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  1. Havazoo market is the wild wild west, can't seem to find a decent deal (local property whores are getting everything first/fast under the radar). My buddie is a builder there and making a killing though.
  2. Pretty sure this is the new "Beard" seat company https://www.huntersafetyproducts.com/
  3. man i got duped, thought she was gonna strip or at least show off some ass-sets
  4. This was a good read the other day. 2625HP 480MPH https://www.msn.com/en-us/autos/enthusiasts/ken-duttweilers-2625hp-ls-bonneville-engine/ar-AAF3Drj
  5. Nice finally moving forward on this!
  6. I've been wanting to go for years now and can't get my crew to commit to this place. DAMNIT!!!!!
  7. Yes, a wind screen to keep the jacks/tires from blowing out.
  8. $40 at home depot get a 100ft roll of black silt fencing. That's all I ever used for 10yrs out there. https://www.homedepot.com/p/HDX-3-ft-x-100-ft-Silt-Fence-14987/202521468 Rolls up and stores easy, throw it away and get another when needed.
  9. I didn't read all the comments just skimmed them. I've been off cable for three years now, I did have Playstation vue for two years but dropped it to after supercross this year. I've had all the jailbroke stuff and dropped it too. I have 2 TV's and one projector on the pool patio all use a Amazon Fire stick or box. None of my devices are 4K and I don't care about that 480-720-1080 is just fine. I have the rabbit antenna setup for local and sports, but we never use it unless the Raiders are playing in our local area. With our Amazon Prime account $120yr we get some free movies and TV series. There is a lot of content. We paid for the Supercross NBC Gold app for the season $79. This was worth it for our supercross parties and we will do it again. I don't watch Motocross... We now use PlutoTV APP FREE but you need to sign up (to get junk mail). This is AWESOME except for the repeat commercials. Discovery, MTV, Sports, News, series and a bunch of interesting channels. My nephew gave us his Netflix account. We actually watch this the most for their shows and movies. We also have HBO Go FREE with our AT&T cell service. Check your ISP (cable company), Cellular packages they may provide FREE services. I have SLOW 6mb internet $25 and it works just fine, don't believe the hype of 100mb for streaming. Two of my Amazon fires are on local WiFi 802.11n and one is wired. No difference in quality since the slowest point is my 6mb internet. We don't connect to our cellular data plans for any of this. The hardest part is not having something just turn on and provide background noise/images. You have to start the app and search for something (I lose focus and just turn it off), PlutoTV is the go to for that now because it's like cable with a channel list and starts playing the last channel immediately. Amazon video, Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, etc.... all of them require you to search for the content you want not flip thru channels like PlutoTV. Playstation Vue was awesome at first and we got it for $20 just to watch Supercross, then Fox got dropped and NBC would show till the next day. Like all services the price went up to almost $49 a month so we dropped it. Had Kodi-XBMC (or what ever variant is out there) it was great at first years ago then all the streams fell off unless I wanted to get a VPN, nope not gonna pay for VPN to watch illegal content.
  10. You'd have to build the flag pulley assembly but look to an Electrical Supply house and get a 30ft light pole.
  11. Those look horrible to grill on.

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