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  1. A big name, big wallet, huge ego, small di@k!
  2. Mainly here and RDP. On RDP I only read the RD's Lounge section since I have not had a boat in over 20 years, but some really funny shiat on there!
  3. Yea, drop your toyhauler off with him and hope to see it again!
  4. Some people say dad did it first and all he had to do was hit the same spot/speed to make it. BS. If you see in the video, the only tracks in the sand to the takeoff are the ones the kid made with front tires only to give dad the thumbs up. Second, dad could not have done it before (at least right before) due to the fact the kid had a smaller seat for his size (unless dad is the size of a 10yo). Also, the kid DOES NOT hit the tracks he lined up with sending him to the left, almost hitting dad and then hitting the bush! So it seems to me that it was just "ok son, back up and mash the throttle and you will be a YouTube star!" And if you miss, hold your breath!
  5. OK, I didn't watch the second video I was thinking it was just the same as the first. So, I change my opinion, a 10 yo boy did jump the canal. NOW, I can say my opinion of his parents (especially dad), being the dumbest m-fers in our sport! And thanks to all the sponsers at the end of the second video for being part of this stupid stunt! I read on a couple other websites that the parents could be charged with neglect? I hope so! Rant over
  6. I am kinda thinking it's fake also! If you notice he has an in-car cam, but the video never shows the in-car when he is in the air!
  7. Look into PlayStation Vue. My biggest reason for not doing it yet was most of the shows I watch are on Discovery, History, and a couple others not available on Netflix, etc, and the fact that I very rarely watch a show live. I usually DVR all my shows, or watch on OnDemand. PlayStation Vue you can stream local channels, and DVR. They also have sports packs, and I believe NFL network. I just looked and seems price went up from last time I looked, starts a 49, not the 40 or 45 I thought. But still 100 cheaper than COX(ukers)!
  8. Im in the same boat. I been with cox almost 16 years and just keeps going up and the "loyalty" deals they give me save maybe $10 a month, but I found out that my internet plan should be 150mbs, but because of the "grandfathered" plan I am on, it is 50mbs!!! Bastards. I am planning on just getting antennas for all my tvs, and I just got 3 Amazon Firesticks on prime day @ $15ea, and I am thinking PlayStation Vue for $40 a month. It has all the stations I watch, and DVR. Oh, and I am putting Titanium on one of the firesticks.
  9. Always fun to ride at the Cinders during, or after a good summer rain. Nice and cool and nothing beats the smell of wet pine trees.
  10. I am in Chandler, Az. I will have to look into what they are worth.
  11. For 12 volt compressors, I have 2 of these that used to be sold at Checker Auto years ago for like $40. When I had my Jeep, a bunch of us bought them and used every time we went wheeling and they work great. A couple friends even mounted them under their hood and hard-wired them in. I loaned one to a friend a while back and he loved it and wanted one, but I didn't think they were still available, but he found them online. They have been sold under different names, one I have says Super Flow, the other says something else. When we searched for them online, we even found a couple videos and articles showing them as very high rated in their tests. We saw them online as low as $50, and high as $150, depending on who was selling. https://superflowair.com/products/mv-50-air-compressor-1
  12. I have 2 smaller Aluminum Nitrogen tanks (not sure exact size, like 6-8" dia x 14-16" tall). I think one needs to be certified. I will probably sell the one that needs cert. Not sure what they are worth, got them from a friend years ago who worked for Air Products.
  13. The lava tubes are cool. there are some over by the Cinders OHV area, just South of Sunset Crater NM park, but they are closed off to the public now (at least last time I was there). My first trip to the cinders back in H.S., we went on a night ride with a guy who knew the back way to them and went exploring inside one. Had ice on the walls in part of it.
  14. Yes, Sedona is definitely a tourist trap. Everything costs more. Did you go to the McDonalds? Its a big hit with tourists to get a picture out by the sign since its the only McD's with NO golden arches!
  15. Not on his motorcycle, but with his "Evel Live 2" show that aired today! Was supposed to be 2 world records, one for longest distance on MC, and one for MC through burning walls. Well, I guess the guy doing the distance crashed and broke his ankle a couple days ago so could not attempt his record, so was just the girl doing the burning walls stunt. 1-1/2hr long show, with her stunt in last 5 minutes or so that took all of 10 seconds to do. SO GLAD I DVR'd it!!!! When they announced in first minute of show was only going to be the one stunt, fast forward to the end stunt. Hour and a half in 10 min, and still wasted my time!

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