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  1. AlpineFunco

    The debate over abortion

    People/customers have called you to rant and complain to you about a thread on this website????
  2. AlpineFunco

    Honda 3.5

    This would be awesome...
  3. AlpineFunco

    Paddle clearance

    Wiser minds than mine will chime in, but that would bother me. Jumping into a bowl mid turn has got to cause some flex in the tire itself, and it doesn't look like there is any room there.
  4. AlpineFunco

    It seemed like a good idea at the time...

    I'll see if I can find the pic. Another Facebook find. Apparently there is someone out there named Dick Laycock. I texted the lady that is friends with him to find out if this was a joke and she claims it's his given name. Poor bastard!!
  5. AlpineFunco

    It seemed like a good idea at the time...

    One of the Vietnamese guys at my wife's work was having a kid and she told me they were going to name the kid Maverick. A little odd I thought, but as mentioned above, not my kid so whatever. When the baby was born pictures were posted on Facebook. Typical stuff, mom in the bed holding the newborn. I died laughing though when I saw that the dad and his buddies/family were all wearing the same Top Gun shirt.
  6. AlpineFunco

    power steering fluid Mustang/Funco/Honda

    I use the Honda fluid in mine. No particular brand, just so long as it says for Honda power steering on the bottle.
  7. AlpineFunco

    eBay now collecting sales tax

    You mean like when you buy a used car that has already had tax paid by the original owner and then you have to pay tax again, on the same car?
  8. AlpineFunco

    Potato barn solid wood desk

    It's like Pottery Barn, only Irish. The drawers are filled with whiskey and potatoes...
  9. AlpineFunco

    whats your favorite expression?

    Shake and Bake Sure thing Stu.... Pidasso
  10. AlpineFunco

    Going under the knife.

    Mom had hers taken out years ago, no lasting issues that she's mentioned. Good for you on commending them for taking care of you. Hoping tomorrow goes well. Horror stories about wait are usually from people with minor issues that THEY think are major issues having to wait while people with serious issues, like yours today, are having their lives saved.
  11. AlpineFunco

    So it begins, My Gen 5 summer 2018 conversion, Outfront Style

    It looked like he had to follow someone out to the last epo, not really the same thing but still a yes...
  12. AlpineFunco

    Powerball lottery pool 3/27

  13. AlpineFunco

    SxS dune roll video for analysis

    You want a sandcar with a fuel injected water-cooled motor with the biggest transmission you can afford.
  14. AlpineFunco

    SxS dune roll video for analysis

    While I did see a raptor dune from Gecko to Olds, he was by no means dominating, in fact we made sure to stay well clear of him so he didn't get stuck. At the very least get yourself a ride in a (sand)car before you drop any coin on a Raptor for duning purposes...
  15. AlpineFunco

    SxS dune roll video for analysis

    He tried to stay high by turning right, he should've just turned left and come down the hill, gravity won this time.

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