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  1. Bergaras 6.5 HMR and BMP .308 Vortex PST gen2 and Zeiss Conquest V4
  2. Daniel defense 300.blk from the bunker
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  4. Steve. I bought a carbpro carb off of eBay for my 5500 and runs like a kitten. Fired right up.
  5. Lol That’s Sturdy Stugots wire!
  6. This will be the new "Swatting" tactic
  7. https://baltimore.cbslocal.com/2018/11/05/fatal-officer-involved-shooting-in-anne-arundel-county/?fbclid=IwAR28MXDZQl_W808mbhEaXhcL0pLBVltTDJLWl6NxxIvGCY1bR0brfoOd5Lc I was reading this story this morning and one post struck me. Havoc1649 (@Havoc16492) November 12, 2018 at 9:11 pm I spent about a decade in law enforcement. I can’t imagine being given such a crazy order with zero due process. It’s a clear violation of a number of US Constitutional Amendments. Just because it hasn’t been struck down yet doesn’t mean law enforcement should be conducting raids especially at 5am. I can’t think of a worse time to do this. This guy isn’t a drug dealer. He’s a guy coming out of sleep with two armed men at his door. Where I live is much safer than anywhere in Maryland and it’s still not uncommon for people to answer the door armed at that hour. To then transition to a gun removal order? Are these officer’s insane? The guy probably didn’t believe they were really law enforcement. When I read this I considered how I and a number of my current and retired law enforcement friends would respond to this not knowing about this law. It would likely be the same way. This death was 100% avoidable and the Sheriff or official claiming this in some way magically protected people is an abomination. Thank god no person like your Sheriff works in law enforcement in my part of the country. Here they actually believe in the Bill of Rights. Which ever official is making such a claim needs to find a new line of work. No wonder there are so many problems related to police shootings and corruption in Maryland. These departments are run by political amateurs undeserving of the badge and title. There’s no valid excuse or explanation for this tragedy. If you’re going to keep doing it do it in the middle of the day you morons. Separate the target from the home and their weapons BEFORE going into the order. Secure them! Amateur hour all around and a man is dead for nothing. Nice work mental giants. Whats the GD .com thoughts on this law?
  8. What you dont realize is Reeves and Berry are showing a competitive aspect to the shooting sport which in turn show a good light towards a positive aspect of competition with firearms. And thats a good thing like it used to be back in the good ol days of America
  9. My efile form 1 is going on 4+ monthes now.
  10. Those are rookie numbers! Lol Any day now...........
  11. Happy Birthday Steve Seems the birthday moderator is asleep at the switch. Lots of birthdays out there!
  12. I spoke to Rusty about providing me my cones went with Totality instead for expediency Rusty sure can talk your ear off though lol "This 1.5 od can i just finished is a modular can for 9mm and 30 cal. The short section is 6.5 with 7 rsc the shiny part is a 3.0 tube extension. This can performs well on 308, 300bo,556 and in short config on 9mm." DD 9mm on 300BO by Rusty's Services <https://youtu.be/ ...>

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