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  1. My buddy had to do that with his car, just turned on the fans every time, kind of a pain but I think you just get used to it. I was asking about the ECU in reference to his limp mode problem though. I had a similar problem all of last season. Intermittent failure of vtec. Car wouldn't go above 3k. Couldn't find any codes. Spent some time with K&R on the phone. Threw some parts at it, Vtec oil pressure switch, Vtec solenoid, fuel filters. The intermittent is what really threw me off. One ride it seems to work, the next it didn't. Called it a season after Presidents and decided I needed a new motor and may as well get an aftermarket computer if I'm going to Turbo it in the near future. Took the car to Autowave and asked him to put in a new motor and computer. He calls me a few days later and says there is nothing wrong with the motor let's just put in the new computer, AEM, and throw it on the Dyno. Well I'm guessing the stock computer that was in there finally shit the bed after 15 years of duning because the car now runs better than it ever has.
  2. My 3.5 runs at 210 all day long. Radiator is behind the seat. What kind of ECU are you running?
  3. Guys like you that don’t drink and drive, spend all morning at the hill and all afternoon at the drags would probably be ok. Some other folks of lessor character probably wouldn’t make it 15 minutes out of camp without being lit up.
  4. I think there was one in a SCU. Someone out of Arizona if I recall correctly.
  5. I watch the mirror, but rely heavily on the radios. Last guy has to have a radio.
  6. I was quite impressed with "How do you get to Olds from the store?" That is a new level of dumb that shouldn't be driving anything out there...
  7. You should absolutely be able to move the pass from vehicle to vehicle. But they openly stated that they specifically went to a sticker to prevent that. When asked about people with multiple vehicles their stance was “oh well, just buy another pass”.
  8. He will lose the primary secondary argument with the blm every time. Now with a judge, the argument could be won. But I think they would just rewrite the rule. They didn’t use the word primary so that secondary vehicles could bypass the need for a pass. It was just an oversight on the part of a bureaucrat that is positive a mere citizen wouldn’t even THINK about questioning them, much less follow through and force a change. The bigger problem is the blm thinking that is their land and we are lucky enough to even be offered the privledge to be able to pay to go out there. Unfortunately there are quite a few scumbags that seem to enjoy doing what we do out at Glamis as well. Their existence is what insured that the blm, or some type of police force will always be out there.
  9. Amazing how much those motors cost. One other option is this, https://www.cshincorporated.com. I didn't know about them when I had to do the motor on my WW bed, but I used them for a slide out motor last year and they were by far the cheapest. But it would involve you doing the remove and replace.
  10. Camp Pendleton to Santa Cruz for me 😁
  11. I bought one from Jim at VIP RV service.

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