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  1. Lost a Dark Gray Yeti Soft Cooler (12-pack) this weekend camped at Pad 2 while riding towards Osbourne then to Olds....Thank you in advance if found. Eric (714) 394-7503
  2. X195 Clutch Kit for my 2020 X3 Max XRS
  3. Great service from the folks @ KWI Clutching this weekend. Very convenient of them to come out from Illinois and setup in Glamis on Vendors row. Professional staff with speedy service. I did the Clutch upgrades as they recommended, very quick acceleration now and gets the RPM's up almost instantly into the power-band. If interested, go onto their website and click on the Glamis link to make an appointment.
  4. Thank you for the help, found a set of Methods. Cheers!
  5. Seems 15"x10" Beadlock Rims for a Can Am X3 are hard to find.....better luck locating Sasquatch at this point. I have Paddles just need Rims? Thanks in advance.
  6. Hey dbart, Thanks, picking up the new ride as I type this reply. I’ll start a thread very soon.....🍻
  7. Hey Robert, Very happy to see the car go to someone who truly wanted a SCU! Enjoy...🍻🍻
  8. Damn....those TripleX Seats are nice!
  9. Thanks Alleigh, This does help, Pic #3 looks more like what I had anticipated. Thank you, please let Tyler know I will be in contact to move forward with everything we discussed last Sunday.
  10. Hi Alleigh, I spoke with Tyler Perrizo at your booth last weekend in Pomona and he stated all the new Lowrance units do not have the (Arrow) Steer Function....now it's more like car navigation and why I started this topic....is this correct? Thank you for your help. Eric
  11. Awesome.....Congratulations!!
  12. Yo, Question, who's using an iPad in their SxS to navigate in the Dunes / Deserts and what App is best? Looking at the new Lowrance GPS and none of they no longer have an Arrow Indicator for Go To a Way Point?? WTH?
  13. Turned out very nice...great looking ride!

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