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  1. Black Carbon and gloss black. Windshield, nets, mirrors, lightbar, non painted roof rack, display bundle, PCI radio / intercom, heat / sound proofing kit, spare tire & mount, bed storage x 3. And, Oh yeah...............a big ol' glass of Kool Aid. So far, So good.
  2. I don't know. ABC seems to be pretty extreme at everything he does. Might be fun to watch him dump for an hour and a half.
  3. Cut Buff some slack. He's got his hands full with other $hit right now.
  4. Cool Cat Luke. RIP little buddy.
  5. That scene reminds me of what it would be like if some of you guys were talking to Robby.
  6. It has been my experience that if you let your OHV tag lapse, AZMVD increases your vehicle license tax from $3.00 to whatever the depreciated MSRP on the vehicle you're trying to re-new is. So it goes up a bit from the current $5.45 annual fee. Check it out before you let them lapse. Either way, the Government's going to take as much of your money as it can.
  7. Probably means its been upgraded with a fresh tank of fuel. Thanks to Joe, that's a pretty expensive upgrade.
  8. If it's a motorcycle plate, MVD hammers you for the registration fee (at the normal depreciated "MSRP" value of the vehicle) when it's time to renew if you don't keep the off-road designation current. Game & Fish links with MVD, so they know. An example with my SCU was $500.00+ renewal W/O the off-road, $5.25 renewal fee with the off-road current. I bout shait my pants when I discovered that little piece of information I don't know what happens if you have the Az RV or regular Az plate. Our government employs some of the best pick pockets in the universe.
  9. Will you let your AZ. license plate go away also?
  10. I did the same thing (with the 10" barrel) a couple of weeks ago? Do you have plans for sights?
  11. I'm usually pretty agreeable with what you guys have to say. But not in this case. WTF.......do you like Eco-Freaks? I'd put them in feet first.
  12. I get the idea that, before long, the rest of the world might not have that hatred towards Americans any longer. They may actually start to feel sorry for us. The Ugly American will be replaced with The Stupid American. Hmmmmm..........TSA. Good name for a film. This time it'll be a documentary.
  13. That guy has the reaction time of a sloth. Some people act. Some people react. Some people just sit there & $hit themselves. Took him 70 seconds to get out of his truck. "I put the "fire" out with a bottle of water." "At that moment I said a prayer for her." Not a bad jump though. Looks like she got about 198 feet of air from the north curb line of Pease Rd. Stuck the landing too. Car might be totaled. 🙏🙏🙏🙏 Hope these help.

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