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  1. I want my 2 minutes back! Dumbest thing ever.
  2. dbart

    SX / Motorcross

    The whole stadium erupting into Boooooo's was awesome! Let's see what happens next race
  3. Merry Christmas to me! Police Issued Glock 48, plus custom left handed holster...we're both left handed. My brother is a Police Officer for the city of Arcadia and at their Christmas party, he won this gun! He asked if I wanted it. Regular civilian can't buy it, but it can be transferred to a family member. Yes I bought it off him...but the guy at the register place said he didn't hear that! waiting my 10 days now.
  4. Visited Dad's Grave site with family. I got there early to polish it all up and clean it...but my brother was already there and got it all shined up! It's a Bartley thing we have...things must be clean. Also, my bro got the flag that presented to my mom framed...it's sitting on here mantle now.
  5. Had I been drinking my coffee, you would have owed me a new one!
  6. dbart

    SX / Motorcross

    Oh don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan...but I'm bummed because he's out. I wanted him to just take the 2nd place so next week he could hopefully get the win! But he's gonna be out for a bit now. Dungey yeah, that's a whole different way of thinking...He bet that those in front would crash themselves out and never push it...also the reason I didn't like him! Jett is so new though..he needs to gain experience! We know he has the speed...it's his mind that has to learn how to deal with the pressure of running up front.
  7. Fun facts about Porsche. Now, I fully understand why Porsche GT series has huge wing especially the GT2 it's top speed is 211 with 690HP! But interesting about the GT3 series below that the GT3 RS has lower top speed than the regular GT3....wonder if it's the Huge wing. Now, It's still warranted in this car....a Buck 90 three is flying but 5 mph slower than the regular GT3. Now put this same wing on a Honda accord like these idiots do and top speed of 120 has to go to about 87 MPH..
  8. dbart

    SX / Motorcross

    Bummer for Jett Lawrence, but the kid showed his age by riding above his grade at the end. He should have taken a podium, chalk it up as experience and learn from it! I get the kid was excited to win his first...it will come no doubt about that. Just now it's gonna come a whole lot later. Sucks, I was rooting for him to pull it off, but after his get off...I was like, ok easy don't blow it completely trying to win and throw it all away..... YES....finally Tomac wakes up, he was on fire, but didn't have to decimate the field and just kept the healthy 5 second lead.
  9. Had to go to NAMM (Music show) today to meet with a new potential client, Yamaha! Here's a piano they make. Beautiful isn't it? $500,000.00 Yes, that's $500K Our contact at Yamaha said she knows a guy that bought 2
  10. dbart

    SX / Motorcross

    Come on Tomac...WAKE UP and race!
  11. Had my new diving board delivered to work! Just got it from the loading dock!

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