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  1. So, I am guessing Terrarium is an app available on chromebook? is that the app that has all the movies and stuff?
  2. I have a little Acer 12" Chromebook I picked up super cheap a year or so ago for just web surfing while on the couch and works good but curious what kind of streaming apps are you using?
  3. Hell in that case save room for me!
  4. Hell, in California you could probably rent those out for a couple hundred a month as "mini homes". My neighbor that used to live across the street from me had a '64 Chevy truck project in his backyard on the side of house and a big RV gate on the other side, then he built a big shop on the side with the gate and had planned on putting in another RV gate on other side where truck was, but found a good deal on a house with acreage so he bought it and moved. Well, instead of knocking down the wall and building a new gate, he just hired a crane to come pick up the truck and swing it over the house and set it on his flatbed trailer. I think it cost him like $150, as the crane had a job installing a roof top a/c that day in the area anyway. Was pretty cool to see his truck swing over his house.
  5. Looks like you have a garage door on backside, they wont go through the garage? Maybe laying down?
  6. There is a campground at the Sunset Crater N.M. right next to the Cinders, if I remember, someone told me they stayed there once and they had showers. Could probably Google it.
  7. I think the best ones were the ones called "Desert Sock", or maybe "Head sock". They were loose fitting with elastic around the neck and a white material in front of your mouth easy to breathe through. They had the name screen printed on the top. The company actually the "spit socks" I think they were called for police depts. that they would put over peoples heads that were trying to spit at officers that were just all made from the material that was in front of the mouth of the Desert sock. I was looking to buy a couple new ones years ago and got ahold of them and they told me that they were not going to be making the "desert" sock anymore, just the law enforcement one but they had some left over so I bought a couple. I will have to look for one in my garage and get a picture.
  8. If you are going to be in Flag towards the end of July, then most likely to have thunderstorms roll through in the afternoons. That's the best time of year up there, especially at the cinders. Rains roll through and drops temps into low 70's in the afternoon.
  9. If you are bringing a Jeep, go to the Cinders. Very fun place. Tons of trails through the Pine trees and crazy big hill called 100 dollar hill. Scenic views on top of the hills, and Sunset Crater N.M. is kinda cool to check out while your there. Its only like 10 miles North and East a little from downtown Flag.
  10. Funny you say that, when I bought this router years ago I named it "NSA-FBI-Mobile Unit" It is still that. Some of my neighbors were talking about it years ago. One of my neighbors now has named theirs "FBI Pedo Unit"
  11. I had a friend tell me to get the "wifi analyzer" app on my phone, so I did and tried it out. It said I should change the channel from 11 to either 8 or 14. it shows all my neighbors on channels 1, 6, 11. I changed it to 8 since it wouldn't let me go over 11 and it seems to have helped. my laptop even seems faster now, so IDK. Maybe will leave it alone and when I get a chance move it to living room behind tv. I am going to talk to my neighbor across the street and see what he has for a router though! If I am in my garage, his signal is a strong as mine, and in my driveway his is stronger. lol
  12. I got it to connect. for some reason my laptop was on my "guest" wifi. But I did not find any way to change the signal output in the settings.
  13. OK, I just did that. It says default gateway is I open a new tab and put that in, and it says "cant reach this page"
  14. I tried this, but does not take me to the login. Just says "hmmm...cant reach this page. I looked at my wifi and it says i.p. address is but when I try that it just says the same thing! I really don't want to just spend money on a 'extender", as getting a better signal in the garage is not the main reason I was thinking about a new router! My router is OLD, and I am sure it is probably slow for streaming. I have thought about moving it, but since it is cable and also has a phone I have to consider that where I put the modem is where the router and home phone will be located. I could put it in my living room on my tv stand behind the tv I guess, which would be in the front center of the house, and only one wall to go through to garage, but then am still left with an outdated router??? IDK, shit like this really confuses me!! LOL
  15. The modem is theirs, router is mine.

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