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    Desertcraft filters are here!!!

    Severe duty filter. Serviceable and no oils needed - Available for the XP1000, XPT, Turbo S ............we are working on a filter for the Can Am too

    Desertcraft filters are here!!!

    We are only making filters for the side by side market at this time. Looks like a bit of an issue with that R2C filter. As we have worked with R2C in the past we are not longer working with them. We have developed the Desertcraft filter with our unique media .

    Desertcraft filters are here!!!

    Working on it. Hopefully we should have those within the next month. We will post here once we have them in inventory

    Desertcraft filters are here!!!

    As we like the bracket for extra security we had feedback than many were running the filter without the bracket and not having any issues. Also as you mentioned some do not like to drill a hole in the Air box in case they have to take their vehicle in for warranty work. I don't have a photo of the bracket but it is an L shaped bracket that attached to the stud at the end of the filter. I think that you can get the idea as to how it mounts. Let us know if there is anything else you need Have a good day
  5. Two years ago we set on a quest to develop the best air filter on the market. After several medias and independent testing we realized a combination of medias that met or surpassed the best the industry has to offer. Not only did we have the goal of offering the best filter on the market, we wanted it to be serviceable. Having an extensive background in industrial facilities and manufacturing allowed us to think out of the box when it came to developing our filter. Severe duty filtration is nothing new in the manufacturing sector, protecting tight tolerance equipment such as turbine generators, compressors and alike is key to the longevity and extended service life. Knowing the investment that many make in their UTV's and the severe conditions that can be encountered, we wanted our customers to have the same protection that is afforded to high end industrial equipment. While other companies concentrate on getting better flow numbers we concentrated our efforts on all out filtration! Please be cautious if a company states that their filter flows better than brand X. High flow comes at a cost, and typically equates to less filtration. If you're trying to shave a 1/10th of a second of your drag strip run then a high flow filter might be for you. If you are looking for a filter that provides superior filtration to protect your investment, then we would like you to consider our Severe Duty Desertcraft filter. The Desertcraft filter is a dual component dry filter element that needs no special cleaners or oils. For a quick service excess dirt can be tapped off, and compressed air can be used from the inside out to further remove debris. For a deep clean, the element can be rinsed from the inside out with a garden hose, once its soaked simply spray a diluted solution of dish soap or Simple Green on the pleats and let soak a few minutes. Final rinse from the inside out and let dry completely before use. Key Features...... ü Industry leading combination of filter medias for superior filtration ü Dry element that can be serviced and needs no special cleaners or oils ü Stainless Steel exterior wire mesh support for a durable finish and unmatched strength (Most companies use no support or flat stamped steel with a painted finish) ü Internal fine wire mesh maintaining total integrity of the media layup (Went the extra step here) ü Only filter on the market that has a studded end and mounting bracket for a bullet proof / fail safe installation. (Brackets available as an option) http://desertcraft-us.3dcartstores.com/RZR-XP1000XPTTurbo-S-Air-Filter_p_101.html Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions. 900S, Trail , XC, 1000S, ACE, General below XP1000, XPT, Turbo S w/bracket - below

    XPT - Time to get Blasted!!

    Nice upgrade to keep your belts cool - free shipping - for the month of October - use OCT2018 at checkout

    XPT - Time to get Blasted!!

    If you are heading out to the dunes and are having CVT cooling issues - check out our CVT Blasters - we have different styles to suit your needs - plus as we manufacture all in house we can customize any of our products. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions 760-955-1409
  8. XPT ( Time to get Blasted!) Our premium CVT "Blaster" II has helped everyone from top racers to hard core enthusiasts. The CVT "Blaster" II is by far the most comprehensive kit on the market and has proven it's worth in several sanctioned racing events such as SCORE, BITD, ULTRA4 and others. Of course not everyone is a racer but hard core enthusiasts have also benefitted from the consistent and high velocity fresh air that the "Blaster" provides. Weather you like to cruise low and slow on your local mountain trail or Fly low at warp speed through the open desert or dunes, the "Blaster" keeps those belt temps in check. If our CVT "Blaster" II kit is not quite in the budget, but you would still like to have proven results we have some options for you. Check out our SD kit that utilizes the same high velocity fan assembly with a dual stage foam filter attached directly to the fan. This kit works well for open desert and dunes in dry conditions. Due to its placement it is not recommended for those that run in wet or muddy conditions. We also have our "Under Cowl" kit that uses an adapter that is mounted under the stock CVT intake cover/cowl and utilizes the nylon filter material on the cover to help filter the incoming air. This kit works out really well for those that don't want a filter mounted in the corner of the bed or when an aftermarket cage is used that has the extra beauty bars or integrated bumpers. So no matter your budget or build, you can have the same cooling advantage that top racers enjoy. XPT Blaster II Installed Sand and Dirt Installed Under Cowl installed October Special!!!! For the month of October 2018 we will be offering free shipping on all of the products we offer. Use coupon code "Oct2018" at check out. Check it out at desertcraft.us If you have any questions or need more information about the CVT "Blaster" II or any of our other products, don't hesitate to give us a call. Regards,

    2016 ACE 900SP - SOLD!!

    2016 ACE 900SP 140 Original miles /14 Hours Leveling kit 2" Spacers 26" XP900 Big Horn Tires and Rims Stock Tires and Rims (New) Desertcraft Suspension Seat Brackets Wet Okole Seat Cover Fire extinguisher Whip Flag Mount Desertcraft CVT "Free Flow" Kit DesertCraft Air Box Straps Serviceable Air Filter Factory UTV Carbon Fiber look doors Complete Factory UTV Skid Plate Package (Ready to Install) Always garaged, lightly used and has only been on three trips. Never been rolled, plastic is perfect. Great little trail machine with plenty of power. If you looking for a near new machine, this is it! $6500.00 (760) 955-1409

    Keep That Cvt Cool!

    Thank you for your interest PM sent

    Keep That Cvt Cool!

    Not at this time
  12. XPT CVT Blaster SD (Sand /Desert) Our "XPT CVT Blaster II" for the XPT has proven it's worth on and off the track. The additional volume of high velocity air provides consistent cooling (this is a stand along system NOT an inline blower) to the CVT drive system realizing significant drops in direct belt temperature, (Oh and it's filtered too!). The "XPT CVT Blaster II" with it's remote mounted filter was developed to keep the filter high and dry for those who encounter much wetter conditions than we see here in the west. We designed the "XPT CVT Blaster SD" (Sand /Desert) for the desert and dune rider in mind, our "XPT CVT Blaster SD" incorporates our proven high velocity fan assembly with a light weight dual stage foam filter that is directly attached to the assembly. The filter can be run dry for adequate filtration, or the inner layer can be lightly oiled to increase filter efficiency. We also offer an optional water repellant nylon wrap in case you encounter a little rain in the desert or that rare stream crossing. If you like to run your XPT hard and fast through the desert and dunes, keep those belt temps in check with our "XPT CVT Blaster SD". Regards, XPT CVT BLASTER SD pictured below XPT Blaster II installed, XPT Blaster SD (Sand/Desert)installed, XPT Blaster SD kit

    R2C Does It Again!

    Yep R2C is a great filter and can be cleaned and no oil is needed. Unfortunately we are currently out of stock for the XP1000 filters. We are hoping to have more in by the end of next week. I will post once they are back in stock.

    Keep That Cvt Cool!

    CFM rating is 160. It pushes more air than an in line blower does. Plus is mounts right on the cover so you have direct cooling. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any additional questions

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