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  1. I first met Dev on a summertime night right with my group ...When were out there on a rip and we all noticed that we had picked up a couple of people during the ride...it wasnt til a couple days later when i had posted the ride and he messaged me telling me that was him that we pick up...Talked to him only a few times after ..but what a great guy ..RIP Dev
  2. Thats just great....They will build a huge low rent apartment complex on that property to house all the illegals immigrants...Just like what they are doing to La Mesa.. San Diego is becoming the next LA..
  3. I was looking to buy a new 5th wheel this year but since everything has just about doubled in price it doesnt seem practical to buy ..My 5th wheel is a weekend warrior CR 37xx and could use a little love interior and exterior.. I thought about doing it myself but just dont have the time to devote to getting it by desert season.. So my question is is there a place in San Diego or near by that does trailer remodeling and has anyone ever had their trailer remodeled.. I was thinking about upgrading the appliances and and the interior lighting ....
  4. Well I guess we will be neighbors at some point..I was in St Anthony's duning last year and bought 4 acres in Idaho Falls which is only about an hour from St Anthony's
  5. Awesome dude..cant wait to see you out there..!!!👍

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