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  1. Really happy that a major manufacturer has upped the ante on displacement. Hopefully others will follow the Polaris example. Yamaha has that great 1.8 liter wave runner motor, Kawasaki has a 1.5 liter jet ski motor and Rotax has a 1.63 liter SeaDoo motor. Kawasaki's KRX 1000 has a great chassis. If they came out with a KRX 1500 S (sequential) I would be all over that. And please put the radiator in the back like the YXZ. I am really tired of the heat in the cab.
  2. They go from 3.9:1 to 4.86:1 now. I have some concerns about how strong it is as eventually I hope to be over 200hp. I also will be running 33x10.5 or larger tires. What engine/transaxle did you end up with?
  3. Thinking about a street legal Manxter DualSport build on a tube manxchassis.com frame. Will be using a JDM Subaru initially running NA. Want transaxle strong enough for low boost turbo if I want more power. Anyone have experience running one of these in their DualSport or sand cars? Thanks
  4. That’s the problem with the pre 2019 YXZs. Mine is a 16 that I bought new and the suspension would really beat you up. Now I have the Fireball LT that adds 7” width and 3.5” length and it really improves the ride/ handling.
  5. Yeah, I think I saw that car at KOH and it was doing well. I think they crashed and DNFed. If Yamaha does carry over the Greeves car suspension to production I hope they keep it lite. Some of the new sxs cars are getting really heavy.
  6. I hope that RG works out the problems and gets his cars to market. I think having a innovative high end utv in the market place will force all the other mfgrs to improve their cars. However there are rumors, patent applications and sightings of prototypes that RG’s competition are working on. In addition to improved suspension the prototypes all have transmissions instead of CVT belts. I have a YXZ and I love being able to cruise at high speeds at relatively low rpm. I ride with a guy with a Wildcat XX and I really like his car except for the belt. His car is really noisy as the motor is always turning high rpm. Of course the belt is better for rock crawling. My YXZ has the 2019 gears along with LT setup and I don’t have any problems on Black diamond jeep trails. I’ve seen the patent applications from Yamaha for a long travel extended wheel base YXZ. I think that will be my next sxs if they have a three pedal version.
  7. I afraid you are right, the only way we as Americans should/will get regime change is through the ballot box. Unlike the democrats that have used fraud (stolen election? Russian collusion) and a politicized DOJ and FBI.
  8. Hopefully the AZ audit will have evidence of fraud. I heard that the Republicans in the statehouse in PA are pushing for audit of a couple districts including Philadelphia. And still waiting for Durham to present findings on the Russia collusion fraud. I love the fact that the people in Cuba and Hong Kong demonstrating against their commie governments are waving our flag as a symbol of freedom. Wouldn’t they make great Americans? Instead we get a bunch of entitled jackasses that hate our country. They demand that taxpayers support them and then wave the flags of the backward corrupt sh—-holes they came from.

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