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  1. Must be one of the Pad3 land barons! LOL
  2. SO, not to start any sh*t or anything, but dude on IG that is I guess the "camp mover" for a big baller that camps I think at pad3, and claims to own "King of the dunes", AKA "king of he drags" car (I think they call it One bad beast) when I asked if it was "king of the dunes", there is no video of it going through the dunes or at Olds, he says the car is set up for the drags ONLY, and cannot got through the dunes because of the suspension setup!!! LOL I said hell, I have been through the dunes on everything from a Honda 70 to a long travel car, why cant a $200k car go through??? I just don't get it!
  3. Yep. I believe he had just taken off from the airstrip at Boardmanville.
  4. Hate to think what mine is worth, especially since I may need to sell soon due to health/job problems. 2013 Orange Madness EPS. Full custom cage, bumpers, doors, seats, harnesses, LED's, the list goes on and on. Skat Traks on Duglas wheels. Has only seen the dirt for a few hours one day years ago, other than that just rides around neighborhood for nephews. Always garage kept and running. Has I believe 8 hrs, and 30ish miles. Kept even after selling everything else hoping to make a comeback to offroading someday, but life interferes sometimes. 🙁
  5. Real classy! But that's what I have heard about you anyway, so what I expected. LOL
  6. So I guess you are cool with the 1500hp cars doing 100mph wheelies 60' from your trailer? Maybe let your kids play on that side as long as they stay within 50' of trailer? Don't get me wrong, I have been going to dunes since 1984, when you maybe saw 1 or 2 leo's all weekend long, and probably didn't need them anyway, but its getting out of control in some ways. One way is the drags, both at Glamis, and at Gordons. These are places that people (both watchers, and guys running) go to SHOW OFF! I just don't get guys who spend $150k plus on a car to just show off, and risk others lives!!! I know, some guys (including some here), either those show offs, or make money off of them, but can you imagine the kind of rules that the BLM will put in place if a bunch of people are killed at the drags!!! Sorry, not IF, but WHEN! Frankly, I have had to sell most all of my toys and camping stuff due to illness over the last 4-5 years, and not sure when, or if I will get to go back, but sure as hell don't want to go with even MORE rules than we have now! As for being a SNOWFLAKE, eff* you!!!!!
  7. That's all these guys do I think! I don't go to Glamis, I go to south dunes but I have a friend that camps close to them and says they just leave their shit (IE ghost camp) all season and show up to race at the drags and next to their camp.
  8. I am glad some officer/blm agent, whatever is finally enforcing this law. 15mph within 50' of camps is fine and usually obeyed, but at the drags are you going to tell me that its ok to do 99mph 51' from the crowd? I know that a lot of you will say "you park at the drags. you take the risk"! Yes, but also, I think people should realize and agree, "you go to the drags and do 100mph 51' from the crowd", be prepared to pay the consequences. I talked to a friend of mine a little while ago and asked him, and he said "speed greater than reasonable and prudent" can be enforced for ANY SPEED, ANYWHERE, it is up to the officers discretion! We all know that all the guys with the money that go just to show off don't care about a $150 ticket, but one day someone will go into the croud at 100mph and kill more people and give the govt and groups wanting the dunes closed more leverage to add MORE RULES, or closures! I know Olds can be a shit-show also, but always seems like we hear more about close calls at the drags. Maybe time for all the "show-offs" to go for dune rides instead of just the drags. Rant over!
  9. It's not a home made car by any means. The chassis is a Desert Dog Offroad chassis that he changed the design of upper cage a little. He used to work at Desert Dog years ago as a fabricator/welder. Car is all Chromoly and built right.
  10. Ok, question for all you guys. My buddy has a M/C powered (Yamaha RX1) sandrail he built a few years ago and only took it out one or maybe 2 times and now wants to sell it, however he has never gotten a title for it. He has all the receipts and bs you need to get it inspected and everything (he is in AZ by the way), but only one inspection place in east valley that does level 3 inspections, and they only do M-Th till like 3pm. Well, he works 10 hr days and does not get payed time off (union guy). He realizes it would be a lot better to have it titled before selling, but do you think it is worth the hassle? He asked me about taking it down and doing it as I am currently out of work, but then it would be in my name and we would have to transfer it over afterwards. So whats your thoughts?
  11. 2008 AZ Trailer Mfg (Playcraft) model RV-24. 24' x 96" inside rails. Ramp gate, spare tire and mount, upgraded tires in good shape, 3 tool/storage boxes for tie downs, etc, permanent plates, extra d-ring tie downs, little use, extras included (jack, lug wrench, etc). $3850 obo SOLD Located in Chandler, Az Text Dave @ 480-229-9100
  12. I would recommend the weekend before t-day due to less crowds. As far as camping, just look for Gecko Rd., drive all the way down to the end and look for the camp with motorhomes and toyhaulers with caution tape around their camp. These camps are known as "free-stay" camps. Feel free to use any of the Rv's you wish, as well as any toys inside trailers, etc. These people leave them there for out-of-towners to use for free. Enjoy your stay!!!!
  13. FYI, I decided not to re-new this plate this year so I was told by DMV that will be available after midnight tonight. A friend of mine wanted it, but went with a different plate a couple weeks ago.
  14. Ok, ooma sounds great for a home line, but I still need to get this phone unlocked for a cell phone that my mom can take with her when she needs.

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