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  1. Yes it’s plated and street legal in NV and will stay registered in Nevada since my brother lives there. Kind of a bad reference you mention with watching a video and going out and buying something above my driving skills. I’ve been around Offroad my whole life. I’ve owned and driven one of the fastest sand rails to hit glamis back in the 90’s and have owned 4wd trucks since 1990 . Pretty sure if I got something half this caliber it not only out drive it with some seat time but I’d be broke down on the trail half the time. I bought what I felt would be reliable and what I liked. No way would I of bought something with 30” tires. And open diffs. I wanna go over rocks not on the rocks and stop 😂 I’m not saying I won’t have a problem driving but with some seat time I’ll be fine. Also +1 for the “get a good spotter and go with friends”. Like I said. I’ve been around the crawling for a few years. Now.
  2. Yep. That’s who I’ve been riding shot gun with for the past 4 KOH events. That Jeep has WAY too much power. 430ci f.i. Small block. Said it’s around 650hp. It definitely gets after it.
  3. Ha ha. My brother said the same thing. 😂 i swear. I’m not gonna touch it. 🤔🤔😉
  4. Selling one of my trailers. This is a Fleming equipment trailer that I bought in AZ earlier this year. I’ve gone through the whole process of getting the title/registration up to date in CA with perm plates. Trailer is a 1984 that’s been completely redone. Hard to find a trailer built like this and still be registered as a non-commercial trailer, that’s why I went with the older set up . Trailer has been through a 💯 resto earlier this year. Trailer specs are : 20’ deck (15’ flat & 5’ dovetail) has a 5’-6” tongue . The long tongue makes it great for towing behind a motorhome . Weight is 3500 lbs empty dual 7k axles Which means you can carry 10k lbs on this trailer. The trailer frame is VERY Heavy duty with a 8” c-channel frame. Strong enough to load small tractors and heavy equipment in rear ramps are welded on and will slide in and out about a foot to cover almost all track widths . And have welded on under support for loading heavy trucks/tractors you can also lay the ramps down flat or travel with them up in 2 different positions to gain more bed space. Come take a look at this and you won’t be disappointed . It looks brand new Everything is new. : New COMPLETE wiring New Led lights NEW front storage box New bearings & seals NEW wood deck and treated for weather new tires - HD load and brand new spare with second mount on trailer to hold a 2nd spare. NEW hitch coupler 2-5/16” and C-Channel welded on for the capability of adding a pintle hitch ring and adjust up or down new Brake pads I have it stored in riverside at a friends house. It can be shown anytime of the day Just let me know . just lowered the price down to $6000. For a quicker sale.
  5. Pretty excited to go pick up my new jeep in 2 weeks. I went to King of Hammers 4 years ago and got hooked. Every year I say I’ll have a crawler for next years event but I never do. Well after looking all over for a reliable rig that will make it up all the trails and still fit 4 people I finally found it. Bought it on sat and I’ll go up to Reno, NV in 2 weeks to pick it up. Im new to the rock crawling running gear but a few of my crawler friends helped me make up my mind that this rig was set up and needed nothing. Looking forward to hitting calico, Moab, big bear trails and finally ocotillo wells. Which I’ve never been there before. Pics are from the last owner ED6702EC-2BE8-4843-B2E2-832172A8D0E3.mp4
  6. I’ll have to check and see what part number my motorhome takes. I know it looks real similar to what I have. I just did a oil change last weekend but still have to buy a air filter.
  7. Haven't been on GD.Com in a while, Sorry I missed this thread. Since its still getting hits after Davyjones already got a trailer, I'll post up a link to my page. I've rented to at least a dozen GD. members and met some really good people. In fact one of my trailers is out in Pismo right now with a GD.Com Member If I can be of any help feel free to text me. 562-895-7153 I'm located 1 min from the 57 & 91 freeway interchange. In 2 weeks I'll have a business partner running more trailers out in Riverside as well. 91 & 215 freeway area. https://www.facebook.com/pg/rentmetrailer/posts/
  8. I've come to the conclusion that this thread is worthless. I don't believe any of you. Please post up a picture of this sticker your talking about along with a picture of the truck, plate number & company name so we know this is a real thing........ ya, I drive a company truck . Same sticker. Same issues.... callers calling in claiming wrong statements. Good thing about our trucks, They all have GPS and the shop can now put 2 and 2 together and verify that I was not doing 90 mph or even better yet , EVEN Be on that freeway at that time. yep that's happened before. We also have a Cell App that disables our work cell phones when we drive, Only allows Bluetooth to be used for phone calls. No texting or emails. It totally sucks. We cant even access our camera or anything but I will say its Super Safe.
  9. Went to Mesa AZ and picked up a new deck over trailer for my trailer rental business. Also picked up a 65 corvette in Mesa and transported it back to Orange County. Got to stretch the old legs on the duramax. Just turned 67k miles on her. She towed awesome through the 114 deg heat. Now it’s time to sell her.
  10. Finally got time to do a front brake job on the wife’s suv. Threw out some stuff in the shed and cleaned up the garage. Sold a few things on eBay and shipped them out. Throwing back a few beers and watching Barrett-Jackson episode 6 that I taped earlier today just dreaming I had a few of these cars
  11. Cutting the back of my truck off and adding some trophy truck stuff.
  12. Question for you guys. On a 1985 Honda Odyssey 350. Where would the frame vin number be located ?
  13. Your transaction is different. You had a tracking number and can prove that you shipped something to him. In this case he's taking a deposit and not shipping anything.
  14. tell him to send you a couple hundred to hold it. Then have him bring cash. He can transfer his paypal money to his bank in 3 days and bring you the cash. The only thing I hate about paypal. .... The Sender can retract his Money at anytime after and YOU have no say in it.

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