares about not having to pay...
  4. Had a SRW 250 when I bought my CR3905. Towed fine. Didn't feel unsafe. Decided to sell the 250 and get a 350. Not necessarily for capacity but to get away from the 6.0 and into a 7.3 (this was quite a few years ago). I'd driven a dually in high school so I was used to parking out in the back 40 and not being able to hit the drive thru without running up on a few curbs, so I went ahead and got the dually. First time towing the trailer down a windy road in the dually I was quite impressed, no roll at all. The other thing I'd add is that parking spaces seem to be getting smaller and smaller, so I think with a SRW or a dually, you're still going to be parking farther out and walking in.
  5. Just hanging out in the casino parking lot...
  6. Bought some tanks for bulk olive oil storage, hit the depot for fittings for said tanks, oil and fuel filter change for the truck, oil change for the Honda 2000's, got some ribeyes for tonight and some beef ribs for tomorrow. A few Corona's and going to call it a day.
  7. This would be perfect for those guys that sell their buggies in the spring and then sell their boats in the fall...
  8. I haven't, but I will say that my attitude towards SDG&E is the same as towards the government. If they want something, I'm against it.
  9. I know I mentioned this in another thread a while back but I'll repeat, the California government is now a for profit entity.
  10. Nothing is better due to the California government. If the government wants something I vote against it, otherwise just get on with my day.
  11. My theory on the DMV fees is that someone that used to work in the CA DMV sold everything and moved to AZ. To escape the craziness of CA, much like everyone else. Then they got jobs doing what they know, you guessed it, DMV. In the first year they told someone "we got away with charging A LOT more for registration back when I was in California". Naturally the AZ politicians saw dollar signs and it was all over. Now you'll get to pay $1000 a year to drive your truck in 150 degree heat every July...
  12. I'd pull the bearing and the seal, they may have numbers on them that the parts stores can reference. If you make it out to Alpine, Latest Rage is out here and I bet they have them.
  13. Yes, giving coordinates isn't always a sure thing. I once called in a helicopter to China Wall and they went to Olds. Never really figured out what the disconnect was.

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