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  1. i know this is the come to place for reputable info.. i need some glamisdunes help.. any hvac guys that are local that can help. My mom is having trouble with her A/C in her house in tolleson, az. It started blowing warm/hot air, so she called a guy out and he said it was a motor(I know, i don't know exactly which one) and a capacitor. he said he replaced both and it still didn't work. guy goes up to the attic to mess with the equipment up there, and there was a electrical short of some sort and the electrical board was/is fried. now the guys hasn't been back she paid he a portion already and the a/c still doesn't work. anyone of you guys that can help or know of someone that can help her out.. not ream the $$ out of her...lol thanks James
  2. haha, as you can see from my screen name I haven't changed, I used to work at Bert's. Good to hear you had a good experience. I don't know if I have meet him persoanlly or not, but he sound like a great guy. good to hear there are still good guys there. (i know it's hard to believe, we are just doing our job) btw, if you were getting a great cash deal, he probably wasn't making very much $$$, so even more reason that he a good straight up guy.. probably less than $100 in commision. shit if you get a great enough deal, he'll make a $20 mini and be on his way.. But that is how the cookie crumbles, don't like it, then sales isn't the job for you. A great salesperson treats each and every customer with the same service and respect, no matter what the commission is!! It will all work out in the end..
  3. I'll second that.. thought about making this comment before I had Umami for dinner last night!! I guess I'll help you out with visuals
  4. lucky you are not in CA. we had the CAT stolen from our 2007 toyota tundra. had insurance so I took it to the dealer. the parts alone were like 1500. the cat on the 5.7 are $$$
  5. I have a friend that might be interested. what equipment do you have?
  6. Toddlers & Tiaras- East LA edition!!! lol
  7. I don't really post very much on here but, DAAAAMMMNNN OB you know how to fun!!! You have a toy for every season and terrain!!! LOL I have a mancave, (um I mean a boy burrow) LOL. Now I know what to strive for!!! My other side I nowhere as organized... Good Job...
  8. Funny thing about guys like you is that you would be the last to hire a union gardener, union haircutter, union carwasher, union pool cleaner, union sandrail fabricator etc. because you straight up couldn't afford it. ^^^^^^ when I was a salesman this about sums up my experience with union guys!!!!!
  9. My lil brother did EOD while out in Iraq a couple years ago. Words can't explain how proud I am of him. He doesn't talk about it much. This video really hit me, I don't think I have seen this angle before and it is pretty damn scary knowing this is what he/troops have to deal with out there. While I dodge tumbleweed and raccoons. Thanks to all our troops!!!! God bless our troops!!
  10. or take off, get signed, and put back on. (about $100) Try going light. they don't seem to draw attention as much.
  11. Awesome job tell him. Congrats!!! Some of my best memories are from Fort Sill, OK. 1998
  12. How in the heck did ou find that so fast?? We looked and looked and couldnt find a damn thing. Anyway, THANK YOU!!! I will have her call first thing tomorrow. Phil lol "crd res" Typed in BEHV Credit Resolution!? Hope it works.

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