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  1. Sorry Gents! I probably got a bit premature... I will post pictures as soon as she is sitting in MY garage. It's a done deal BUT I don't physically have it yet. 😎
  2. I'm incredibly excited to say that our search has successfully ended!!!! We are proud new owners of a "Pre-Owned" Gen-6! Exactly if not more than I was hoping for...
  3. Beautiful Car! I actually text with you a few months ago... I spoke with Funco re: converting it to a 4 seat. I'm holding out for a Gen-6 BUT if the season gets any closer I may be in touch... 😎
  4. As of a few days ago this brand new G-52 was for sale... Owner has never had it in the sand... $139k
  5. Hello, I'm looking for a FUNCO Gen-6. I promise I will give it a good home! Thanks
  6. Not that you need it but you sure would look good behind the wheel! Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for looking! *** Also thanks for the compliment on Mary...
  7. Sweet Car! But not really what I'm looking for. Thanks though.
  8. Bump for new price.. Thx ANY "Off Season" offers??? You may be surprised..!!!
  9. 2016 Polaris XP4 Turbo • INCREDIABE Condition • 56 Hours of run time • 850 Miles • Original Adult Owner • ALL recalls completed • NEVER ABUSED, Crashed OR UPSIDE-DOWN • Full Long Travel Suspension by Up-Front Motorsports • Straight-UP Cage , Roof & Automotive Windshield • Race Craft RCR Full Driveline Up-Grade ($1200 Alone) • HCT Quiet Exhaust • HCT Stage 2 Tune on replaced ECU (Factory ECU Included) • Full Doors (Opening) • LED Light Bar • Up-Graded Clutches • PRP Seats • PRP 5 Point Seat Belts • Full set of Sand Tires & Hyper Wheels • Full set of Tensor Dirt Tires & Hyper Wheels • Quick Disconnect Steering Wheel • CVT Blaster Belt / Clutch Fan • 2 Safe-Glow Lighted Whips • LED Under-Body Lights • LED Dome Lights • Arizona Title in hand •
  10. More good info!!! Thanks guys! One other option we are entertaining is a garage model toy-hauler. Its tough to find one that has over a 15' garage.
  11. Thank you everybody! Good info! Our XP4 will be replaced by a Sand Car in the near future & I want to be better prepared. Again Thanks!
  12. Fellow Duners, Can a few of you tell me what the length of your cars are? I will be box trailer shopping in the near future & would like to assure I have enough length. I currently have a XP4 with long travel & its 12.5' end to end BUT I plan on buying a 4 seat sand car someday soon. Thanks In Advance!

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