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  1. ladsm

    Sweet Deal On A Mattress

    Friend deal
  2. ladsm

    Sweet Deal On A Mattress

    A friend of mine owns a mattress factory, There is 4-10x markup on mattresses. Most of the time he sells me mine for $225-$450 depending on the types of foam used. THe stores sell them for $1200 $4000. My newest mattress sells for $7800 at Bloomingdales. I paid less than the sales tax alone on a bed that expensive. I get it they have to pay the lights and rent but dang I wont pay full price for a mattress
  3. ladsm

    Does Glamis have a live cam anywhere?

    follow devin at the beach store on FB, he post pics daily with weather updates from the store
  4. I got his old toilet which was an upgrade to the cheap plastic one I had. Larry said he bought the same toilet but full height. His old one flushes those sticky, smearing logs great
  5. ladsm

    Malcolm Smith injured by golf cart

    I met Malcolm when I had took my last Husqavarna into his dealership. He is a cool guy, gave me a tour of his personal office with all his bikes in the office (fully carpeted) nice office
  6. ladsm


    Thanks for posting this topic, Just got new material from Amazon myself and the video is perfect. Mike Dee, bring your rig over and we can do them both at the same time. http://www.toughtopawnings.com/how-to-replace-rv-awning-fabric.html
  7. ladsm

    69 Tahiti jet boat, berkeley pump, project Boat $500

    Between the trailer, coors light cans, aluminum railings and the gas pedal this might be a money maker
  8. ladsm

    JEEP CJ7

    The 4.3 V6 conversions are ideal for the CJs, they fit great, perfect torque band for crawling and really good gas mileage. I have done many of those swaps and they are great
  9. Awesome Trailers, Great build quality, Aluminum Walls and ceiling structure,
  10. Thanks The build quality on these from Monaco is top notch. Im looking to downsize, Kids are grown up and tied up with work and school.
  11. 2004 Monaco Dune Chaser 37' 5th wheel Toyhauler with 24K slider hitch , <$18,000> 37' with 14'7" to first cabinet and drive over wheel wells, remote controlled winch to pull toys in, Front Queen bedroom slide and Rear electric king size bed Aluminum Framed construction so no worry about wood and staples rotting out like in other brand haulers, 9 layer roof with insulated floor that was just resealed Dual A/Cs, 50 amp Electrical, 5000 watt Generator, 140 gallons of water, 40 Gallon Fuel with pump and 20 gallon Gen tank, Built in Ext Pressure washer Outside cabinets for storage all the way around on both sides for tons of storage. Never seen another maker do this. Overhead loft for storage of riding gear etc. (7) brand new tires 16" with 2018 date codes. 769 hours on the Generator, 60 amp Charger and 2000 watt inverter. Real wood cabinets and drawers, Solid built, slide out pantry, bedroom is spacious with lotsa of clothes storage and drawers and lift up bed. Upgrades include Yamaha Stereo with subwoofer, porcelain toilet, and 24K sliding hitch. No Leaks, everything works, Ready for the Desert or River- Pics were just taken 1-5-2019
  12. Diesel Powerhouse in Norco does some good work.
  13. Santa got me some new handlebars for my Yamaha R6, he is so smart knowing what I want
  14. ladsm

    Want the wall built?

    $8.5 Million and going WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

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