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  1. F him...he is a racist fa&&ot
  2. You just put out on the internet you committed a crime. Having your daughter do your traffic school is a fraud on the court.
  3. I don't know why anyone would buy anything from Ride Now. They are clowns and rip off artists.
  4. Very nice 250, but it will probably be a pretty tough sale at that asking price. quads are just tough to sell these days.
  5. Not something I want to roll the dice on. Someone I know thought they could remove it all and it wouldn't leave a trace, but that is exactly what it did and he had to come out of pocket for the repair. From everyone I have spoken to the computers on these trucks can tell the tech how many times you farted six months ago. Repairs on these newer vehicles get real pricey so I don't want to run the risk at this point.
  6. That will void my warranty. There are many things to be done aftermarket, but I have an extended warranty that I do not want to void. When it is up in the next couple years, I will do all kinds of mods, delete kit, etc, etc. If someone has suggestions that I can suggest to dealer in how to fix my gutless bottom end that would be great.
  7. DO NOT GET A RAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe they have changed since I got mine (2013). There is no bottom end on the trucks. My truck takes 2-3 seconds after pressing the gas pedal to go. Nothing you can do about it according to dealer. It is built that way to save the transmission from unnecessary damage. It is garbage and makes me want to sell my truck just because of that. I would buy a Ford or another GMC.
  8. Thanks Crusty...yea seems like I have priced it well but who knows?

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