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  1. What kind of license does it take to drive one of these?
  2. Congrats Mac...pretty sweet truck!
  3. Do they bark like, Le Woof being French? Cute pups
  4. LOL! I get all happy when I see this thread bumped to the top. Can't wait to see what's posted.
  5. Mac, I bought my new DMAX in 2018, I have a 16' box trailer fully loaded is about 5k lbs. Did I need to go Diesel, nope...but I love it. Especially towing my trailer, doesn't even know it's back there and knowing down the road I can get a bigger trailer if I want to. I haven't done one thing to it and it drives so nice! I'm not leveling it out, or putting 35" tires on it either or some GHAY lift on it with tires sticking out 14" on each side. I think the thing looks classy the way it is and when I hook up my trailer it sits perfectly level. I wouldn't change a thing and couldn't see myself driving a gas after owning 2 diesels now. Was it expensive...yes, but when you get exactly what you want...it doesn't really matter does it?
  6. I really think you have the coolest job ever!
  7. Like he graduated from High School! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
  8. This! I used to have this issue on my Dmax.
  9. You know, they should post a BIG ol Pic of that guy dead right at the doors...saying something like "This is the last guy that tried to rob this place...Do you feel lucky PUNK?" https://media.giphy.com/media/c2pOELjarKcU/giphy.gif

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