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  1. Supposedly a homeless guy took the pin out! Good reminder to ALWAYS double check prior to leaving!
  2. It’s $4 cheaper if you buy online. Not sure if that’s worth it to you.
  3. Thanks all! Told him to do cash. Also, gonna print up a bill of sale.
  4. Good to know about retracting $. Thanks all for the replies! 100% cash!
  5. $3500 for front and rear jeep axles. He would PayPal me $2k plus whatever fee PayPal charges (3%) and then $1500 cash when he arrives.
  6. Just want to make sure I don't get scammed. I got an ad up on a different forum. The buyer wants to do partial payment w/ PayPal and the rest he will give me in cash upon pick-up. How would you proceed?
  7. I agree w the pumpers. I’ve been running headsets and a Simpson shorty helmet and although it’s super comfy, the dust kills it for me!
  8. Did some stretching exercises yesterday
  9. Good info guys! Appreciate it! What’s a good size gen to run 15k AC? Also, I’ve been running the Costco 6v since 2010. Nvr topped off with water. Will get that switched out. On that note, any recommendations on who installs solar?
  10. Sry guys.. ya ended up charging my phone in my truck while I rode. My TH batts were so low I couldn’t even attempt to start it... tow plug to my truck wasnt working as the fuse was blown! I was able to turn it w my BA clore jump pack. Turned it several times while priming in between before the jump pack started to go south. Anywho, I spent the day riding and eating at Daddy’s Famous Food trailer. Checked out the SSSS... managed to rip a sway bar link in my x3 max. Picked up some beefier links from Shock Therapy.. installed those on, gass’d up and rode a bit more. Just left Glamis an hour ago... decided I didn’t want to be stuck in traffic tomorrow. I leave my TH @ GDS. I’m gonna have to come back and tinker w it another time. Good thing my wife stayed, she would’ve been pissed. I’ll prob bring a portable genny as well! Thx all for the troubleshooting!

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