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  1. Where are you located? If it works geographically I'll take them off your hands...
  2. I'm currently running MT Baja Pro's in a 33'' & would like to try 35's....
  3. Let's try this! Anyone have a budget build going on or a Father / Son project that really NEEDS these....? Come get them or pay shipping & they are yours. 😀
  4. 4 sets of Simpson 3x3 Five Point Harnesses... Work perfectly, no fraying or cuts. Could use a good cleaning! Thanks for looking. Dune Safe!! $125 Shipped $100 Picked Up Will not separate. *** Redlands Ca.
  5. That was my exact thought!! Now when my wife askes "Are those legal" I'll tell her CRUSTY & SofaKing said we are all good! Thanks Gents!!
  6. Hello All, Please help! I have attempted several times to reach an officer on the phone with no luck. I need to swap out my tail lights in the sandcar and I was thinking of going with smoked lenses (see pic). Below is what I cut from the "Rules & Regulation" page of the BLM web site... If I run these smoked lens will they pull me over & beat us with their Billy Clubs ? (being funny) REQUIRED EQUIPMENT. According to California State law, any off highway vehicle must be equipped with an approved muffler, brakes, and spark arrester. Headlight and taillight are required for operation at night. Tail lights must include at least one red light.
  7. Hi do you still need  2 wheel wells for a WW ? I have 2 I bought off here a few years ago and never used them . How long do you need these are for a triple axle but will need your measurement if your interested. 

    Thanks Mike



      Hi Mike! Yes.... I'm not sure I "Need" them but for the right price I would take them.. & yes triple axle.

      Tim 909-233-9051 (If you can text me a few pictures.)


    2. orange crush

      orange crush

      I texted you pictures.

  8. Just a little teaser! Jade is still sitting at Funco getting her pre-season love.. Yes... My wife has already given her a name.
  9. I'm looking to locate 2 of these & reaching a deadend on the web... Can you point me in the right direction? Thanks!
  10. I need 2 of these! Any idea where I can get another to match yours?
  11. Sorry Gents! I probably got a bit premature... I will post pictures as soon as she is sitting in MY garage. It's a done deal BUT I don't physically have it yet. 😎
  12. I'm incredibly excited to say that our search has successfully ended!!!! We are proud new owners of a "Pre-Owned" Gen-6! Exactly if not more than I was hoping for...

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