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  1. I have a Wide Gear that was making noise under acceleration in 1st and 2nd gear as well. Ended up needing a new 1st ($1,200) and 2nd gear ($600) in parts alone. Not sure where you are located by Rick at Wright Gearbox (Riverside, CA) handled everything for me and it is a great/quality company. Good Luck.

    Glamis Video

    Sweet video bro! We definitely have to shoot some more!
  3. I'll see you there and...stop by for a few cold ones.
  4. Word. Danzio builds screamers. Car is coming along great.
  5. Looks sweeeet Dave. Nice work Elite.
  6. I've heard of "buyer's remorse" but I think this is major case of "builder's remorse." OB this is plain craziness.
  7. Do you have an OBDII reader?
  8. Josh, Damn dude...just when your car was looking sweet with the golden touch. Knowing you guys it will take a lot more than that to keep DanZio down! Your team is bad @$$ and you guys are really on to something considering your quick rise through the ranks. Allen is one bad billy and I'm sure all those good ole' days of beating on bone stock baja bugs, "old blue" and "crazy bones" helped to make his back stronger than the average man . Glad to hear that everything is OK and Sheila will be roarin' again before we know it. Good luck on the rebuild and see you soon
  9. HOLY COW Limey! That thing is bad. Can't wait to hear it roarin' at Parker.
  10. DATSUN

    New Build Log

    Gitt'r done! She is coming along SICK. Can't wait to see that mean machine tearing up the dunes.
  11. Not my car. I still have mine at aluminum. I gotta little carried away on a few things so its takin a little longer than expected, but im makin halloween even if i dont sleep to get this thing done!..lol No Way! Danny I can't believe you got carried away while building a car! Can't wait to see yours when it's all done.
  12. Hey Walt, i'm going to talk to Don about putting it in the show!!! It turned out BEAUTIFUL!!!! Kathy Good thinking...might want to give the spectators a bib to droll on though. Looks insane!
  13. Dave, will this be at Newport Dunes for the SSSS?
  14. Sounds killer. Will it be at CRB or Racer for alum? Also, when will it be for sale?
  15. That thing is disgustingly sick!!! Can't wait to see and HEAR it done. Another beautiful engine from Danzio

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