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  1. OK, so I cut the cord years ago but I'm looking for something new. We didn't totally cut the cord, we just moved to a cheaper service. We had ATT Uverse for years at $90 to over $150 a month bundled... We kept Uverse for our ISP which I'm also looking to replace for faster/cheaper service. $68 a month We tried all the streaming services at the time and found PS-Vue to be the cheapest and the channels we "needed" $29 Well I screwed up and let my credit card on file expire and BAM price jumped and I lost a few channels we actually watched. NOW SuperCross has switched to NBC and BAM double screwed! Not only will the coverage suck, I'll have to upgrade PS-Vue to another level higher or pay NBC $89 a year to watch the crappy races. SuperCross is important because we have a supercross party every Saturday... So my friend points me to this new service IXQtv which looks promising. Is anyone using this or signed up as a seller? http://www.myixqtv.com/ Pros: cheaper then PS-Vue way more channels including movies and sports I don't currently have Cons: may need a VPN, extra $$$ may need a higher ISP speed looks complicated for the FireStick, which all my TV's have for viewing. side load ixqtv (easy) add VLC player, add VPN no DVR or VOD feature
  2. DuneTrack-N

    1BadF9 Photo shoot

    I wanna see more of the Wampaskitty!
  3. DuneTrack-N

    Turbo subi, which one?

    for builders around here (this forum) it's clearly Outfront Motorsports, John has been a solid builder for many years https://www.outfrontmotorsports.com/ but he does have a few competitors, C&G performance - Gary comes to mind Engines, I think there are only four choices each has it's own HP/TQ maxes based on setup 4cyl - 2.0l 4cyl - 2.5l 6cyl - 3.0l 6cyl - 3.2l
  4. DuneTrack-N

    Sirius xm radio

    My sister has sirius/xm in here car. I use here account, sirius/xm app on my phone and BT to my car/home stereo/etc... Just get ONE account and you can have FIVE phones using it. So SIX devices total for $5 a month (doing the $30-six month canceling hassle deal) I also use Pandora (free with adds), Amazon Music free with amazon account
  5. DuneTrack-N

    School me on the washes

    got hook?
  6. DuneTrack-N

    Old SCU

    Looks good buddie, adding the double shear is a good idea since you're in there. lop off the combo and and make it king kong or 2"!
  7. DuneTrack-N

    Pci Race Radio Frequencies

    PCI Baofeng Freq chart https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0769/1859/files/Baofeng_Stock_Freq_Web.pdf?6269800547773767821
  8. DuneTrack-N

    Pci Race Radio Frequencies

    PCI radio banks and more channels https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3KzJEgccbN3YUhhY3pvM3VHUmM
  9. DuneTrack-N

    Pci Race Radio Frequencies

    Here is a CSV file for CHIRP if that work for anyone, https://drive.google.com/open?id=1rT0QBm9u2WZJ8vQDkvJVLp9LAg27V5tF
  10. DuneTrack-N

    StageCoach 2019

    We stayed at Shadow Hills RV, it was off the hook! https://www.shadowhillsrvresort.com/ There are people who go just for the RV park party, never to the venue
  11. DuneTrack-N

    My sand car keeps cutting out and don’t know why

    my list would be (fuel, spark, air); car runs so it's probably a maintenance issue fuel - filters (you did this) - fuel line (2005 they could very well have swelled inside, change them all tank to fuel rail) - pump (you did this) If you have 60 psi that's great, but what about volume gph may be down - tank check for foam breakdown (sometimes whiffle balls) spark - low voltage has been listed by a couple above (bad grounds -rust, coils in relays going bad) - spark plugs - plug wires - coils Air filter
  12. DuneTrack-N

    Shock Spring Length Question

    from this pic you clearly need longer springs just to get them positioned up on the shock body for cross-over engagement are you sure those are 16" stroke? based on the king site 14" is 35-1/12ish and 16 is 39-1/2" http://www.kingshocks.com/products/performance/coilover-performance-race/
  13. DuneTrack-N

    experimenting with different air filter oil?

    Look at this video "dirty side / clean side" not sure if this is a public video https://www.facebook.com/evan.weller.75/videos/10158188793914569/ Baja 1K this year from the Honda Ridgeline truck
  14. DuneTrack-N

    Uniball Beam Spindles

    don't forget to look up Jakes fabworks https://squareup.com/store/jakesfabworks https://www.facebook.com/Jakes-Fabworks-190439714330870/ https://www.instagram.com/jakesfabworks/?hl=en
  15. DuneTrack-N

    Shock Spring Length Question

    the only reason to have different spring lengths is to position the crossover ring higher/lower on the threaded body. Your pre-load and ride height adjustments will determine if you need a different spring height, but that may also tell you you need different rate springs if it's that far outa whack. 90% of the cars had equal length springs from the start.

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