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  1. Are you still honored at the 29k price or bumped to 30k when plans changed to a full ground-up production build? That screenshot also says Q2 2021 delivery expected, and that was for a stretched wildcat! Why on earth did Robby ever hint at Thanksgiving 2021 for the ground-up build. *Facepalm* Oh well. 3 years for a ground-up new UTV isn't bad at all!
  2. That was like day -1. Just before day 0 and day 1.
  3. A mouth is a mouth. That's all I gotta say. Blindfolds work great too.
  4. It was the busiest booth last year so I bet it will be this year too.
  5. We should see some delivered at Sand Sports.
  6. Thank god! Was hoping I wouldn't have to install my own car cover. What a nightmare!!
  7. FYI, These won't be powdered. The chassis will be e-coated. Acid dip of the entire chassis is likely just before the coating is applied.
  8. Robby said so. Tomorrow it seems.
  9. I've done that before. Luckily the tongue load keeps it wedged in. Hopefully long enough that you notice you almost lost your trailer The wife doesn't have to know about that one.
  10. Robby did send the prototype at that Jump Fest thing last year (or 2 years ago).
  11. And yet, somehow, it had room to get creepier.
  12. Well this thread just got creepy...

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