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  1. DuneTrack-N

    SX / Motorcross

    I finally got my fantasy choices going the right direction, got 80 points this time, whew off the bottom step of last in points!
  2. DuneTrack-N

    69 Tahiti jet boat, berkeley pump, project Boat $500

    Dang it John, I came here hoping to see a Subi converted Jetboat and read a epic story of how it got there. You've got priced right, shoot the trailers worth $500
  3. DuneTrack-N

    Sand limo 2 seater $25000

    GLWS, this car is a killer deal in my book.
  4. DuneTrack-N

    best radio/intercom setup for a SxS?

    I hate internet tracking until... it pops stuff up like this after a few hours https://utvcom.com/ Just came up as a "you might be interested in" search
  5. DuneTrack-N

    Need Sandrail Measurements

    Sand Sprite 4, yes it did quite well with the Buick 215. raced a lot of jeeps That Pismo rust though...
  6. DuneTrack-N

    best radio/intercom setup for a SxS?

    Intercom side is very limited, but the radios are readily available from MANY manufactures good and bad. iCom, Yauess, Kenwood, Rugged (rebranded china), TYT china, Beaofeng china, etc...
  7. DuneTrack-N

    Need Sandrail Measurements

    Typical "old school" beam cars like that are actually fairly small. Mine was 14ft long with the exhaust and only 80" wide in the rear. Mid-engine V8
  8. DuneTrack-N

    New 4 seat build

    The vertical style should be the standard pattern. If you want to have an adjustable seat https://www.kartek.com/parts/seat-loc-adjustable-sliders-brushed-brushed-aluminum.html Otherwise for fixed you can use these double sheer plates https://www.kartek.com/parts/kartek-off-road-weld-on-double-sheared-mounting-tab-for-suspension-limiting-strap-with-916-id-hole.html
  9. DuneTrack-N

    what oil to run in LS1

    GM stock engine spec is 5w-30
  10. DuneTrack-N

    Radio Etiquette

    I run a channel different then any other named on the list and still get some chatter from time to time.
  11. DuneTrack-N

    SX / Motorcross

    just got my NBC gold pass, booooooooooooooooo I've got a group called "Outdoor Theater", since we have a supercross party every saturday with the projector outside on the patio
  12. DuneTrack-N

    Lowrance Global Map Baja 540C

    I've got hundreds of GPS files for anyone who needs them. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3KzJEgccbN3dDBqTUF5cWlPUWs For the Lowrance you want the *.USR files Dune Waypoints.usr has ALL of the dunes in the US in one file As far as creating new waypoints and trails, I use Google Earth. Export the data to *.kml and convert using GPSBabel to Lowrance
  13. DuneTrack-N

    Camp Fire Permit - Happy New Year!

    Don't forget to renew / get a new permit. http://www.preventwildfireca.org/Permits/
  14. DuneTrack-N

    Want the wall built?

    what about canada, eh? no talk of northern wall.... and yes, all those people putting funds in the account just got took for believing a go fund me account could build a wall on federal lands

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