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  1. 250rchick

    Post Your Pic's Here....

    Here she is with the new paint- And for sale too!
  2. 250rchick

    Home Security Systems

    Hey, Stephanie! My sister and her husband had the full system through ADT and it is awesome. In fact, someone attempted to break in their house the other night and the alarm went off immediately. Thank God because it was my 9 yr old nephews room! They were able to pull the video and give it to the police when they got there. After that I called ADT out and they are coming tomorrow to add the same thing to my house. I can get you the info if you'd like. You have my number unless I see you at the races this weekend! Hope all is well!!
  3. 250rchick

    Rediculous License Plate Law

    I wonder how much of an increase in road rage there was after that
  4. 250rchick

    Best Western Ever

    The Rounders (1965) with Henry Fonda and Glenn Ford. Grew up watching it with my dad.
  5. 250rchick

    Rip Jerremy Lusk

    So sad, RIP
  6. 250rchick

    Glamis Video

    Awesome video!!! Bookmarked for sure!
  7. Nice! Congrats on the win!!
  8. 250rchick

    Show This To Your Kids

    OMG, was not expecting the fork-poor kid!!
  9. 250rchick

    Blackberry Users

    I have the Curve and LOVE ti! I have had several PD phones and this one is by far the best one yet! Gotta love the fact you can cruise the GD boards on it and receive your emails all day long! :D
  10. 250rchick

    Son's Christmas Gift Help

    We originally bought my 9 yr old son a PSP for Christmas last year and then 4 months later he wanted a DS for his bday. They do not make alot of kid friendly games for the PSP. You will find alot more variety with the ds, plus the ds is alot of fun. I play mine almost everyday! hee hee He actually ended up selling his PSP and used the money to buy games for his DS. Hope that helps some!
  11. 250rchick

    Post Your Money Saving Ideas And Tips Here

    Also, be sure to add ALL the stores available in your area during your trial. It is still $1 and you will get a chance to test them all out and then decide if you want to drop any.
  12. 250rchick

    Post Your Money Saving Ideas And Tips Here

    Yikes! I just got bread free 2 weeks ago using Teri's List. It does work and you get alot of thing that you will use. Even if you try the excuse that you only eat healthy and there wouldn't be anything on the List that works for you or you only shop at Trader Joes for your food (I have heard every excuse in the book) you can still save. You also save on health & beauty items and cleaning supplies. If you decide to do this, be sure to read through the Game Rules for each List store. Each set of Rules is written for that specific store and will tell you more about that store's coupon policy as well as how to stockpile and how to organize your coupons. The trial is 4 weeks for $1 so you won't love anything but a buck to give it a try!
  13. 250rchick

    Post Your Money Saving Ideas And Tips Here

    http://www.thegrocerygame.com/ This is the company I work for and it is a GREAT company with an awesome product. Give it a try and you will love it. Don't let the subscription fee scare you away because you will save SO MUCH money it's worth it! Trust me, I was a member a long time before I was an employee!
  14. 250rchick

    Any Trx 250r People Out There?

    NICE looking 'r!!
  15. 250rchick

    Any Trx 250r People Out There?

    'R rider here too----love it! Would take an 'R over a 'shee anyday! :D

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