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  1. steinberg55

    Wall frame advise

    Wire expands and contracts with heat cycles and the wire could oxidize or corrode. Both causing connection issues. Can't tell you how many times I've been into boxes tightening wire nuts because of bad connections.
  2. steinberg55

    What do you consider full bump?

    I have 4-inches of clearance at full bump and flat profile Dune sport tires. Skid plate was all bent up from all the hard hits. Took the skid plat off. The hard hits went away also. No skid plate is way better.
  3. steinberg55

    I cant believe the flood of sandrail sales!

    Who are you building for?
  4. steinberg55

    I cant believe the flood of sandrail sales!

    Classic Burt, simple solutions to complex problems. Why install a whole bunch of wires and gauge? When one site tube and valve will work. During the race for the x price Burt was working on Space Ship 1, they needed a way regulate cabin pressure... The solution, drill a hole in the fuselage and put a cork in it. On the way in when the cabin pressure got too high elevation wise, the pilot has to pull the cork out, wait till it stabilzied, and put the cork back in. lol
  5. steinberg55

    Let’s discuss Quick Release whip mounts

    Safetywhips.com has quick disconnect, similar to an air chuck. I've heard of issues where this bounces loose. Try running a zip tie under the collar to keep it from slidding down. You'll have to cut the zip tie loose every time. Or a cotter pin bent up to fit the groove.
  6. steinberg55

    Stuck 930cv to stub axle

    Japler drills CV's for zerks. Better then the grease saver. BFH is all you need to get it out.
  7. steinberg55

    Wheel help

    You have Bogarts. They break easily. Bogart is in Phoenix. He'll cut out the old billet center and weld in a new one. But he'll be the first to say that those wheels were made for VW cars. The cars got too heavy and the wheel design didn't change. Disc brakes, Bogart has an option to machine in boss for the disc rotor. An SU in the group, broke a front Bogart. The other side was cracking. Joe Fab welded it in Glamis Another buddies Elite car broke out a rear Bogart in 3rd gear in a bowl. It spun him around so hard he though they were going to flip. I took that rim to Bogart, and he put a new center in it. One front was cracking also. We sent pics of the rotor and dimensions to Bogart so he could make a new center. Then when the machine code was done, sent the wheel and they welded in the new center. I'd switch to Douglas lot stronger. Maybe heavier, don't know but its worth the piece of worring about when that rim is going to let go in the middle of a bowl.
  8. steinberg55

    Radio or intercom noise

    I had an unplugged cable bouncing on the floor board make clicking noises. I've seen many cables broken due to putting them behind bars, then the side panel pinches the cable. If its the mic circuit it could be cutting in and out.
  9. steinberg55

    AZ requires notary on title transfers?

    Since CA doesn't require or have a place to notarize, AZ MVD will accept without being notarized. Least that was my experience bringing in a boat trailer. I went to a third party MVD service.
  10. steinberg55

    Need 5th wheel toyhauler ideas

    Dunesport is making trailers again. You order what you want for interior, you can probably get a 35' with 17' of clear space. They don't have lots of bells and whistles and get the job done. https://dunesport.com/ Carson used to build the something similar.
  11. For caliper rubbing issues with a stock VW rim, try staking washers or spacers on the studs before the wheel. It will space the wheel out enough to clear the calipers. With stock VW rims the offset, the studs stick out further than the wheel.
  12. steinberg55

    E85 things to know.

    I didn't know this either till people started posting pics. Every station seems to be different and some seem to be consistently high and others are consistently low. When its high, word travels fast and people will go there and fill up and causing a sell out. I set mine up to run E54. Luckly the station closest to my house is a very consistent e54.
  13. steinberg55

    E85 things to know.

    In Phoenix area there is a e85 Arizona facebook group. Peeps report on the ethanol content at gas stations around the valley. A few reports hit the 90's in what it supposed to be e54ish.
  14. steinberg55


    2.5 subaru, ran 25antifreeze/75water and water wetter. It was in the car for 4-5 years. When I pulled the motor for new short block, the water pump was growing white corrosion fur. It was the cast iron impeller. It was so bad I replaced the pump and had a lot of partials came out of water jackets. My car has an aluminum radiator, steel coolant pipes with rubber hose couplers. The coolant pipes didn't have any corrosion, nor any alumimum parts. Just the cast iron impeller. Put it back together with new pump, 25/75 water and water wetter. Going to change water more frequently. The engines do cool better with more water.
  15. steinberg55

    Anyone have pictures of Outfront intercooler mounted

    Every subaru engine has a different intake manifold. There are a lot of different ones out there. Some are look similar, but different. The brackets are most likely for a different intake manifold.

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