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  1. How so? Share some of their thoughts. my only complaint is the doors and tailgate. Not deal breakers IMO
  2. I can’t wait for Shock Therapy’s episode with Robby and Speed UTV.
  3. Great hair, for one! successful energy drink brand? Nah successful nascar driver? Nah successful owner of a global racing series? Nah successful tool brand? Nah owns an RC car company? Nah kept his first wife? Nah.
  4. #433 Robby said I should have mine to drive away from my wedding in March. If not, he will lend me one! Neat!
  5. Oh yeah, the Taj Mahal… and that went great! let’s not forget Trump Shuttle, the BEST airlines there ever was.
  6. What did Donald make? Other than a fraudulent university and money off the backs off other people? Any innovative products? Taco bowls? Taco salads? Gold plated plunger?
  7. Elon, Robby, and Donald. They speak their minds and get things done!!!
  8. Golf SUCKS. Lol. Robby doesn’t have to sell to every average joe to stay in business. He knows that. I also think he doesn’t want every average joe to have one.
  9. Yeah I don’t care about average joe. They’re all idiots anyways.
  10. Robby usually convinces Coyne or another dealer to display the competition (ProR) in his own Speed booth.
  11. Any sand rails hanging from the ceiling this year? That was rad! Oh the good days…
  12. 6100 stuff. drew up this rear trans mount
  13. Need me to drop off some beer or bud? lmk.

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