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  1. KingPerformance

    2005 SCU, LS1 / S4, Sand Cars Unlimited, 4 seat

    Getting it back to the top, For the right deal, I'll throw in a brand new Racepack IQ3 digital dash, with sensors and GPS speedo.
  2. KingPerformance

    2005 SCU, LS1 / S4, Sand Cars Unlimited, 4 seat

    They are available. The setup is $3400 new, how about 50% of that, $1700.00, for all 4 wheels and tires?
  3. KingPerformance

    2005 SCU, LS1 / S4, Sand Cars Unlimited, 4 seat

    I do have an extra set of Wheels Baja's and Paddles for sale, There are a couple of guys coming to take a look at the car this afternoon, I'll make a decision on which set I'm selling after their negotiations. These are the other wheels and tires that may be available.
  4. Selling my 2005 SCU, Sand Cars Unlimited. *4 Seater Chassis, 2" Hollow Spindles, Howe 2.5" Hydraulic Pwr. Steering. 83" Wide in the front, (Sand Tires), 93" Wide int he rear (Paddles), fits in most Toy Boxes. *Full Body, with windshield, Heated Seats, MoMo steering wheel, Radio PTT on the wheel. * Redline LS1 V8 *934 CV's *Mendeola S4 Sequential Transmission (just gone through 4 trips ago, 2 last year, 2 this year, Have receipts). * Full Bypass, 2.0 Fox Fronts, 2.5" Fox Rears. * New DWT Wheels ( 0.250"), with OMF reinforcement rings. *New Sandblaster 33" paddles, with Comp #2 cut *10.75" STU Razor Blaster front tires. *Baja Designs XLR-80 Pro front headlights, Average LED bar. *Lowrance Baja HDS7 Touchscreen GPS. *PCI 4 Link Pro Elite, Intercom and Race Radio set up, Bluetooth . This is just a great handling, super reliable car, never let me down. $50K. DM or Call / Text 858-761-4519. Trailer available with the car, or after the car is sold, 2016' Carson, 26' V Nose (30' interior length), lots of upgrades, 4' doors, Passenger and Driver side, on board charger, LED's, paneling, vents, tow hooks everywhere, cable spreaders, etc.
  5. KingPerformance

    SOLD 2016, Yamaha YXZ 1000R, $16,500 SOLD

    $16,500 or trade for Jeep of equal value.
  6. KingPerformance

    SOLD 2016, Yamaha YXZ 1000R, $16,500 SOLD

    Price reduction, $16,500 for everything. I'll do $15,000 without some of the extra tires (you pick what you want, knobbies or sand tires), Race Radio / Intercom & the new 5 points (I have older 5 points that can go with it).
  7. KingPerformance

    SOLD! 2017 RZR4 1000 XP, STM Clutches. $16500 SOLD!

    Sold Sold Sold, Thanks Race-Dezert!!!
  8. KingPerformance

    SOLD 2016, Yamaha YXZ 1000R, $16,500 SOLD

    TTT, Somebody wants this under their tree for Christmas.
  9. KingPerformance

    SOLD 2016, Yamaha YXZ 1000R, $16,500 SOLD

    Lol, I know... Nothing Blingy, just stuff to make it drive good.
  10. KingPerformance

    SOLD 2016, Yamaha YXZ 1000R, $16,500 SOLD

    Selling my 2016 Yamaha YXZ, 1000R. I love this thing and hate to sell it, but oh well, it's time to simplify. 50 Hrs, 961 Miles. This car has lots of expensive extras, fully re-sprung and re-valved and machined suspension by Mirage, New Double E Racing adjustable rear sway bar, Alba Racing ECM Re-flash, Exhaust Header and Pipe, Barnett Clutch, Hess 2:1 Steering Quickener with Electronic Rapid Steer (absolute must have for YXZ), Quick release and steering wheel not included, stock steering wheel only. 1) set of black Method 401 bead locks for the Sand Tires ( 30" Sandblaster paddles and 30" Mongrels ), 1) pair of aluminum Method bead lock 406's with 29" Bighorn tires, also spare STU Razor Blaster 28's and 1 more pair of the 30" Mongrels (not on rims). The battery has been replaced by an Odyssey & relocated to under the drivers seat for better CG, with a remote fuse panel under the dash, converted battery box for electrical, with DC disconnect, Robbie Gordon "Speed" Racing LED's, LED Light Bar and Pillar Pods, PRP 5 point Harnesses, Rugged Radios Car to Car / Intercom - Race Radio RM-25r, ready to go for helmet kits and Ipod, GPS. I also have All of the stock exhaust and the passenger seat has provisions for a kids booster seat. Spare GYTR air filters, primary and secondary. Tons of fun, ready to go. Title in hand. $16,5000 PM, or Call / Text 858-761-4519 I'll consider a trade for a Jeep of equal value, or less and you throw in cash, or a Boat of greater value and I'll throw in Cash.
  11. Selling my 2017 RZR4, 1000 XP, non Turbo, it has brand new rebuild on the primary STM clutch, and a brand new secondary STM clutch, with a new belt, new belt blower and belt temp gauge, new electrical fuse panel and all new switches for lights (already wired to switch and to pillar brackets), whip, Race Radio, blower, etc. Brand new Pro Armor 5 point harnesses. Race Radio not included. PM, Call or Text 858-761-4519
  12. Selling my 2016 Jeep Rubicon Unlimited, 3.6L V6, Auto tranny, super clean, like new condition, full leather interior front and rear seats, 4" RE lift, 35" Pro Comp tires, Sleeved and gusseted front axle tubes with Teraflex diff cover, rear diff skid plate, Teraflex big bake kit, Full Poison Spyder rock crawling kit, with Rock Brawler front and rear bumpers, tire carrier, led back up lights, front and rear Crusher fender flares, JK 4 Brawler rock sliders with door armor, Crusher corner armor, relocated license plates, led tail lights, Hood vent kit, Borla Exhaust, CB radio and ARB twin motor air compressor under the hood, Smittybilt 9500 Winch, All weather floor mats. The Jeep has all of the Rubicon goodies, Electric locks, windows, navigation, touch screen, electric front and rear locking differentials, electric sway bar disconnect, 4:1 transfer case, 4:10 gears, etc... Only, 8900 miles, she's not even broken in yet. Comes complete and ready to go with new car smell. Just no time to use it. $49,995.00 OBO.
  13. KingPerformance

    WTB SCU, Big or Little Bro. ( Sand Cars Unlimited )

    Thanks guys, I just picked up that little red Alumi Craft from Saddam, just to fill in for the rest of the season. Let's keep the conversation going tho, I'm always looking for my next car. Do you have a link for the car you were just talking about?
  14. KingPerformance

    WTB SCU, Big or Little Bro. ( Sand Cars Unlimited )

    Gotcha, thank you!
  15. KingPerformance

    WTB SCU, Big or Little Bro. ( Sand Cars Unlimited )

    Perfect, I appreciate that. He can also text them to me if he likes, 858-761-4519.

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