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  1. Like he graduated from High School! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
  2. This! I used to have this issue on my Dmax.
  3. You know, they should post a BIG ol Pic of that guy dead right at the doors...saying something like "This is the last guy that tried to rob this place...Do you feel lucky PUNK?" https://media.giphy.com/media/c2pOELjarKcU/giphy.gif
  4. Not sure why the was in my response. Wasn't intended for you...I removed.
  5. The man entered a Dollar General store and pointed a handgun at the clerk on Wednesday evening. The robber demanded money, then the clerk pulled out a gun and shot the robber in self-defense. The Dollar General employee was allowed to have a gun, so he used it to protect himself. According to Lt. Jason Hall, he was on private property at his place of employment, so the employee didn’t need a CCW. The store has already been robbed four times this year. After the man attempting to rob the store was shot, he tried to run out of the store but collapsed at the front doors. The family is “furious” and say the clerk “shouldn’t have had a gun.” “That was wrong for that clerk to shoot my brother.” It turns out that the robber may have been involved in other robberies: “The deceased did have a pending weapons charge that was waiting to move forward. Right now, we are looking into the possibility of this individual may have been involved in several other commercial robberies.”
  6. Seriously the Quickest way to add HP is Photoshop! I may know a guy
  7. Read the comments...classic. "He's dead...Oh Well" "Oh well, call the morgue!"
  8. But....but...... #thieveslivesmatter #lawbreakersunite
  9. Awesome Aaron! I bet that motor alone costs more than my backyard remodel...
  10. If they end up getting money..I hope they get robbed at Gun Point!!!!
  11. Make sure you put "For Sell" on your ad!
  12. How about...Hey, Your POS brother would still be alive if he wern't a POS robbing people!!!!! You know some DumbASS Lawyer from Dindu Nuffin Atty at Law, is gonna represent this family.
  13. Unreal. Oh, but it's ok for their POS brother to have a gun...but the Clerk shouldn't??? EFF YOU Stupid people should be allowed to procreate.
  14. My brother sent that to me last week.
  15. I follow a lot of designers , Architects, Yacht companies @pinstripe_chris Awesome Artist of Vehicles @jamespaickart Awesome Concept artist. Jesse James, Funco, Alumi-Craft, Tatum, Travis Pastrana, and a bunch people from here.
  16. www.carvana.com How about this?
  17. When we were getting my wife a new car...the dealer offered a certain amount for her 350 z that I was actually ok with...then I went to carmax. They offered me $1500 LESS than the dealer. Drove back to the dealer and said its all yours! LOL
  18. Great commuter, parking garage friendly, great around the city and small tight spaces! Bitchen Truck...and I'm a Chevy guy as well!
  19. I tried CL, This site, Auto Trader...you just get the run around. What sold it was someone that I ran into 6 months prior at 4 Wheel Parts that saw my truck and if I ever wanted to sell it to call him cause his buddy loves the year truck I had. I told him in about 6 months I would. When I was ready to sell I had another interested party. That didn't work out...so I called the guy from 4 Wheel Parts. In the meantime I had put ads out. Everyone wants you to pay for VIN check So, the guy from 4WP called his buddy...he then called me... Sure enough...that's who bought it. Was the easiest transaction ever. I hate selling stuff.
  20. I find a flaw in the price! Ok...GIMME! Thanks!
  21. Cap speed of 68.... that's still fast! Is it not? In the dunes I can think of only 1 guy that could probably be consistently above that while duning, @John@Outfront Mtrsprts Maybe the idea that you can go 100 mph is cool, but in reality, try maintaining a speed even above 60 . I bet it's on the down slope. It's like boating, said boat owner of a MTI Cat with a bazillion hp can go light speed in a straight line with no wind, no other boats, no wake, at sun up on the 29th of February if its a Tuesday... Ok sorry I exaggerated maybe a tad. Like when would that happen on a Tuesday. Hahaha But the average boater wants to cruise and actually turn and do recreational boating. I'm thinking more hp isn't always the best, useable hp...now we're talking. Trust me, I'm using all of my 35 hp in my rhino. LMAO 112 in this new kawi, with the wheel base, fit and finish, 68" wide, great styling... I'd be all over this thing. Worthless opinion of mine, but I'm laughing while writing this and drinking my coffee this beautiful Sunday morning. Football time. Cheers

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