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  1. https://www.cnn.com/2019/08/15/us/dale-earnhardt-jr-plane-incident/index.html Whoa!
  2. Ask her and she'd probably try to blow a turd but say it's gross cause there's flies on it!
  3. I know what you're gonna do...You want to be a part of Wing Wednesday so you're gonna fix this thing up right with a HUGE Monster Wing and every know accessory you can get from the VatoZone? Right? Congrats on the find...can't wait to see what you do with this. Have fun with Pops too...that is awesome!
  4. Well, that and .......Because RACETRIKE!!!!!!!
  5. So, I'm all like reading this cuz you guys don't even know Bro! The speaks of this day is so whack, I'm like funna tell all yous how it really all be up in the hizzy! But hey...it is what it is Yo! Just ask yore Bae! Word!
  6. If there is a ghost camp and they are going to tow the RV...how do they get inside to inventory it? Break in??
  7. Not at my work, but this guy get's Employee of the year awards! VIDEO-2018-11-20-15-02-18.mp4
  8. I think I have a winner! Pee Yellow with Aunt Flow Red Calipers, Mustard Yellow interior accents!
  9. Squatcher and his buddy, Hot'r N Hell... Dune Flyer My buddy Scotty Chaplin
  10. I have had my friends call posing as buyers when I have had someone over looking at what I'm selling! I just text them, hey call me in 5 minutes. As the guy is looking at it, Ring Ring...."Hello, Usually my friends are like hey dumbass you wanted me to call you?...and I end up having the conversation on my own. "Yeah I'm selling such and such..yep, still got it, in fact I have someone looking at it right now!" The guy looking usually perks up!
  11. Should have just been shot! What a total A-Hole! GTFO! ZaaaaaaappppP!
  12. Power band.... What's that? Us Rhino owners just have a band...no Power! But hey...I'm still having a blast in my 11 year old moosheen that goes anywhere the other's go. Well, pretty much anywhere
  13. @Dirtywhiteboy You have anything that fit's the description???
  14. We all know who the true BadASS is... @John@Outfront Mtrsprts, but he won't come on here and say he is! He doesn't need to. It's just common knowledge like the sun rises in the East and sets in the West! There I said it...

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