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  1. dbart

    Mega Millions tues oct 23rd 1.6 billion$

    So right now, 25 lines have been purchased... 1.6 B...Cash value is 904m so as of now each line purchsed is worth $36,160,000.00 Obviously that will go down with the more people that buy in...still not bad though! It's fun, so what the heck, can't win if you don't play right?
  2. dbart

    What’s your preference

    Twist throttle for sure..only way to go riding MX! I rode a quad a few times and wish it had a twist. I wish they made twist throttles on the old 440 and 660 Jet Skis...hated thumb throttles.
  3. dbart

    Duners Diner

    You can make it there, but I would take 2 days to do it ! That long of trek flat out is very hard on a rhino! I would stage it in 2 mile increments and then hang out for about 4 hours to let is cool down! I have done it in mine, it was a work out...won't do it again!
  4. dbart

    Mega Millions tues oct 23rd 1.6 billion$

    Yes, each line you buy is worth equal share. Buy up to 10 lines. Seems most are buying 5 lines. I'm in...just gotta go at lunch and get a ticket.
  5. dbart

    Sand Car rollover at Olds

    Damn that sucks...glad everyone is ok! OK, Let me put this in scientific terminology that everyone can understand as I also can tell what happened... 1, family having fun in badass car 2, something happened and car flipped 3, ouch...everyone ok though. Now here is the kicker.... 4, car SHOULD GO BACK TO SCU TO GET FIXED!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. dbart

    Mega millions jackpot FRIDAY 10-19-18

    Hmmmm......... GlamisLefties.com
  7. dbart

    Mega millions jackpot FRIDAY 10-19-18

    If we could learn to write backwards, we could have nice writing! Righties get to drag the pen across....we have to push it! I like being unique though...my wife is a lefty too!
  8. dbart

    Today's Highway star

    That;s why I said to each his own! Me and Aaron are good...although he scares me! He could squash me into oblivion!!!!
  9. dbart

    Mega millions jackpot FRIDAY 10-19-18

    Yes I am....You can tell by my wonderful penmanship????
  10. dbart

    Mega millions jackpot tues 10-16-18

    If I won....headlines will read: "Orphan wins Lottery!"
  11. dbart

    GD Postal help!

    Your in-laws are in Long Beach and can't stop by 92344 ( San Bernardino ) on the way to Phoenix????

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