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  1. I would recommend the weekend before t-day due to less crowds. As far as camping, just look for Gecko Rd., drive all the way down to the end and look for the camp with motorhomes and toyhaulers with caution tape around their camp. These camps are known as "free-stay" camps. Feel free to use any of the Rv's you wish, as well as any toys inside trailers, etc. These people leave them there for out-of-towners to use for free. Enjoy your stay!!!!
  2. FYI, I decided not to re-new this plate this year so I was told by DMV that will be available after midnight tonight. A friend of mine wanted it, but went with a different plate a couple weeks ago.
  3. Ok, ooma sounds great for a home line, but I still need to get this phone unlocked for a cell phone that my mom can take with her when she needs.
  4. I Have a home phone due to the fact my 72 yo mother lives with me and that number has been a family number for over 20 years and she has dementia and knows the number as does all my family (aunts, uncles, distant relatives), also is nice that all doctors, pharmacies, etc can leave a message on that phone instead of my cell phone, etc. Also, my mom does have a cell phone, but it is a 13 year old flip phone that will not be supported in a few months, so this phone was going to replace both of those.
  5. Anyone know a good place in Phoenix East valley? Long story short, I picked up a phone last weekend off Offerup from a girl moving who only had it a couple months then decided she wanted an I-phone and just wanted some gas money since she is moving to Cali to be with her mom. She paid cash up front for the phone (she showed me the receipt) and she contacted the carrier (MetroPCS) as to how to sell. They told her to just have the buyer (me) take her info and the phone to a store and they would unlock it. Well, I went this afternoon and was told that the phone had to be used for 6 months with them before they would unlock it even though the phone was bought up front and that I needed to use it with them for another 3-1/2 months to unlock it. I looked on the internet and found a lot of sites that charge anywhere from $10-$50 to get a code I guess, but NO guarantees and one site says a lot of these sites are scams anyways. Am I screwed? I only paid 40 for the phone (was like 120 new) and am in no real hurry as I was only going to use it for a replacement for my home phone when I cancel Cox phone. Any ideas????
  6. I talked to my friend and he used to do a lot of commercial vehicle inspections and he thinks you need to go through the MVD, or a 3rd party place that does them. He said he will check to be sure when he gets a chance. I googled it before he got back to me, and found a couple 3rd party places in town that say they do them, you have to call them to get an appt for them to go meet you at the park. If I hear back from him, I will let you know. He is out of town I think for a couple days now.
  7. I might know a guy, I will send him a message and see. He is an officer in Tolleson.
  8. A big name, big wallet, huge ego, small di@k!
  9. Mainly here and RDP. On RDP I only read the RD's Lounge section since I have not had a boat in over 20 years, but some really funny shiat on there!
  10. Yea, drop your toyhauler off with him and hope to see it again!
  11. Some people say dad did it first and all he had to do was hit the same spot/speed to make it. BS. If you see in the video, the only tracks in the sand to the takeoff are the ones the kid made with front tires only to give dad the thumbs up. Second, dad could not have done it before (at least right before) due to the fact the kid had a smaller seat for his size (unless dad is the size of a 10yo). Also, the kid DOES NOT hit the tracks he lined up with sending him to the left, almost hitting dad and then hitting the bush! So it seems to me that it was just "ok son, back up and mash the throttle and you will be a YouTube star!" And if you miss, hold your breath!
  12. OK, I didn't watch the second video I was thinking it was just the same as the first. So, I change my opinion, a 10 yo boy did jump the canal. NOW, I can say my opinion of his parents (especially dad), being the dumbest m-fers in our sport! And thanks to all the sponsers at the end of the second video for being part of this stupid stunt! I read on a couple other websites that the parents could be charged with neglect? I hope so! Rant over
  13. I am kinda thinking it's fake also! If you notice he has an in-car cam, but the video never shows the in-car when he is in the air!
  14. Look into PlayStation Vue. My biggest reason for not doing it yet was most of the shows I watch are on Discovery, History, and a couple others not available on Netflix, etc, and the fact that I very rarely watch a show live. I usually DVR all my shows, or watch on OnDemand. PlayStation Vue you can stream local channels, and DVR. They also have sports packs, and I believe NFL network. I just looked and seems price went up from last time I looked, starts a 49, not the 40 or 45 I thought. But still 100 cheaper than COX(ukers)!
  15. Im in the same boat. I been with cox almost 16 years and just keeps going up and the "loyalty" deals they give me save maybe $10 a month, but I found out that my internet plan should be 150mbs, but because of the "grandfathered" plan I am on, it is 50mbs!!! Bastards. I am planning on just getting antennas for all my tvs, and I just got 3 Amazon Firesticks on prime day @ $15ea, and I am thinking PlayStation Vue for $40 a month. It has all the stations I watch, and DVR. Oh, and I am putting Titanium on one of the firesticks.

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