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  1. stetler

    Its Saturday 4/20/19 What are you doing this weekend?

    Actually wasn’t that bad. It went to WA to his shipping company then to Canada. I’m guessing I only paid for it to go to WA. Actually he paid me back after I figured out exactly what shipping was gonna be. I charged him $100. Up front then he paypaled me the difference yesterday. It wasn’t exactly light nor was it small.
  2. stetler

    Its Saturday 4/20/19 What are you doing this weekend?

    Sat ot workout at the new Rams/Chargers stadium from 4am-3pm . Got home and shipped out my old King 3.0 Bypass shocks to Canada. Handled a couple trailer rental contracts. Finally sitting at the desk drinking some beers and watching last nights Live PD show and searching GD.Com site. Hell Ya !!
  3. SOLD. Nice meeting you. Thanks again.
  4. First off sorry for the horrible pics. These are all I could find since I swapped it out 2 weeks after I bought the motorhome. I came to the conclusion that I’m not going to put this back in my rv and it’s just taking up room in my shed. I switched out to recliners instead. This couch is in xlnt condition !! Looks brand new. No stains or rips. This is a stationary couch NOT A FOLD OUT BED Make me an offer ! Located in Orange , Ca j
  5. Took these off my Prerunner. Just had them inspected With King shock tuning crew & charged up to 150psi. They are in XLNT performing condition. They have outside wear from desert use but no dents or flaws to the performance of these. 18" X 3.0 Dia - 5-Tube Prerunner series Bypass shocks. Located in orange, CA $2400.00 OBO ** SOLD 4/20 **
  6. stetler

    Motorhome + Trailer length

    I'm at 68-1/2' and never had a problem. Towed up to Reno a few times and Glamis on big holidays. Never an issue. My only concern is its a PITA to pull into Grocery store parking lots and finding Gas stations. U-Turns are usually done over a few city blocks.
  7. stetler

    It's Saturday 3/9/19 what are you doing this weekend?

    I Did a Long over due Oil change on the Duramax myself. Ordered a fuel/water separator. Yanked both batteries on the D-Max and switched out at Costco for free Drinking a beer and prepping the new garage door opener so I can swap out. Bought me one of those Ryobi 2HP super quiet openers with a camera and all kinds of sweet attachments. Can't wait to get it installed.
  8. stetler

    Did Sandlimo close?

    Nothing wrong with Home Shops. Looks like u got some good leads. Damn I love this site !
  9. stetler

    Oil Cooler Duramax

    And that's suppose to help with engine temps?
  10. stetler

    It's Saturday 2/23/19 what are you doing this weekend?

    Dropped wife and kids off at LAX, Worked on another data side job then got a trailer prepped for a rental tomorrow. Finally relaxing drinking some beers.
  11. stetler

    Oil Cooler Duramax

    No, Don't know anything about that. You by chance have a link to the part?
  12. stetler

    What is the skinny on the enclosed monster Manx

    OH its got a price. Redline /CBM will give you that price as soon as it starts overheating and ready for a rebuild. j/k THat is a sweet looking car. I sure love being in the dunes in an enclosed cab. I Definitely don't feel like I need to take a shower after a day of driving around like I would in a sxs .
  13. stetler

    ABC at KOH, ..

    I went to KOH this year. This was my 4th consecutive year and I don’t plan on ever missing one in the future. Actually shopping for a rock crawler this summer so I can start enjoying the trails instead of watching everyone else have fun. But still had a blast in the prerunner while it lasted.

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