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  1. It'll fit in the bed? And can he get it to me along the route somewhere? I'd be happy to do it. (I'm not saying I won't go out of my way at all, I'm not going to Huntington Beach or nothing ) Norm lives in Brawley. Its about a 1/4 the size of a table saw. Call me at 760-524-6104 the day before and I can have it ready. Or text me. Norm 376 W Allen St.Brawley Ca. 92227
  2. Invent something. Draw it out. Make a model of said invention. And take it to pitchman and sale it on the T.V. Than with the millions of dollars you get, buy a fat motor coach and drive it wherever you want whenever you want.
  3. "Termite Works" Or "Bug Works" We work em every way we need to, to get em gone!
  4. Love that Red frame. Or what ever color it is. Very rich and nice. Might have to do that on my bike
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k9D3Gic8oaE Hope you enjoy it.
  6. Thank You all. Miss you and will see you soon. SSSS hopefully
  7. I was held in secondary for 20 extra min. until someone besides me told the officer that my metal mulisha sticker was just what it is and not a gang symbol. It's the one with the skull in the helmet. I always get stopped in my car, and never in my truck. I just add 30 min to my drive. Just incase.

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