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  1. ^^This. I used to use one of these in my hoy hauler to winch the rail in backwards. worked great.
  2. Looking to purchase a RZR 170 for my daughters first UTV. EFI is a must. Let me know if you have anything? Thanks, Austin
  3. Not sure if I am illiterate or what been when I select all parts for a Turbo S 4 it only shows like 4-5 kits... No parts, harnesses, mounting plates, sub box, etc.. Hoping someone was familiar with them and could get everything correct. Plus all the new "kits" are single amp and I need to run two... different harness. The speaker harnesses they have support the Color Optix as well which I don't need...
  4. I am getting ready to dive into a new build on my 2021 Turbo S4. I saved the good components from an old car and would like to purchase the rest of the materials from someone who is a Fosgate Dealer. The Fosgate systems have harnesses and connectors specific to their equipment. Below is a list of components I have; - 4ea 6.5" PM2652X speakers - 1ea 10" T1S2 Sub - 1ea TM400X4ad Amp - 1ea TM500X1br Amp Here is a list of components/equipment I need; - Full wiring harness - PMX-2 Head Unit - AMP Rack - Ported sub box - Kick panel speaker enclosures - Speaker pods for rear cage mount Can anyone on here help me out? It seems like everyone I call just wants to sell me an entire kit but doesn't want to help me piece one together with what I have... Thanks, Austin
  5. Starting up a new residential general contracting businesses and I am in need of a good insurance/bonding company to work with. Does anyone on here have recommendations? Located out of Tucson, AZ. Thanks in advance!
  6. One of my favorite times of the year! I'm glad im stocked up on shells because everyone locally seams to either be completely out or selling federal shells for $30/box....
  7. Looking to buy a nice Over/Under 12G shotgun for my dad. He's always joked that he had to sell his to by me diapers as a kid and hasn't had a nice one since... Dove season starts next week! Franchi, CZ, Beretta, Browning, Benelli, Stoeger Condor Field, Etc. 520-609-3698
  8. Picked up a little squirt for my wife this past summer and made a few changes/upgrades.

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