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  1. is there a diff in it or a limitted slip posi or locker etc?
  2. lift kit off my 76k mile 2006 diesel chevy crew long bed,bilsteins and all the parts, when back to stock 714 883 6171....text me for pics, its also on CL in orange county...
  3. nyceguy01 if you still want to sell your enclosed im looking for a 24' too, please text me at 714 883 61 71, I dont get notices from this site and have never been able to figure out why...thanks,cameron
  4. both sold in 20 hours....thanks guys.......dune on!
  5. I have two bridgeport knee mills, one with a DRO and the other all stock, good shape,can work a deal on delivery, come and inspect....714 883 6171 thanks,cameron...text for pics....J head/step pulley models...
  6. black 90 is sold,zillas still for sale and so are the atc 70s runner atc 70 $1500 other too atc 70s with new motors and tires $1200 each dont pm me i dont get notified, text me at 714 883 6171, thanks,cam
  7. sorry, two atc 70s have 125 motors, the other has a piranha 150...the runner runs good and is fast!...all three have been ran with dmv and are out of system so ez to get a title on...all three have new or cherry tires and good oem tanks,rear grab bars wide pegs and shifters and taller bars and foot brakes if i recall, alot of money and time in them and they come with extra parts folks...714 883 6171,cam
  8. selling our atc 70s, all three have 125 motors,pictured is the runner,manual clutches on all of them,two red models with oem good outsu tires,the other atc70 has a piranha 150 e start and douglas rims and new tires,the two latter bikes need finishing.. I have two quadzillas, one is two owner fresh motor with paddles and rzr tires on douglas rims and dirt tires included,clean current title $2700 obo, the other zilla is missing plastics,comes with new seat cover and seat and gastank,it runs too,no title, the previous owner lost the title, i ran it with the police to make sure it was not stolen...the other is a kids quad Eaton 90 two stroke auto trans,runs great,has lights and low time,original tires $700(eaton makes polaris' kids quads folks) text for pics and additional info if needed, thanks,cam...714 883 6171, the atcs all have oem new seats and good fenders, the 150 atc comes with white body and tank and also comes with an oem steel tank...
  9. original owners,12 foot rear garage,good shape for its age, used locally in so cal area, Im posting for a good buddy, text me for his direct number if interested, thanks,cam 714 883 6171 (i think its a 36-12 model?) not sure on that, has slide
  10. I need a seat or seat cover and foam, didn't know what section to put this in so mr moderator stugots fix me up....I have the plastic pan, thanks,cam...text me at 714-883-6171......as I cant get emails or pms off this site since the day I joined it....lmao
  11. yea, I want it, donate it to the "camerons a nice guy fund" please........
  12. $1500,super clean,super low shot count, extra clip and a few rounds and a holster,text for pics 714 883 6171
  13. obama and feinstein close almost 2million acres in california! hey you offroaders, obama and feinstein just closed almost 2 million acres in our california desert, so if you offroad and own guns and recreate on public lands you might want to open your eyes when u vote or forums wont have any members here in california pretty soon as we will all have to go out of state to use them!
  14. guys selling off three of my guns, if you saw them in person you would say they are brand new out of the box, the ppk is $1000, the colt is cherry as can be too $1000, and the p220 45 acp is mint, with 350 rounds thru it and ghost sites and police holster $1000.....call or text 714 883 6171 as i dont get emails off this site for some unknown reason! I can text pics too....the ppk and colt in this condition will bring 1300-1500 on gun broker each because they are soo clean, but Id rather sell them to a GD member before I list them there folks, zero holster rash no rust....collector mark guns.....thanks,cameron...

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