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  1. Fish's response is perfect! Book of the Piece is the law of the land.
  2. At least 5 or 6 from the photos shared last week.
  3. Don't blame your bad investments on POTUS. All my profits these past few years are what is paying for my Speed!
  4. Yeah in the dunes is another story! The Pro R has 75 LESS HP and around 200 MORE POUNDS compared to a Speed-Keyed Speed UTV.
  5. I think Speed expects to stay under 2300lbs for the 4 -seater. The ProR (2-seater) just weighed in at 2300lbs. Not sure what the 4-seater ProR weighs. My "love"/speed key was only $1.00 and unlocks 300hp so I'm not complaining!! EDIT: Polaris ProR 4 has a DRY WEIGHT OF 2480 LBS!! (ONLY 900LB left for payload)
  6. Correct. Here is a quick sketch of what was going on.
  7. Wrong. They do go up and down together. But they do NOT fire at the same time.
  8. 999cc + Turbo 225hp on 91 octane 300hp on E85 (unlocked with speed key)
  9. Idk. The snowflakes over @ irate gave me the ban hammer. Wusses. Lol
  10. I'm not complaining about my $6500 discount one bit. A price to pay.
  11. Worse for sure. Way worse? That is subjective. Clevis on the shock requires a lot more material due to the increased leverage and proneness to buckling. Seeing the stress analysis on both would be awesome to see!
  12. It's a single bolt. How is that not obvious?!

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