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  1. THats the one!! Not sure on WEight on my Sandco But It looks bigger and heavier then a friends buckshot. From what I understand on the Genesis, warrior, etc is that all that weight is on back half of trailer. This causes the most problems?
  2. Looking to get a 5th wheel toyhauler, but none seem to want to hold the big stuff. I have a Sandco big prerunner, and also the standard side by side for wife and kids. Besides a stacker whats avail that you can bring both and sleep in it. Every toyhauler at the sandshow this last week in AZ is either to narrow or garage isnt big enough. Is the Stacker only route?
  3. Yep, Take it down to 2nd gear and drive for a couple mins and gets down to 200 or so. Couple folks recommended a scoop from the side and or roof to change that back pressure. It has 3 gigantic fans, Ill measure later tonight. Prez Weekend on that friday was super cold outside too. I couldn't believe temps got that high.
  4. Added a windshield to the Sandco and now the care wants to run at 220 even this past presidents weekend when it was super cold out. The 3 current fans come on at 180. Car is not full body but did add the windshield this last trip. The entire back half is open with no obstructions. How are these full bodied cars running and not getting hot? Any thoughts or suggestions?
  5. I had my single blue light in the rear and was hastled as well. It wasnt even on!!! This is Glamis now days.
  6. Nice Thats what I figured. I run 15x10 BTR and General tire 35s on it now. Driving with those fronts the last trip in the dunes was not fun. Thing maneuvered like a schoolbus
  7. Sad man. They have nothing better to do. Plus glad to see they had 15 trucks to come tell you this. All the money we bring to a sandpit. Welcome to California!!! I wish they would just go the mexico route, hand the dude a 20 and he leaves. Go stop some real trouble or problems.
  8. Need some front tires for my Sandco. I have 35s in rear. I was think 35 up front Sand Tires unlimited razor master? Any thoughts on what you guys buy run on the heavy cars. Haven't bought a set of front tires in years, and my last car didnt weigh this much. Sorry for re-post I cant find my original with the new site.
  9. So is this open again or what? I didnt read through the pages.
  10. Yea I've been watching. Just cant find anything on them. I guess Ill try and go look.
  11. TOR total off road. Sandra on CL in phx. Cannot find any info on them. Looks like a decent car for the money. Any of you guys have experience on these? http://phoenix.craigslist.org/evl/snw/5788099863.html
  12. Polaris Ranger crew. Camp Cruiser! and the Sandco S4. Big car. Problem is for a 5er that large I need to go dually right? Paddles stay on the rig or do I need to plan on changing tires? My buddy switched to the trailer and motor home route. His buckshot fits in the pace with out taking off paddles. But he cannot fit side by side.

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