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  1. dbart

    SX / Motorcross

    Ok, so Tomac gonna race the 250 Smoker...I'm thinking he can pull top 5...a podium would be an incredible accomplishment. Obviously would love to have him "Smoke" the field and go 1-1! The lack of torque I think is gonna hurt with an outdoor venue. I'd like him to try the 2-Smoke for SX though...that would be interesting. What say you guys?
  2. I built one out of a 59' Schwinn...so much fun! My cousin says he wants to ride it...I give him ONE SPECIFIC Order...Do NOT Stand up!!!! So of course what's he do...stands up and the thing folds in on him... I'm like....WTF!!!!!
  3. Lots of Wineries. Ledson is a cool one and a great story: https://ledson.com/discover-ledson-2/about/ Click on History. This Castle was supposed to be a private home on their winery, but onlookers kept asking when the winery was gonna open? So, being a contractor, he stopped mid build and changed this to a tasting facility and built his home on another piece of the property! The architecture alone is worth the visit. Every room has different inlay flooring, the brick work is amazing too. Great wine too...I bought 3 bottles that cost more than our rental car!
  4. What a POS! But the Sheeple will still vote her in!
  5. But what everyone wants to know......Did you get the Gadgetman Groove yet? Good luck with this little project...but admit it, you're having fun right?
  6. Going to see them in 2 weeks with Korn!
  7. Anytime a sport is portrayed as a movie like Surfing...Hollywood just EFFS it all Up! For one, photography...They show a guy take off as a Regular foot and the next shot is someone totally different riding goofy foot. I'm sure it'll be the same with this movie too. 2, like stated above...Captain Cliche is what we'll have here! How many wrenches will be thrown in the garage, when he says he can't do it..then Hot chic enters stage right and takes off her clothes.... Wait this could be good!

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