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  1. GLWTS. Love this floorplan!
  2. jsalazar903

    Jeep Pics

    Did some stretching exercises yesterday
  3. jsalazar903

    Deaver Springs

    HOWIE, had the same complaints w the rear on my 2004 LB7. Recently installed a Cognito leveling kit w Fox shocks AND airlift/Firestone setup and it is a 100x better! Although I did have cranked t-bars for over 10+ years I never got used to the jolts! Since the leveling kit, the truck runs real smooth!!!!
  4. jsalazar903

    Hows Your Attitude?

    Hahah! I was thinking the same thing the other week!
  5. jsalazar903

    Hows Your Attitude?

    Nice! Ya mine has held up good! Had Jim Goodwin do his magic on it! Like you, it’s gonna be hard to get rid of but I need more cargo space!
  6. jsalazar903

    Hows Your Attitude?

    Saw the Attitudes this past Monday. They are NICE!! I’m still rockin my 2007 WW FSW2800! ?
  7. jsalazar903

    Jeep Pics

    Got my JL lifted. Wanna do a 2 day Mojave Rd trip. Anyone done that before?
  8. jsalazar903

    Jeep JL Rubicon Wheels w TPMS

    33’s (285/70R17)
  9. jsalazar903

    Jeep JL Rubicon Wheels w TPMS

    Thx! 37’s are on it right now.
  10. $800 for 5. 1000mi Pick-up @ OC.
  11. jsalazar903

    WTB Rugged 2 person system with radio

    Yes.. if you can wait next week until the SSSS, the sale will also include online purchasing!
  12. jsalazar903

    Can am X3 in the dunes

    Tributes/Blackbirds for me as well. That's a 4wd combo.
  13. Wheels are in great condition. Tires about 20% left. Set of 4. $400

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