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  1. Ill get some more pics of the car when finnished, prolly another day or two just finnishing up boltin on the chrome....
  2. Any one headed to idaho, We have about 8 of us goin, just lookin to join up with some more peeps for good times
  3. Looking for the most custom rims i can find for my rail.. I ask around and everyone seems to come up with the same answer no one knows what or where so im starting this fourm to see what rims and where they can be purchased.. LETS SEE SOME WHEELS.................................
  4. My back hurts from looking at that one! The car is actually mine, Its a Jackson Sandcar with Danzio built engine, its 26inch travel all four corners actually landed fairly decent, no injuries and not a rough landing either, thiers a downside that u cant see but it helped with the landing.
  5. I am wanting to stick my r1 engine in my rhino, i have seen alot of rhinos around with these engines in them and i was wanting info on installs or install kits or whats all available to do this, also pictures would be great.
  6. Still waiting on mods for the 08, Whos got em and what are they
  7. I dont remember what the filter was, thier booth was located near the back off the sand show back behind Dune Buggy. com if i remember right, prolly about 40 50 yards behind them. . they had a whole lot of billet filters out on their front table....
  8. At the SSSS i got a card from a guy that was sellin billet oil filters, these ones were supposed to be free flowin so when the motor was shut off the oil would drain back into the rhino so when you removed the filter it didnt make a huge mess. I lost the card on my flight home, can anyone help with who the dealer was that was selling these. Thanks
  9. Looking for a chassis not a cage... thanks
  10. Anyone out thier know of anyone that is building an aftermarket chassis for a rhino. Looking for somthing aftermarket the more resembles the stock setup, I am not looking for one of the full blown pre-runner chassis just one that is tubed and more dependable then stock.
  11. We know how to do it with bottles, we have been using coors light bottles for years with a small pin hole in the cap with it screwed back on, but it just looks like a 5 foot torch, im talkin about the ones that blow a fireball 15 foot in the air.
  12. I know this topic dont really dont belong here but didnt know where else to post it, and when i came apon a group shooting these things into the air i was in my rhino so i guess here will work.. Has anyone ever seen people make those big fire balls they shoot into the air down at Glamis or on the Glamis Videos. Can anyone explain how this is done. As far as i know they have some sort of bottle or somthing and it blast a fire ball about 15 foot in the air.

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