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  1. dbart

    The debate over abortion

  2. dbart

    my experience with mosebilt and john mosely

    If you have a RZR you can make Fire Roasted Lemon Bombs! But...nicely said.
  3. dbart

    The debate over abortion

    Where is Ur'anus?
  4. dbart

    The debate over abortion

    Nope...but he/she thinks so... They get to battle the next batch of scum that is dropped off. Welcome to HELL...this is now your life, survive or DIE!
  5. dbart

    Who is going to Pala this weekend

    Bummer it's not at Glen Helen...such a cool track.
  6. dbart

    Thanks Mac

    He doesn't even know how to use names correctly...He has two last names!
  7. dbart

    Where to go ?

    And Helmets...I know it's the law, but you are bringing non-riding people and they may have it in their mind helmets are lame/not cool. The guy who wants to rip it up...I would not let him drive anything! Those are the people that think these things are like trophy trucks and instantly become Ricky-Racer and wad the thing up in under 5 minutes! They don't know how to read or navigate terrain...let them all be passengers! Take them on something techinical just to get the fear instilled in them a little bit...make them a little cautious.
  8. dbart

    Thanks Mac

    Had this last night... That glass was all I had...small pour. Was really good!
  9. dbart

    Thanks Mac

    Nothing says "Sophistication" like drinking from a box!
  10. OK, Boys and girls let's play Multiple Guess! Over a month ago, I ordered New sliding mirror doors from Home Depot: 120"w x 96"h, (3) Doors, Shaker style with Mirror inset and track! This is all spelled out on the order, very clear mind you. Now let's see if you can guess what happened... A) Everything came in on time and exactly how I ordered it and I'm just writing this for fun. B) Everything came in on time but instead of Mirror insets, was Frosted glass. Wtf! C) Order came in wrong so had to return the whole thing. Seriously, D) Returned order came back correct but instead of 120" track, they sent 96" track. OMFG are you effing kidding me E) After sending back the 96" track, New track came in and they made it 121" that does not fit my 120" opening!!! HOLY EFF BOMB MOTHER EFFING @$%#$^@#$^@#%^ F) B, C, D, E Waiting for a call from the lady at Home Depot...yes I'm on the edge of my effing seat waiting......still waiting.....crickets.....hello......
  11. dbart

    Fun with Home Depot and CW Products

    LOL...She's a girl! Halloween 2018 Casa de Dbart
  12. dbart

    Need Some Jet Fuel

    @Wash 10 Crew Isn't there Trans-Fuel too? I bet 91 octane wants to be and can relate to being Jet fuel...so..... Sorry, I couldn't resist!
  13. dbart

    Fun with Home Depot and CW Products

    Funny you ask...she was on her way home from work and had to stop off at the airport to get a friend who flew into town. The drive back she was commenting how much a pain in the ass it has been to get these doors from home depot and how WE STILL DONT HAVE THEM! Rant Rant Rant Then she got home and walked in our room....I get this text: "OMG love the doors. They look so good Thank you (Kissy Face Emoji)" Then later that weekend I was headed to Breanna's Graduation, I get this text: "Thank you for the awesome closet doors Babe. They Look amazing!!! Sorry I'm not feeling well." Soooo......I guess she likes them!
  14. dbart

    Thanks Mac

    You know...when you pull the cork out, turn it around and it goes right in the bottle? Make sure you don't put the corker all the way through or it will leak when you put it back in if you turn it on it's side. A friend of mine years ago, she claimed to be this big wine connoisseur...I showed her that trick and she about fell on the floor!
  15. That thing is a beast! Good luck with the sale!
  16. It wasn't called Cal Poly Pomona WAY back then though? In 1833, the government passed the Factory Act making two hours of education a day compulsory for children working in factories.
  17. dbart

    Bad Gas.......?

    Lawn mower gas. Especially if you have one with a Briggs and Stratton motor..that will run on anything.
  18. dbart

    Thanks Mac

    See that glass Mike Dee poured. I do something like that and that is it. I don't do it every night and I don't really drink beer during the week that much....except Wednesdays...it's trash night on my street and my neighbors come over. We solve the worlds problems and each buy a round from our garages!
  19. dbart

    Thanks Mac

    You drank the whole bottle... Nice! Love a good wine...and a good cigar too! I have a little glass of red couple...maybe 3 times a week. About what you have poured there. Reds I like Cabernet Savignon and Pinot Noir over a Merlot...Merlot to me is thick. Whites, Pinot Grigio...its light and crisp. Chardonnay is too buttery for me. My measly .02 worth not even that! Enjoy. Good daily's that my wine fridge is stocked with on a regular basis: TisDale, Crane Lake Bogle Apothic 19 Crimes Barefoot BV Dark Horse
  20. dbart

    It seemed like a good idea at the time...

    Linda Beaver Patty O. Fernitur
  21. dbart

    A little upgrade to the new Duramax

    That came out killer! I'm hesitant to level my truck out cause then I'll need to bag the back. So far only thing I've done is Red Emblems...painted. I do like the look of your truck. It' not boosted to the moon and wheels sticking out 14' on each side. I really can't stand that look. Your's looks really nice. If you don't mind @Dune Nasty ...could you pm what that cost...just for the lift and the bags? Thanks, Dale
  22. dbart

    Bad Gas.......?

    My wife says I always have that?
  23. dbart

    Weird things you see at work or anywhere else

    I thought those were the Paddles?

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