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  1. Headway 38120 HP cells are rated at 8AH and 200A. A 4 pack of these will easily start a vehicle. And using the 300 amp BMS cut off above its viable to put in a buggy. and run off the alternator. In theory the alternator voltage will only be able to get the battery to 80% range, which is fine for lion for car starting. Few questions I can't find answers for. 1. Can alternator get high enough voltage to get BMS to cut off LifePo4 battery. I think, in normal operation, the vehicle has so much other electrical loads, that the alternator voltage won't get close to the 15 volt cut off. 2. At that point will alternator charge current have no where to go and will take out diodes.
  2. We buy a lot with Prime. Car parts are usually cheaper, but you need to able to wait for shipping. Things like RTV and loctite, amazon is way better prices and has every little variation. Unlike the autostore may only carry blue loctite. Oil, use walmart, amazon can't compete There's an ap for Google Chrome called "the camelizer" it tracks prices, so you can see the past pricing and make a decision if your getting a deal or not. Amazon changes pricing all the time randomly to suck you in. another ap is "Unicorn Smasher" this app tells you the number of units sold. Lets you verify if something is listed as #1 best seller, or how many reviews versus sales. We'll keep using prime its way to convenient not to.
  3. Does Torque Pro read oil pressure and balance rates for a Duramax LLY? My current super chips programmer/code reader doesn't do that.
  4. put a brass tee in its place, paint it black.
  5. My wife put the garage door down on the explorer while backing out, smh. The antenna broke at the base of the threads. Was too bad drilling the broken piece and an easy out got it out. About 20 minutes including the time to research the innerwebs to see if the anntenna base was male or female.
  6. In the 90's I was a line man for Golden State Flying Club at Gillispe Field in El Cajon. They had a Jet A truck with a hand nozzle most used to fill up Life Flight helicopters after they got back from calls. And I filled Dave McDowell's heater a few times with Jet A
  7. I don't carry a jack. But if I did it would be a hi-lift. I use a lifted floor jack at camp to change tires. The hi-lift give you more options to get the car high up in the air. The long travel cars you have to lift about 2-3 feet to get the suspension extended and then the tires out of the hole. A floor jack doesn't have that kind of travel. Plus the hi lift jack you can move the car sides ways, jack it up, the push the car off the jack. I mostly use the starter bumping. The key to starter bump is not getting the car dug deep. As soon as the car stops moving put the clutch in. Get the kids and you out of the car and walk it out in reverse from the outside the car.
  8. Hose and sharpie. Had an extra bung added to tank sump for the lower connection. The upper goes to the top of the filler neck.
  9. I just saw a video on insta of a guy map gas torch welding aluminum squares pieces to frame a table. Heated the joint up, added aluminum filler, it laid down beautifully. You'll need to re power coat after that.
  10. JApler, new rings, do hone the cylinders? or leave them as is. Just curious. Old school, was hone. If the bore is good, new rings have layer to wear into bore?
  11. Can you put it in reverse with the engine running? Like a quad, rocking back and forth with clutch. Then shut engine off, clutch out, and starter walk it out? Arm chair driving, you should have grabbed a left brake and got the right side of car lined up with the bottom, then powered out. shees
  12. If you find a source please post. Thinking its going to be a tech. I looked on-line for our 14 Explorer. Not a lot of newer stuff online yet. Door handle lock/uplock sensor doesn't work. Ford Dealer found a connector with corrosion, and quoted $2,500 to wire around the connector. I just need the door pinouts where the connector is. Wifes car, do just cant start taking things apart to find it.
  13. The issue with a VW stub is if the stub breaks the wheel leaves the car. A VW stub has two jobs, power transfer and hold the wheel. All the weight, bumps are relying on a 1.2" dia shaft. The micro stubs, the unit bearing is big large diameter bearing is holding the weight of the vehicle. The stub is just transferring power to the wheels. Much more reliable design.

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