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  1. Yeah my parents 70s and grandparents 90s. Used to always have CD's any may still have but man it sure doesn't pay now a days. I'm lucky to have a "high yield" account thru schwab at 4.5%, compared to chase at .01%
  2. I have one but it's not for sale, cuz it still powers my laptop... battery is shot
  3. Day 13 - kinda frustrated. Since I'm not a wood craftsmen this is taking longer then expected to get the right results. I'm afraid to cut to much and ruin $150 in wood. Got the stringers all cut and fitted to the "ends" (Dash bulkhead-front and Transom-rear). Wood is tight and sitting down in the corners, BUT there is a huge gap down the center 1/2-3/4" so I struggling to decide how to trim cut down the ends to get it all nice and tight around 1/8" gap max. Anyway here are the progress pics...
  4. just watched on netflix Dolemite is my name - Eddie Murphy wesley snipes chris rock etc... hilarious! but not safe for kids
  5. Day 12 - finished grinding out the old stringers and prepped the area for new & setup my stringer blocking 26" inside dimension.
  6. This map shows you the OHV legal roads in town, I'd look for something on there https://www.mammothtrails.org/activity/36/off-highway-vehicles/#mapTab
  7. Yeah sucks the other reunion is canceled for Oceano/Pismo now... They are regrouping for Oregon
  8. HA! I was planning to "go" to ISC this year but July might actually work out better. I usually go Wed-Fri, but only stay one night and leave for Havasu by Thursday noon. So that sucks, no early spring break in havasu paid by work...
  9. Day 11 - made decent progress Trailer bunks and fender skirts all prepped for carpet. Pulled the stringer box and grinded till I couldn't take any more... more to come then cut/shape/size up the new stringers. Crazy this boat hasn't seen water since September 2019 and the rotten area's are still wet. I've had heaters and blowers in it for weeks back in December, crazy. This is why we go this far in restoration, if you don't the problem still exists and continues to spread. Even got the Mrs. to help polish on the shiny bits.
  10. Shoot, I can't get past 50k with my Dodge 48RE trans and it's fully built... Now the rear-ends GM and Dodges are the same AAM 11.5" axle housings, minor differences ratios, brackets and brake setups Ford uses a Sterling 10.5" axle housing The Medium Duty trucks may use the same engine and trans packages as the HD "street" trucks but are de-tuned "less power". The Dodge trucks 2500 thru 5500 all use to be the same everything other then # of leafs on the axle for weight and de-tuned 4500-5500. Guys would swap the ecu for a 2500 in a 5500 and send it!
  11. Day 10 - Wow I'm excited about some WOOD! It's been a rough road finding the right wood for the stringers. 1st wood was Kiln dried doug fir. It's "dried" so the moisture is removed and the wood stays true. This is what everyone told me to buy... Well I get some about $60 two 2x6x16ft pieces. They are all outside in the weather and Bakersfield is morning dew and fog ridden during the winters. Sure enough I get the "dried" wood home and in my shop two days later it bends and twists, the exact thing it's not supposed to do. 2nd wood is LVL (laminated vaneer lumber). This is like plywood beams for construction, it's supposed to be layered all the same direction which gives it it's strength and also stays true. Ordered this from Lowes $50 (I think they messed up), wood shows up and it's ugly... One side is great (down side) the other upside is grey and looks to be delaminating (surely sitting up to the sun). I ponder using this for a few weeks trying to find someone to plain it down to clear up the ugly. No dice. Most of the guys said the wood would ruin their plainers due to the glues. Also once plained no ganuatee of a good side, could be holes and glue stained. 3rd wood and last try before just doing ti wrong... Went to another lumber yard and tried to ordered "straight grain/clear" klin dried doug fir again. Told the guys I wanted like AAA quality wood. They called around and found Hemlock Vertical grain Clear 2x6x12ft at $150. I was really nervous, but WOW this is exactly what I expected from the start of this journey. Left LVL, Center Hemlock, Right Kiln Dried doug fir Look at how nice straight grained and clear this hemlock is! "Clear" means clear of knots and oddities in the grain profile.
  12. Make Adderall Great AGAIN!
  13. I did one on a beam race car. All info from here https://www.therangerstation.com/tech/toyota-electric-power-steering-eps-conversion/ 09 Corolla EPS setup was $75 at local pick a part. Make sure you get the controller, I had another yard will another setup and only got the motor they wanted $300 for the controller.

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