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  1. BBQ is coming along! More tile to be done. It will be tiled all the way to the bottom and match the contour of the patio. That's why I had it finished onsite. We are also adding a drop lip under the counter that is going to get tiled. I mocked up the 2" x 2" that will go around the 3 sides. Reason for this it will hide the LED fixtures. Had some fun with the lighting last night.
  2. @John@Outfront Mtrsprts Width: 35 1/2"Height with hinge: 70 1/4"Height without hinge: 68 7/8"Depth with handle: 35 1/8"Depth without handle: 33 1/8"
  3. Dang that sucks! I'm surprised, Del Amo doesn't buy in...they have other shops. Or even Berts. Bummer, been also going there for a while too.
  4. Awesome ABC! Can't wait to see what you end up doing to it.
  5. Just put the Gadgetman Groove on and you're good!
  6. Just take the back seats out of this one: https://classifieds.race-dezert.com/FOR-SALE:Racer-Engineering-4-Seater-Sandcar--162820
  7. That is effing scary as HELL! Or he's gonna get paid off to resign, then BAM Hitler-y is first Demon/Woman/Crat in office! She should get suicided!
  8. We just upgraded our Fridge. I bought this fridge off my Uncle (He bought it new) we got it 2010 as our primary fridge. Works great, BUT the ICE MAKE DOES NOT WORK! We haven't had water even plugged into it, we just used ice cube trays. This would make a great fridge for the garage, we already have a great garage fridge and so this one has to go. Yes there are a couple scratches...but other than that it is in really good condition. Is it better than New, no...is it junk and only should be used for parts, no. I have it on Offer up for $225 but would definitely make a deal for a gd.com member. $224.50 J/K Location is Anaheim, CA 92806 Sorry...I am not set up to do deliveries. First one that shows up with cash gets it. I do not have it plugged in right now, but I am leaving the doors open as to not start growing some mystery organism inside! If you want to come check it out, I will plug it in before hand. Thanks for looking. Dale Please text (preferrably since I am at work) 6 two 6, Six 6 Five-three 3 three 1 or email: bartley71@gmail.com
  9. dbart

    SX / Motorcross

    Why you gotta be such a girlie mon?
  10. Took Mom to the Mall this morning so we could walk, hang out. Now home doing yardwork. Out with the old. Lots to do. Taking a break now.
  11. dbart

    SX / Motorcross

    Come on Tomac...and Forkner. Like to see that kid get his first win and stop Frenchy.
  12. dbart

    Joke of the day

    This is a shirt our Graphics Manager is wearing today!
  13. Taco Bell? Great to hear from you DW
  14. That is spectacular! Nice job Congrats to all involved!

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