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  1. It was really good through yesterday from last Tuesday. The sand was drying out nicely. Rain came in around 2:00, and lasted to about 5:00 or so, sometimes heavy. Damage was done, dunes are now wet again. Right now it's bright and sunny, supposed to be that way tomorrow too, highs about 66. Thursday looks bad, I've seen 100%, Friday doesn't look much better, 50%, but it keeps changing. The way I look at it, I'd rather be in Glamis, than home.
  2. X2! But it's sunny, breezy, and a little on the cold side. Expect ruts, that's for sure.
  3. Ed Poundsand, or Gary, and Tom @ UTV Shocks in Havasu. All kind of in the same ballpark. If you're a member on the Can Am Site, I think they all do 5% off. I know ST does. Not much, but it helps.
  4. Pouring out right now, and for whatever reason, a very heavy Ranger presence. I usually park in 22, and they really don't bother going out that far. I'm in 13, saw 10 rigs pulled over, tickets written, and they flew into my camp. I guess they are checking hard for passes. I have a season sticker, they saw it and left.
  5. While it's Tomac's title to either lose again, or finally win it, I'd like to see MM win it.
  6. Well, unfortunately it was more than that. But I went all in. I had the inside doors, and roof done. And I had Wolf do it, as I wouldn't even attempt it. They charge $475 for install, so to me it was well worth it. Cost was $2300. But like I said, insides, install, tax. They wrapped my '17 X3 too. IMO, they are the best in the business, and quality costs.
  7. Wolf Designs in Phoenix AZ. Here's a video they just did on my X3.
  8. If I had a trip like that. I would have probably retired from dunning, LOL. Pics are great.
  9. If I had a trip like that. I would have probably retired from running, LOL. Pics are great.
  10. Then came Bronson! I think his real name might have been Dennis Parks, or something like that? Yeah, old, LOL.
  11. Beautiful car! But I have to ask a stupid question. Why does the car need a 2018 off-road sticker? I thought if you had a license plate with the off-road sticker it was legal in Glamis? I've been driving my X3 like that for 2 years? Major oops? Sorry to go off topic on a beautiful car!!!
  12. Nobody does it better!
  13. It's a beautiful machine! But, IMO, the days of a 250R going for $5K are long, long gone. If I had to guess, you would be very hard pressed to get $3000 - $3200. I would hang onto it, and enjoy it. GLWTS.

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