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  1. I'm so proud of my brother Robert. 2 yrs 9 months older than me, served in the Gulf war in the Marines then has served more the 27 years as a Police Officer in Arcadia. He is retiring the end of this week. Hello, Everyone: As shared in an earlier email (see below), Officer Bob Bartley is retiring at the end of this week. Please join me in congratulating Bob on one of the busiest, most productive careers that a patrol officer has ever had here at Arcadia PD. Whether you worked with Bob most recently just a few months ago, or worked with him when he started here in the early 90s, you saw the same Officer Bartley: A highly motivated and dedicated police officer that loved his work, loved law enforcement, and, most importantly, loved the camaraderie of working with the men and women alongside him every day. I recall once encouraging Bob to test for an assignment that would have taken him out of patrol, and I remember to this day what he said to me in return. He said, “Thanks, Chief, but I like patrol too much…I like taking criminals to jail.” What I appreciated most about Bob’s response is that I absolutely believed it because he exhibited that passion for police work every single day he worked. Simply put, Bob is and remains one of the hardest working police officers that we’ve seen here in the past 30 years, and it’s been an honor to work with him. This COVID Pandemic has been crappy on many levels. But, what I really don’t like about it is how it restricts our ability to give our retirees a sendoff worthy of a career served – with a department lunch and presentation that they have earned and deserve. Such is the case with Bob. I hope and expect the Department and APOA will work together in the future, after all this is comfortably and safely behind us, so that we may once again have a lunch and presentation for both Bob Bartley, and Stan Flores who also retired just a few weeks ago. But, for now…this email will have to serve as our best way to say, “Good Bye” and “Thank You” to Bob. We wish him and his family well as he begins this new chapter in his life. Most importantly, our doors will always be open to Officer Bob Bartley should he ever find himself our way again in the future. Congratulations, Bob. Best of luck to you, BartMan! Bob Guthrie I'm so stoked for him that he's done. His son Dylan is in the Marines and has 50 days to go and he's out. Dylan will be following in his Dad's footsteps and wants to become a Police Officer! Some pics of him and his family then my wife and I with them having fun, Palm Springs and Mexico! Congrats Bro!
  2. They did remove the clutch as I had new clutch covers to put on. The inner one that is against the motor won't go on unless the clutch is pulled. That's why I took it to the shop to have it done. I will pull the outer cover off probably this weekend. It's in my trailer and I don't have all that much room to get in there.
  3. Do you like Flock of Seagulls?
  4. I seriously have no words... .
  5. dbart

    SX / Motorcross

    Yeah, All the tracks have already been designed...they'll just adapt them to the venue being raced at. That's what I'm a thinkin'
  6. OK, That is ridiculously BITCHEN!!!!!!! GASP!
  7. I didn't want to...I said thanks and I HATE you all in one! I will say, the lack of visibility was very weird for me...that long hood made me feel like I was gonna rip the right Front wheel off something. It drove soooooo nice....effortless! Plush, Ridiculous power, etc... I'd love to drive a new RZR S-Velocity as I think that is the direction I would lean towards when the time comes.
  8. So, it just figures! This thing runs awesome...new belt put in. Take it to Johnson Valley this past weekend, first ride out and 1/4 mile from camp and at about 40 mph, then speed starts to drop 34...27...20...foot is in it, smell the belt and some smoke coming up! Had to get towed back and parked it for the weekend! Won't engage, so Sunday had to push it into the trailer where it sits. Calling up The shop the put the belt on to see about taking it in. @Intro2Rhino any thoughts? Maybe the main shaft stuck and the clutch is stuck expanded? Not the thing you want to see on a for sale add, but I'll either fix it or if someone wants a project I'll drop the price and you can come get it But seriously...this sport is fun! Oh, then my Buddy @LV Manxter just HAD to let me drive his new Can AM XRS-RS-$$-(@v@)-EFF YEAH-BlahBlahBlah999....etc....what ever that thing is called! OMG
  9. dbart

    SX / Motorcross

    Alessi....Really? I thought Villpodium was there, Pastrana, Weimer... Was his brother there with a lazer light for the other rider's eyes? Congrats but I'm surprised. He get's great starts...but his finishes usually aren't!
  10. dbart


    But...but...but...Everyone should win! It's not fair if we all don't get trophy's! Seriously I'm with you! The Hurt Feelings movement needs to EFFING STOP!!!!

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