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  1. I've come to the conclusion that this thread is worthless. I don't believe any of you. Please post up a picture of this sticker your talking about along with a picture of the truck, plate number & company name so we know this is a real thing........ ya, I drive a company truck . Same sticker. Same issues.... callers calling in claiming wrong statements. Good thing about our trucks, They all have GPS and the shop can now put 2 and 2 together and verify that I was not doing 90 mph or even better yet , EVEN Be on that freeway at that time. yep that's happened before. We also have a Cell App that disables our work cell phones when we drive, Only allows Bluetooth to be used for phone calls. No texting or emails. It totally sucks. We cant even access our camera or anything but I will say its Super Safe.
  2. Went to Mesa AZ and picked up a new deck over trailer for my trailer rental business. Also picked up a 65 corvette in Mesa and transported it back to Orange County. Got to stretch the old legs on the duramax. Just turned 67k miles on her. She towed awesome through the 114 deg heat. Now it’s time to sell her.
  3. Finally got time to do a front brake job on the wife’s suv. Threw out some stuff in the shed and cleaned up the garage. Sold a few things on eBay and shipped them out. Throwing back a few beers and watching Barrett-Jackson episode 6 that I taped earlier today just dreaming I had a few of these cars
  4. Cutting the back of my truck off and adding some trophy truck stuff.
  5. Question for you guys. On a 1985 Honda Odyssey 350. Where would the frame vin number be located ?
  6. Your transaction is different. You had a tracking number and can prove that you shipped something to him. In this case he's taking a deposit and not shipping anything.
  7. tell him to send you a couple hundred to hold it. Then have him bring cash. He can transfer his paypal money to his bank in 3 days and bring you the cash. The only thing I hate about paypal. .... The Sender can retract his Money at anytime after and YOU have no say in it.
  8. What kind of money are we talking ? thousands?? I use paypal just about every week and no issues. It really depends what kind of money were talking about. Are you selling him a part that he's worried you'll sell to someone else before he can come pick it up?
  9. I second the Valentine 1, Saved me many times. Its not the cheapest but well worth it.
  10. Finally had a trailer at home for a weekend and not be rented out. So I took advantage of it and swapped out the winch. Had a customer mention that the old one worked but started to smoke. Now that I finished the swap, gonna head to my brothers house and bbq some chicken and drink some beers 🍻
  11. Just my 2006 Yamaha rhino that my best friend and I reworked a little in my garage for 2 years about 10 years ago. & yes I Still own it.
  12. I finally bought a new faucet and installed in the motorhome today. Water pressure is amazing. Mostly metal and not that cheap plastic. And the best part is I paid $65.95 for it. Just had to buy a couple fittings to adapt my lines.
  13. Wrapped up my Sunday working on some of my trailer rentals. Did some rewiring and new light replacements. Put batteries on charge. And did a full underbelly inspection. Checked out my nephews mustang and the progress over the last week.
  14. Thank you Surgery went very well. No life threatening injuries, No back or neck injuries. He got super lucky. He was dressed for the slide and it paid off. Very minimal road rash. 3 broken bones including a compound fracture. He’s on his road to recovery. Thx

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