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  1. Thanks for sharing! On that note, any recommendations on a couple great CCW classes?
  2. CONGRATS! What are your first mods!?!
  3. I went to Universal's shop in Riverside. Had a walkthrough at the shop and sat down and was provided a couple quotes on various length setups. I must admit, the place was a mess! Prior to that, I've rented a couple of universal trailers and I was happy with the fit and finish. Hence why I would purchase from them. I did contact New Trend and also admit, they (Gaby) are very responsive! Got a couple quotes from them as well. Can't go wrong with either of those two!
  4. I like the universal's as well... will prob go w/ them in the next couple of months
  5. Looks like they closed in January which is news to me too!
  6. The jeepers dream is definitely fun!! I keep saying the gladiator build won't be as elaborate as the JL but you know how that goes! Setup on my JL is RK LongArm w/ King Shocks and Currie 60's front and rear. Running Method 105 beadlocks wrapped in 40" Nitto Trail Grapplers. Fenders are by Nemesis Industries.
  7. Caught the Jeep bug quick! Picked up a matching gladiator!
  8. Pac Yamaha on PCH? If so, I’m not surprised! Can’t believe they’re still in business!
  9. Supposedly a homeless guy took the pin out! Good reminder to ALWAYS double check prior to leaving!
  10. It’s $4 cheaper if you buy online. Not sure if that’s worth it to you.
  11. Thanks all! Told him to do cash. Also, gonna print up a bill of sale.
  12. Good to know about retracting $. Thanks all for the replies! 100% cash!
  13. $3500 for front and rear jeep axles. He would PayPal me $2k plus whatever fee PayPal charges (3%) and then $1500 cash when he arrives.
  14. Just want to make sure I don't get scammed. I got an ad up on a different forum. The buyer wants to do partial payment w/ PayPal and the rest he will give me in cash upon pick-up. How would you proceed?

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