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  1. Got the Harley out and went for a ride to Downtown Fullerton and Heroes for lunch and Beverages.
  2. Its actually a really easy job. last couple I did were 4-6 hours of work. If you know a SCE lineman with a Meter Key its really easy.
  3. 9 days at the River. Coors and Jack Daniels stock must have went up.
  4. I will be doing more regional travel for work but moving my home base to AZ.
  5. One year till my youngest graduates High School. Already bought the house in AZ for cash. Using this year to get it furnished nice and then estate sale all my old used stuff heare and get in the car and be home. Registering the truck, boat and RZR next week in AZ.
  6. Regret not jumping in the military right out of school also and not getting a divorce sooner. Put the kids through too much thinking I was helping them.
  7. I am gonna guess that with the Havasu summer temps in the metal building its stored in I would guess NO!! I would bet that his boat is getting some use though.
  8. Same Boat @WLD-OTZ. Just Closed Escrow in Bullhead City. All the toys are going to the river house. Lots of riding out of my Driveway and out to Oatman for ICBs.
  9. ladsm

    Effin Amazon

    Get the Prime membership and if we ever miss a date call us and SAY "You missed my CUSTOMER EXPECTATIONS and RUINED MY CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE" They will always make it right. Our bonuses are based on CE Misses.
  10. ladsm

    Hey LRS

    My dad use to haul fuel for Mobil and when their tank farm was low they filled up with different brands and just added the secret additives. Some of the ghost haulers sell unbranded fuel and sometimes cut it with alcohol and other cheaper filler additives. There is also a black market for fuel that the independents purchase for cash that comes from overseas or stolen from other stations and refineries. (Heard it from a friends brothers sister aunts boyfriend)😆 All the stations used to use the same padlock on the tank caps that every driver had.
  11. ladsm

    ATC 70

    Damn Im on this one
  12. Did some more river house rehab, Did a color change outside, all new lighting, plugs and switches inside. Took the long way home and grabbed the boat out of storage to bring home for maintenance then a week of vacation for Fathers Day.
  13. Moved into our new river house. Some awesome views from the front porch in BHC.
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