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  1. back when Chevy first introduced DEF into their trucks they didnt have enough in stock so they told customers to run straight water till they could find it. Its synthetic cow pee.
  2. Everything Larry has is clean and in good shape, I know I bought his toilet.
  3. ladsm

    Tailgate theft

    Is yours the black Ford Platinum in Eastvale posted on FB?
  4. looks like a well built jeep. Get Shane out with you in his dads old willys and it will be a blast. Me and Shane built a lot of those back in the days
  5. I fond a used spa that was toast but had good equipment and used the filter, pump and heating unit and plumbed it into my above ground and it kicked butt.
  6. Went gun shopping last weekend, The store sells +5000 AR rifles a month out of their 1 store. It would take 100 years to buyback every gun in the US.
  7. While waiting for my paperwork they started pulling out $500 AR15s and setting them on the counter. I had to put my wallet back in my pocket and back away slowly. Couldnt tell the wife she doesnt get a new couch because I bought more guns.
  8. Thats not the reason for leaving. It is just one of the many advantages living in a State that doesnt try to control your every move in life. Another example is if you wanna jump on your motorcycle and run to the store its your decision if you wanna wear a helmet or not.
  9. We are over in Holiday Shores, Ramar/River garden
  10. Congrats we bought down by the river in Bullhead City and love our time in AZ, Walked into a store Saturday and bought a gun in less time than getting beer at the grocery store. Cant wait till my daughter graduates next June and we are gone.
  11. Looks great, will make for easy cleanups and probably got rid of the old gas smells too.
  12. Got the Harley out and went for a ride to Downtown Fullerton and Heroes for lunch and Beverages.
  13. Its actually a really easy job. last couple I did were 4-6 hours of work. If you know a SCE lineman with a Meter Key its really easy.
  14. 9 days at the River. Coors and Jack Daniels stock must have went up.

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