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  1. No, you can go. But if the idiots continue to inspire fear you may not be able to return. Good luck!!
  2. I think you may be onto something here.
  3. Roadrunner estates! Keeping my toilet paper under lock and key.
  4. Fill it with water, jam something in there, loosen up upon arrival so the tank will vent. I’d double check it at the last spot to get water before getting to glamis.
  5. plus one for the Blue Oyster Bar reference...
  6. New truck is on a train headed this way. The wait is brutal.
  7. Leonard’s for malasadas in the morning. They help soak up any remaining beer in your system from the previous night. The outrigger canoe club, which I believe is right next to the elks club. Have to be a member, know a member, or belong to a reciprocating club.
  8. Yep. Anybody that thinks farming is easy is an idiot.
  9. Statefarm tried to deny a claim on a motorhome of mine once. They said the repair was "too expensive".
  10. Or people driving overweight Rvs, or trucks that have had their smog equipment tampered with, or the old school gas jugs, or Heaven forbid a campfire without a permit... the list goes on and on...

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