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  1. ladsm

    2006 Jeep Grand cherokee 4X4 WTT/WTS

    Any interest in a Yamaha R6 street bike?
  2. ladsm

    Fresh Water Fill up

    I fill up at my house before I leave, No worries about finding fresh water. If your rig is so heavy that it cant take the extra weight then something isnt right.
  3. I have been using a UPS store mailbox for years for everything including taxes and bills. Not hard to fake being a local resident.
  4. ladsm

    Westinghouse Generator

    Got my new Generator, Unpacked it and filled it with oil. Only ran it for a few minutes but so far its GREAT!!!, I put 1500 watts of lights on it and its really quiet. The remote works well and it starts right up. I am gonna take it to storage and plug in the trailer this weekend and fire up the AC.
  5. ladsm

    21' Shockwave Skier 496 Bravo 1

    Bump for summer
  6. ladsm

    Wanted - Generator

    I have new Westinghouse Dual Fuel 4500 watt with remote start genny showing up this next Saturday that I ordered from Home Depot. I will let you know how quiet it is vs whats they advertise. Comes with a 3 year warranty which is decent for Gennys. I like that it can sit and the propane wont gum up the carb.
  7. ladsm

    Truck Thief in Lake Elsinore

    No I mean the guy that got his truck stolen is a GD member, not the thief
  8. ladsm

    Truck Thief in Lake Elsinore

    He is on the boards here. Forgot his screen name
  9. ladsm

    New alignment plates I made

    what about putting some caster wheels on the bottom of the plate so you can push on the suspension to cycle it and there is no resistance on the tires and the suspension can naturally settle and not throw off the camber? Sort of like when alignment shops pull the tires up on rollers so the suspension can move freely while adjusting it.
  10. ladsm

    Shipping a new trailer build

    there a a few people on the boards here that do trailer deliveries @Rubs @QueenGlamis @Kevin
  11. ladsm

    Toyota pickup river jalopy

    Will this pass CA smog??
  12. ladsm

    16k Reese slider hitch

    What city is this located, Im interested
  13. ladsm

    Westinghouse Generator

    Yep I have a few sizes, 5,7 and 10 Gallons im gonna experiment with for run time. I have a trip to San Simeon (Hearst Castle) for spring break with no hookups so I will take the big bottle and 5 gallons of gas as a backup. I will definitely run gas through it to make sure the carb is good but then run it dry before it gets put away. The whole driving factor is I have 3 quads and a generator sitting in my garage with bad gas and carbs that need rebuilding. Im over it.
  14. 2013 900 HO Jagged X, Walker Evans upgraded shocks with dual rate springs and internal needle bypasses. Beadlock desert tires and Sand Paddles and smoothies. All stock drive train. 111 hours and 1600 Miles $13,000
  15. Summer is coming, 496 EFI, Bravo 1, 24P stainless prop, powered trim tabs, alpine stereo with amp, true 70mph, 400+ hours, New Trailer Tires July 2018, Stored indoors @ Parker AZ and can transfer storage. $20,000.00

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