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  1. Calling this a camper is like calling a G4 a Hang glider! Very nice!
  2. dbart

    Guess the story

    I try
  3. dbart

    Guess the story

    Mmmmmm Tacos!
  4. dbart

    Guess the story

    Funco ATC...yore trying to be different!
  5. dbart

    2019 Silverado 1500

    Um.... I guess that would have been nice! Ooops
  6. dbart

    2019 Silverado 1500

    it's like they took the Colorado and enlarged it 15% yeah....don't like it. I do know they are changing the location of the DEF tank to under the bed and the fill to next to the fuel fill.
  7. dbart

    2019 Silverado 1500

    Over time It will probably grow on me, maybe??? ...it will be interesting to see the new 2500 HD version.
  8. dbart

    2019 Silverado 1500

    So the other day I was driving next to a Toyota Tundra and then when it got in front of me the tailgate said Silverado LT It was the new Chevy...I could have sworn it was a Toyota. Not a fan of the design. Looks like the Tundra What say you guys? So glad I bought my 2500HD this year.
  9. dbart

    GDS App?

  10. dbart

    Thanksgiving series This is part 1

    Very cool! Thanks for sharing!
  11. dbart

    Apple Pie Moonshine

    How'd they come out?

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