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  1. What you dont realize is Reeves and Berry are showing a competitive aspect to the shooting sport which in turn show a good light towards a positive aspect of competition with firearms. And thats a good thing like it used to be back in the good ol days of America
  2. My efile form 1 is going on 4+ monthes now.
  3. Those are rookie numbers! Lol Any day now...........
  4. Happy Birthday Steve Seems the birthday moderator is asleep at the switch. Lots of birthdays out there!
  5. I spoke to Rusty about providing me my cones went with Totality instead for expediency Rusty sure can talk your ear off though lol "This 1.5 od can i just finished is a modular can for 9mm and 30 cal. The short section is 6.5 with 7 rsc the shiny part is a 3.0 tube extension. This can performs well on 308, 300bo,556 and in short config on 9mm." DD 9mm on 300BO by Rusty's Services <https://youtu.be/ ...>
  6. D Looks like form 1's using Diversified machine tubes and caps? Am I right? Sweet setups
  7. Steve filled me in on your setup Very slick!
  8. I hear ya. My cfp was 45 days until it was in my hands. I am hearing the nfa process is a bit more than just NCIS though . But really in this day of infinate databases it should go a lot faster than it does.. Cans should be unlisted from the nfa imho. Did you go through silencershop for the dead air deal? They are way behind in getting the cans for SiCos deall I live right down the road from SiCo
  9. 6 items over 250 days FBI BGC BS
  10. More Bergara love Hmr in 6.5 creed , Zeiss conquest 4x15
  11. Permagrin

    WANTED ATC 70s

    https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/340268453424922/ Done up rebuild with Estart 120
  12. Whats on your mind Mike? Dont get shy on us now, lol

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