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  1. It is definitely a lack of iq and education. I remember when Trump was catching a bunch of flack about referring to certain countries as shitholes. One day while having lunch with my dad he was able to confirm that all of the countries mentioned were indeed shitholes and he'd seen it with his own eyes when he'd travelled there.
  2. They work during the day too???
  3. Bless them for keeping stereotypes alive. While I do think this is a nightly occurrence in this family, I wouldn't be at all surprised to find out it was planned in an attempt to sue Disney for handling the situation poorly.
  4. Nope. that probably happens every night at their house. This particular day they happened to be at Disneyland and got filmed. Layaway for Disneyland?? WTF?
  5. Sounds like a greedy executive team came up with an idea to make more money and nobody had the spine to point out that it was a bad idea. Now that they are committed ($$$), they are unwilling to admit the mistake. Making said executives use only these planes for travel would certainly motivate them to fix the problem, or revive the popularity of travel by train...
  6. Eye of the beholder. I wouldn't pay 2k for that thing unless I already had a buyer lined up to flip it to.
  7. Exactly. I once camped with a guy at Gordons whose trips consisted entirely of the drags and if he was feeling frisky maybe Test on Saturday night.
  8. I think they still go from the dig down in Gordon's.
  9. Pretty sure that still happens. Ironic huh??
  10. I remember reading the thread years and years ago. It was about somebody towing a weekend warrior out of class and overweight. They got in an accident and lost EVERYTHING. No names given, no dates, nothing. So my question is this: Do you guys think that the ahole that wrote that thread just sits back and laughs his ass off every time this comes up??
  11. If you know that it’s not stolen then getting a title shouldn’t be a problem. I would try and do it as if you built the car and are just now getting around to titling it. If you can show that tax was paid on frame, motor, and trans you should be able to title it without paying any tax.
  12. You mean a different owner of BFD, correct? If this is the case are you are saying that current owner of BFD has absolutely NO documentation about this car?
  13. No need for me to watch, I already know who I'm voting for.

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