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  1. I don't have a use for any of this stuff and don't want to take it back east when I move. I'll make someone a great deal on all of this. The Leatt, FLY roller bag and protective gear are very expensive bought new.
  2. Boots are sold, thanks ahipara 55 it was nice to meet you.
  3. I have a bunch of motocross riding gear that I would like to sell. I would prefer to sell it all together but I can sell some of it separate if need be. I live in Tustin near the Tustin Market place. Fly Motocross riding gear roller bag. $50.00 2 completes sets of riding gear (answer and fly), pants size 36, jersey is XL. Gloves extra large. $40.00 Gaerne SG 10 motocross boots size 12. Theses boots are in great shape with a little normal rub marks on the inside of each boot. The bottoms look like they have barely been used. $75.00 SOLD Leatt neck brace Moto GPX blue. $40.00 EVS revolution chest protector $12.00 EVS knee and elbow pads. $25.00 Shit Recon desert riding pants $15.00 I haven't used this stuff in several years and I am ready to get rid of it. This stuff is perfect if you don't want to buy brand new or need spare stuff. I also have socks that are long enough to cover your knees for the knee pads, a set of knee sleeves, several sets of riding socks that I can throw into the package. I would make someone a great deal to get rid of it all or if you are interested in some of it let me know. Best way to reach me is by text as I am not on this site as much as i used to be. 805-636-6434
  4. Great advice follow what fmyth said.
  5. Unless he has something like a will or or trust and the house isnt in anyone else's name I am pretty sure the house goes to her. Sorry for your loss.
  6. ickman99

    22 L R Ammo

    Just got one also. Thanks.
  7. Precision concepts did mine and it has been great. As stated they are more into off road, but I mostly ride track and they nailed it. Call a few and get a feel for them and it will help you make a decision on how you spend your money.
  8. Have you gone onto Dieselplace.com? Might try that site. Tons of info. on it. Good luck
  9. Try to get the best components on the bike as possible meaning the derauilers, etc. The better equipment will definatley handle the wear and tear better. Also I would go to bike shop and sit on some and test ride them so you will know exactly what size you need. All the names you mentioned are good also might try Trek and Gaint they make good mt bikes as well. One thing is forsure you get what you pay in mt. bikes. Spending a littler more money up front pays off in the end but again everyone has a different budget.
  10. Might check air pressure may be a little low. Got my new 35s toyos felt the same way put a little more air in and good to go.
  11. i get what your saying but sometimes things need to be dealt with. Acts of terriorism should be handled differently as far as I am concerned. Oh and I have plenty of land to make mx tracks on if I need to. Look at how Israel deals with this kinda of crap. They don't put up with. If you ask me we are too nice
  12. Really? Don't be terrorist how about that!
  13. Epoxy is fine like mentioned it needs to ground first. Just had my floor epoxy turned out sweet.
  14. Screw it go for Black Chrome that would look good. Many places out there do it.

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