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  1. Smoking deal. Wish you were closer to AZ! Solid trucks.
  2. Freestyle Rockers! Only chair to have at camp.
  3. Had a busy year last year and have a very supportive wife. Would like to leave the kids home and take her on a nice week long or so vacation…. Somewhere with a nice beach and somewhere we haven’t gone before. We’ve done Fiji, Bahamas, Hawaii and want something different? Looking to keep it around $1k a day. What do you say? Any input is appreciated.
  4. I've got the Rhino GPD45 and love it! We use it to pound large steel 2 3/8" fence post. Makes life easy.
  5. Sold the Daytona last year. New (to us) Eliminator is getting the interior redone now...
  6. We had a 2008 H3 Alpha with Offroad package for awhile and I enjoyed it. Had a 4" lift, 35's, 4:1 Tcase and 4:10 gears. Ran great and had plenty of power with the V8. Felt squished driving it and didn't like the visibility but overall, good vehicle.
  7. Nope. Our season ended presidents day. On to mexico season now and baja trips. Heading down for ten days here this week. From mexico, we'll roll right into lake season. Work hard, play harder!
  8. Sounds like a simple fix to me?
  9. Did I miss something in the video? Not seeing anything too exciting...
  10. Ultra makes a nice 17" wheel for the wide 5 pattern as well.
  11. I have a grip of the GEN-Y hitches and absolutely love them. I tow 2", 2 5/16" and pintel frequently. Having the pintel option without having to swap hitches sold me on them. Before going to GEN-Y I used the fancy aluminum ones, they all wore out and became sloppy. I also used the B&W, they were nice but not as clean when used pintel. https://genyhitch.com

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